Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Ears! Our Ears!!

Tuned in to the Internet to catch the end of the Dodger game, which for contractual reasons is not on the Internet. (Unless you pay for it, & if there's anything that can be said about M. Bouffant, it's that he never "pays for it.") We were instead cursed w/ Miss Tammy Bruce. You know the term "projection," wherein the Rabid Weasels of the Right Wing project their mental & psychological shortcomings on the left? You may have heard that Sen. Hillary Clinton is "shrill" & "strident," for example. We'll grant that she's nasal & speaks w/ a Midwestern twang, but for the dictionary definition of shrill & strident (not to mention hateful) you should tune in to Tammy Bruce. She's available in the local area on KABC AM 790 from 1600-1900 PT Saturdays. At this very moment Sen. John Sidney McCain III is giving a speech, & she is "commenting" over the speech. McCain says something about nuclear proliferation, & it's a complicated issue, Ms. Bruce's reaction is: "No, it's not," while playing the sound of dropping & exploding bombs. Not only is she the very embodiment of shrill stridency, she is willfully ignorant, & very proud of just how stupid she is. (Wouldn't want any one to conclude she's part of the "Academic Elite," you know.)


Glennis said...

god, I hate Tammy Bruce. I don't understand people like her, who seem to have a viceral reaction of 'hate first'. although...look what she inspires me to say about her, so....perhaps hate begets hate.

M. Bouffant said...

From The Editor:

It sure does.