Tuesday, April 18, 2017

R U Lit-rit?

More precisely, do you read "liberal blogs"? And if so, might you suggest a few? Not that I need anything the hell else to read, mind you, but I've bitten off a pretty big plug o' terbacky by agreeing to do Mike's Blog Round-Up (They're rounding up more of those bloggers every day!) at Crooks & Liars next wk. (Thank you, Tengrain, for suggesting me.)

Turns out I don't read many (Any?) of what I would classify as "liberal web-logs", perusing instead the larger whatcha-might-call websites. If you aren't personally known to me & therefore already in the Bouffant news aggregator, you are not on my radar.

So. Pls. advise me of any "liberal" web-logs of your acquaintance that might be worth rounding up, & if you are unfortunate enough to be on my radar, hold those big hit stories you're working on until next wk., when I can pimp your figurative ass all over the iNternet.

1 comment:

BadTux said...

Just a reminder that I'm at Wordpress.com now. You still have the old Blogspot address on your blogroll...