Friday, April 19, 2024

Sawing Wood

Spent the afternoon & evening watching the Angels & Dodgers lose while sawing wood (Literally, not, unfortunately, snoring the day away.) after drawing & re-drawing lines.
I considered renting a powered saw (don't saw esp. straight, but gaps are covered by fake grass & real sand) or taking two days to do it all, but once I started I eventually got all I needed cut, w/ time off to watch the telly & what not. Still have 17.25" to saw (lower right) & a corner or two to round off but that can wait until my arm is reattached.


Anonymous said...

You're working too hard.

That tool in the picture was not designed for the task you've employed it.

It may be too late now but you need a saw with more aggressive teeth.

One designed for the job at hand.

Mr. Natural always said: "Always use the right tool for the job."

M. Bouffant said...

Cheap & Lazy Ed.:
Oh, I know. I fully intended to avoid any carpentry (Note milk crate "benchwork".) but plans expanded & I kept finding plywood on the street, so I ended up w/ the cheapest saw at Home Despot, a miter saw.

Oddly, that street wood, which is harder to drive a track nail into than any of the other lumber I've found, cuts a bit easier.

Too late indeed, but this is it for sawing; no more room to expand.