Thursday, May 28, 2015

And Today In Fuck The Police

You cannot trust the police to do anything correctly. Or even to do anything humane.
Thursday, May 28, 2015, 4:54 PM - Florida Police Officer Nelson Enriquez has been suspended with pay after two K-9 dogs were found dead inside his SUV amid hot temperatures, the Hialeah Police Department announced Thursday.

The dogs, a 7-year-old bloodhound named Jimmy and a 4-year-old Belgian malinois named Hector were assigned to Enriquez, who has worked for the police department for 13 years, seven of which have been spent as a K-9 officer.

After completing an overnight shift that ended at 7 a.m. Wednesday, Enriquez assisted in a missing persons case before returning home around 10 a.m. and neglected to remove the dogs from the cargo compartment of his police SUV.
Imagine the care & concern this pig shows for people he's arrested.

Today In Eat The Rich

Also, Today In America Eats Its Young:
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —Gigi Jordan, a former pharmaceuticals executive and socialite convicted in the death of her autistic 8-year-old son, was sentenced Thursday to 18 years in prison.
Apparently another mentally ill rich person who managed to avoid treatment because she was a socialite.
Despite that Jude was nonverbal, Jordan testified that the boy learned to communicate with her by typing on a laptop computer and BlackBerry. That was how, she said, he told her about the repeated abuse he endured, which had bizarre satanic elements – from being forced to drink blood and kill animals to being zapped with electricity.
America: If you aren't raping your children, you're outright killing them.

A Waste Of Time & Effort

Hey "activists": You'll never accomplish anything w/ bullshit like this:
Spend your time, money & energy acquiring weapons, ammunition & explosives & then kill Big Money & all who have it, you stupid lazy hippie losers. It's too damn late for anything else to work.

Poke Poke!!

Today in food scarcity:
Sometimes the stories write themselves.

Oh, This Should Be Fun!

Pin-dick bikers plan to pose like bad-asses in front of mosque:
Real "men" would stand up for freedom, the Second Amendment & White Power & go in w/ guns blazing, rather than prance around outside w/ their great big guns hanging out, if you know what I mean.

Ms. Geller's rampant paranoia certainly has her in bed w/ some interesting companions:
Now, however, bikers and white supremacists are commingling with increasing frequency in a number of different ways. All five of the major white supremacist movements in the United States—neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, Ku Klux Klan groups, racist prison gangs, and Christian Identity groups—have developed noteworthy ties to the biker subculture. There is a significant overlap between elements of the biker subculture and elements of white supremacist subcultures, including shared symbology, shared slang and language, and in some cases shared dress. These cultural connections make encounters between the different movements easier.
One of these days that snake you're handling will bite you & your Zionist Occupation Government, Pam!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rah! Rah! Rah! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Is Rick going to fight back to take the country back from the Americans who've stolen it, w/ their S-E-X & N.B.A. & rock concerts?

Compare & contrast the above w/ November 2006, a little less than nine yrs. ago.:
This time around he'll announce his withdrawal from the race via social media.

Freeway Close

1958 Telecopter PresentationLooking thru the archives and found this video of the original KTLA Telecopter.
Posted by National Helicopter Service on Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Via LAObserved.

Total M. Buffoonery

Wasted mins. (& complained loudly about it) looking for the image in the item below in order to beat Facebook at its idiotic game. Meaning I'd already forgotten I'd planned this image:
Now I'm regretting not getting that sweet U.S.$15.00/day mileage fee for another nine days. And irked the first day is a pass. The director of the jury services division is going to get one nasty letter.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Civic Duty: ✔

Clichéd image because unrelated images from elsewhere on this log show on sucky Facebook when I link crap there.
Why do I bovver?
O.K., so effing bored (NUMB, even.) I'll resolve the jury duty story before someone falls off the edge of a seat: First (or second; even now it fades) peremptory challenge by the A.D.A., after only a little back & forth w/ his honor about the law, what he says it is & what one's conscience tells one it should be. (Not that I have one of these conscience things, but apparently the law still gives some latitude to those who invoke the word.)*

I suspect that despite my suppressed desire to tell the judge that I did indeed hold him & the entire system in contempt, neener neener, my admitting to being a diagnosed (also by an employee of the County of Los Angeles, coincidentally) crazy person was the determining factor in the A.D.A. dropping me as if I were hot (general non-bourgeois [toothless] appearance may have added to the crazy effect); the case involved finding (or not finding) that the respondent is a "Sexually Violent Predator" (as legally defined) & will therefore receive three hots & a cot at a State Hospital until a cure is achieved, hell freezes over or the stars fall from the sky, whichever may happen first, & the A.D.A. might have assumed I'd be opposed to that sort of thing on principle. (Oddly enough, I have few principles either, beyond the usual "don't get caught". And imagine the reaction had The People of The State of Calif. known I'd been 5150'd myself.)

A.D.A.'s mistake, however: If forced to serve (It was figured to take until 5 June!) I was already prejudiced toward throwing away the key to the hospital after the respondent was locked in. The sickening pervert (probably an abuse victim himself) didn't look as if anything good would happen to him were he to be released from custody, even if he could control his violent urges.
*A young (to me now "young" is anyone under 40-ish; this sovereign citizen was in the audience on the other side of the bulletproof [let's hope] glass & fence arrangement, while I, as a cool person, was in the jury box, so it wasn't easy to be more specific) person (of Asian extraction, speaking American-accented English, for the sociologists out there) mentioned jury nullification, which, the judge noted, was a'gin th' law. Hizzoner also dragged out the old Jack WebbSg't. Joe Friday chestnut that if you don't like a law you should write a letter to some elected buffoon politician somewhere about it, & until then just go along like the sheep you are. (Paraphrased & perhaps even extrapolated just a teeny-weeny bit.)
†All. One. Sentence: Tremble before my logorrhea!

Family Practice

Do you sense arson in this bldg.'s future?

Police Beat

It's just exactly & also precisely like Veet-Nam 'round here.

Fugitive Holed Up in LA Home

Damn Yankees w/ their choppers everywhere. Here is one that was orbiting the area a couple of hrs. ago:
Previous police terror events w/in bicycling distance of the bunker.

Don't Mess W/ Texas!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't higher atmospheric temperatures lead to more evaporation, & therefore more moisture in the atmosphere, which can't stay there forever, becausedue to gravity? What did the lunatics populating the Lone Star State expect?
Or is Gawd telling Texans to knock off the drooling reactionary lunacy & paranoia & fossil-fuel burning on permanent display in their vast wasteland before it's too late?

Hair: Dos & Don'ts

Monday, May 25, 2015

Nature Vs. The Fossil-Fuel Industry

Photo: The aftermath of a tornado in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, that has left at least 10 dead - @El_Universal_Mx

"Real" Americans Show
Northeastern Elites

Real American name: Kintpuash (Strikes the water brashly)

West is finally best:
Denver wins NCAA men's lacrosse title

Speaking of, while you're Bar-B-Q-ing today remember all the real "real" (as in original residents of the continent) Americans who died so bloated oafs could live in fear & gamble at their descendents' casinos.

Oh My

Apparently not hockey news.

A Skeleton Speaks

Corporate Droning From A Triangulating Turkey

Click here to see why (PROFIT!!) that greedy sow is so proud.

9) However, Walmart does care about rich people

In 2013, the Walton family received $8 billion in tax breaks, $6.2 billion of which came from federal taxpayer subsidies handed to them because employee wages are so low. Currently, the company is also hosting $21.4 billion in offshore accounts, which remain untaxed by the U.S. government. And in 2014, as Walmart failed to meet shareholder expectations, the company somehow managed to dig up enough money to give its CEO a $1.5 million bonus for performing poorly at his job.

Walmart isn’t just greedy. The company is the epitome of greed. As its overworked and underpaid employees struggle to make ends meet, Walmart's top brass make billions, even as stock is dropping. Everything about the company is capitalism at its worst.

10) The chain has a deceptive public image

Walmart’s universal reputation as the "bad guys" stings that much more as the company keeps trying to remind us how good it is.

Take their OUR Walmart initiative, which attempts to silence dissenters with positive representations of the company, even as workers flood the Internet with their personal horror stories. Or the Walmart Foundation’s initiative to "fight hunger," while their own employees go hungry, spending $300 million in taxpayer money on food stamps. Or how about its campaign telling you to "buy American," even while the company's new uniforms were made in Jordan.

This is just a friendly reminder that Walmart is terrible. Call it a public service announcement: Don’t shop there. Don’t work there if you can help it. And if you do have to work there, don’t expect to be treated well. Get out while you can, before Walmart takes your spirit, your health, and your dignity.

If Walmart's ugly practices are a cycle of power and abuse, there's only one way to break it. And that starts with you.
[And explosives. — M.B.]
Have this woman & her husband Cletus been the most successful self-enrichers in all of American politics ever? She was a stupid middle-class pig ("I won't let animals like that near me!") he was a lower-class pig & neither of them had anything when they started. Scholarship students, right?

So how'd they get all the money? Not even by deluding America's already-impoverished morons w/ fear-mongering, Sarah Palin-yada yada style. Nope, all Bill & Hill had to do was set up under the corporate trough & wallow.

Do you smell bacon? And toast?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Cowboy Up!

Texas State Senate approves bill allowing open carry of handguns; proposal now heads to House - @abc13houston

Kool Moe Dee - Wild Wild West

Three Day Morbidity & Memory Wknd.!

D for the dead. All the dead.
According to an officer on the scene, this suicide was "the weirdest in Hollywood history."
More morbid pix from the L.A.P.D. files from the yr. of my birth:
Initially, Martin's scope was anywhere from the 1920s to the 1950s, meaning he went through thousands of photos before 1953, a seemingly ill-fated year, emerged. "It just seemed like that cases from that year were unique and substantial," Martin said.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Three Sick Fucks

Via the Bezos Post, the Grossly Obscene Perverts love (L-U-V!) Josh "Touchy-Feely" Duggar.
When does this trio of sick old men stand up for sister sex for Jesus?

Minutes later: TBogg has even more sickening Republican perverts. Quite the rogue's gallery.

And another classic:

9 Times Josh Duggar Lectured People On Family Values Before He Admitted He Was A Child Molester

Family Values

S-E-X party about to start!!
How long until we find out that the disgusting Duggar spawn who was feeling up (or worse, I don't want details) his sisters was taught/shown by his father? Well, at least he isn't a GAY pedophile, right?

Photo from People Magazine:

The Duggars Have (At Least!)
5 Rules for Relationships

Apparently they forgot the incest rule.

Next sack of hypocritical shit who invokes "family values" gets a foot in their genitalia.

Who Doesn't?

Why, I never! The whole police dep't.? Someone better send her more ammo & weapons.
"I was able to open up my kitchen door and hear her, and the things she was saying, you know you knew, she wasn't well," McCauley said. "She wanted to kill the police department.


When deputies sent in a crisis negotiation robot, she fired shots at it, hit the robot with a broom, threw a cover over it and pointed an object that appeared to be a drill at it.
Good for her. Fucking filth. Why don't they leave people alone?

Jury Duty

Where the rat bastards are attempting to impose their will on me.
Forced to show up at 0745, then told to sit & wait for half-an-hr. Then walked through filling out the juror summons. And by the fucking way, if you happened to fill out your summons & submitted it on-line, welp, suckah, you have to do it again right there so the staff will have a hard copy! What. The. Fuck? Fuck the criminal justice system in every hole in its ugly lying body!

Put enough stuff in the juror questionnaire that I doubt I'll serve (If the judge says it's the law & I know it's bullshit, I will continue to think that & jure accordingly.) but If I have to point out to the judge that he couldn't get the respondent's last name right & he's an incompetent buffoon I fucking will.

Hell of a fucking country where the justice system cowers in such fear of its citizens it must x-ray everyone's belongings & send everyone through a metal detector before they can get non-justice. Not to mention a justice system where the fucking judge makes a big deal of how important a correct transcript of the proceedings is, yet there are no recording devices, merely a court stenographer. And many cheesy signs screaming about not using cameras in the court room. Fuck them. Is there no more transparency? Since when are the people kept from making records of the shit done & the lies told in their name?

After seeing my fellow jurors, I realize none of them have any interest in anything beyond playing w/ their stupid 'phones, let alone any rights they may have or any interest in justice. They could be marched all over the fucking bkdg. like the sheep they are, told to sit down, wait, stand up, go over there, stand & wait, yada yada, but as long as they have their fucking 'phones they couldn't care less how they are treated or what they're asked to do. Scum, every last one.

Even the judges agree it's anti-justice.

If I only had a bomb ...