Thursday, October 24, 2013

Know Your Enemy

"Smakehead" Carville (or someone w/ ability who works for him) talked to the drooling idjits who compose (even as it decomposes, fingers crossed) the Grand Old Party & found what scares them, if not exactly why.

Frightening thing number one is B. Hussein Obama. (Chapter 2, pp. 6-10.) (Would this iNternet enterprise receive the attention for which it begs daily w/ its sad empty threats & foaming at the mouth were the editorial staff of the African-American persuasion? Considering the common clay's reaction to Obama doing little more than continuing the policies of the Junior Bush Administration, maybe if we had a touch of the tarbrush we'd cause more pearl-clutching fainting & outrage & get more hits. Not to be scared of us is blatant racism, white folks!)

Even those identified as "moderate" are out of their fucking gourds.
[M]oderate men in Colorado Springs raise as many questions as the other Republicans about who Obama really is:

Only cares about self-promotion, not the AMERICAN people.

Hopefully, he doesn’t change the Constitution so he can try to get elected again.

Feels government can solve any problem.

He is masonic Devil Illuminati, Lier can’t stand Him


Lies and scandals

Someone who defines himself as "moderate" is happy to write: "He is masonic Devil Illuminati, Lier can’t stand Him". Self-defined moderate. What does that tell us?

Piece of .pdf shit doesn't copy easily; you're on your own from here, but remember, the more you know of them, the more of them you can squash like the insects & vermin they are!!


mikey said...

I'm frightened of you.

And I'm noted for nothing so much as my lethality...

Weird Dave said...

Mmmmmmm..Raid® Rat Killer.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

A Buncombe County North Carolina county Republican precinct chairman resigned on Thursday after an offensive interview that aired on “The Daily Show” Wednesday, in which he said “lazy black people” want “the government to give them everything.”

M. Bouffant said...

Harrumph Editor:
Waiting for the Gov. of Maine to resign then.

Aw c'mon, just a little mockery or something. Few of the ideas are original to us. So it's O.K. (If we had energy & money/weapons, well, that'd be a different deal.)

All a result of being simultaneously bored limp & highly irritated by the crap spewed over & over by these cretinous jerks. Murder seems like the only solution to our being irked into dullness, y'know?