Thursday, January 24, 2013

Second Amendment Fantasy Land

If liberty-loving patriots really believe they'll be able to resist the tyrannical gov't. when it comes for America's guns, they should maybe take a long & hard look at this photo essayslide show.
Could be your pick-up truck.
They won't need M-1A1 tanks.
The mortar squad invites you to "Bring. It. On."
We suspect these gyrenes would not be terribly amused by keyboard commandos & chicken hawks, oh, just as an example, calling for revolution & shooting duly-elected leaders who've been deemed to be "tyrants." Which, naturally, requires that Bob Owens & friends have firepower equivalent to whatever the police & military have. And this country can not be so insane & inane it would let someone certifiable like Bob Owens have his own mortar, can it?

Maybe you shouldn't answer that.

LATER (2146PST 24 January 2013): Right, this is where we got the patriot/military weapon equivalence concept.Sounds as if Yoho here wants to go around determining whose stability is questionable & violating their Fourth Amendment rights.

1 comment:

Weird Dave said...

Maybe you shouldn't answer that.

But I will.

Our esteemed Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable Antonin Scalia, seems to feel that as long as you can carry it (bear it) you can have it.
So yep, ol' Bob can have himself one of them there mortars.

Me, I'll take some of those AT4/M136s.