Sunday, March 10, 2013

Worst Movie Ever?

The trailer for Friday Afternoon Taping of the Living Dead, starring the re-animated corpses of Carl Bernstein, Peggy Noonan, Sally Quinn, popeographer Greg Tobin (who-ever) & Bob Schieffer as The Crypt-Keeper.As deserving of a bomb (threat, we equivocate) as anywhere on the planet this wknd., wouldn't you say? Good gawd almighty, (1:30) was all we could take; masochists may want more & they can have it.Critic's Corner: That Peggy Noonan person is just plain weird, & in a creepy way. Textual excerpt.


mikey said...

Still trying (sort of) to figure out why the choice of pope is news to any non-mackeral snapper - hell, they don't cover the choice of grand ayatollah or whatever he's called and for that matter just exactly who the hell is the big cheese Baptist? But you're right, it's hard to imagine who thinks the "Sunday Shows" are important except the other DC Journalist-Stenographers who think John McCain has anything of importance to say...

M. Bouffant said...

Bead-Rattling Editor:
Even though the Pope doesn't have any divisions, he does have a certain often political influence over an alleged billion+ plus deluded ninnies. And American news outfits want Catholic eyeballs as much as any other kind.

We assume the Sabbath gasbags continue because they want wealthy but moronic eyeballs as well. Or especially.