Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Delusional, The Gullible
& The Cretinous

One might expect the "chief political correspondent" of a big ol' website to have a working "B.S. filter." Hell, most residents of the real world would believe a mental crap detector to be one of the first requirements for political correspondence, yet at Slate ("Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Division of the Washington Post Company." Need we type further?) the chief contrarian dickhead, John Dickerson, typed this w/ a straight face:
One of the laudable attributes of the Tea Party movement is the B.S. filter of its members. Bachmann knew how to channel and tap into this quality. She was masterful at capturing the anger and resentment that wells up in people when they are told what kind of light bulb they must buy. In the 2012 campaign, she wasn't afraid to take on her Republican primary rivals, most successfully calling out Newt Gingrich during one debate for repeatedly treating her like she didn’t really belong there.
Maybe ol' Dick is trying to be clever & mocking when he mentions the anger & resentment of light bulb purchasers, but that may be a liberal (so to speak) interpretation on our part, possibly because our entire being & identity is not dependent on what sort of light bulbs we can buy.

No damn idea what that last sentence pulled from J.D.'s spew means. It can't really be meant to be complementary, can it? (Did all the other rivals go easy on their opponents?) Her greatest success was not proposing bold, visionary new policies but "calling out" Newt Gingrich? (Note to Dicky: She didn't belong there. None of them belonged there, let alone in the White House.) If he is mocking it's awfully subtle.

And this list should be absolute & final proof that the B.S. filter on the Tea Party movement needs to be taken out & cleaned, if not replaced. Dicky Dickerson should just be replaced, though taking him out & hosing off the bullshit that has caked on him over the yrs. might be a good idea. How can anyone live w/ the stench?

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Substance McGravitas said...

The BS filter is not supposed to filter BS IN.