Sunday, April 20, 2014

10¢ Psych Dep't.: Dr. Freud On Women & Envy

Latest right-wing nutjob-heartthrob flash-in-the-pan superstar Michele Fiore, Assemblywoman of Nevada's Fourth District, likes these pictures so much she posted both of them in her photo gallery twice.
Keeps forgetting who & what she is?
The doctor is in.
Dr. Freud says: "O.K., zure, all uff mein concepts und zeories are antiquated horseshit, but zese people are zo zimple, zo dense, zo 19th century. C'mon, you goink to look at zat und deny ze whole 'penis envy' thing? Hah! Fits zem like a gluff. Zometimes ein AR-15 iss not chust a cigar."

Dr. Freud refused any long distance (like, from the grave) diagnosis of this image of our new heroine.
Seems nice, doesn't she? Very nice. (Too nice?) Respects the law, as we already know.
In a transcript obtained by Ralston Flash, Fiore, who called herself a “conservative, Catholic, gun-toting, second amendment, strong-ass woman,”  called Wheeler her “friend” and said that she stood by him. This after she called for Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey’s resignation after he said that it would be a “great year for Republicans” since minorities and young people wouldn’t be turning out to vote in a non-presidential race.

Besides supporting Wheeler (who set off a media storm in late October by saying he would vote for slavery if his constituents supported it), Fiore said she carries her gun with her like her underwear.

“And I can tell you, as someone that carries a firearm on me like my panties and bra, I do break the law because I generally carry my gun in places where they say is a gun-free zone, because I’m not going to be a victim of a stupid law.”

She also said Republicans would “arm our teachers, K through 12.”

Fiore defended her use of swear words on the Assembly floor and said Chancellor Dan Klaich “has his head so far where it shouldn’t be.” And speaking of anatomy, Fiore told the assembled Republicans that they were due for some changes.

“We have to either grow a set of brass ovaries or a set of testicles, whichever you prefer, and if you don’t have a set I’ll borrow my brass ovaries. But we have to do it.”

Fiore reiterated that she and Wheeler are “not politicians”, but just regular people.

“We are real people, hard-working, and we don’t have a filter. So if something comes out wrong, something comes out.”
If you can put up w/ Assemblywoman Fiore for the full thing, do you think she might have had a brew or three at the big Bundy B-B-Q before going on the telly?Unsuccessful candidate for Congress in 2010, & apparently certifiable.
Suddenly I get it: Assemblywoman Fiore just wants to be right in front, guns blazing, maybe astride her four-wheeler when the shit finally comes down & that ex-sheriff puts all the women in front to die first, thereby demonstrating the evil of federal bureaucracy.

P.S.: Show bidnis too. Please shoot me now, Assemblywoman, I'm ready to go.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

When Both Sides Do It ...

The first ones our tribe will purge will be the white liberals.

See Josh Marshall (an image of whom accompanies the Just Another Blog [From L.A.]™ On-Line Dictionary definition of objective weenie, & who's recently been taking reader submissions about what awful stupid ignorant fucking racists their parents all are) hemming & hawing that just because, per a reader, "My wife and I have Republican friends and neighbors. It never takes any of our conservative friends very long in a conversation before they begin making disparaging remarks about ethnic minorities. It’s usually only a matter of minutes." it doesn't necessarily mean that "this applies to all or most conservatives". O.K., perhaps not every last damn one of them, maybe, but most for sure.

Starting to believe that "objectivity" & "objectivism" may be more closely related than previously thought.

Here's the entire submission, w/ our emphases, excellent anecdata (or a Classic Example) of what we might (because it's all so damn funny, y'know) call Exception-That-Proves-The-Rule Racism.
And wait, further confirming anecdata:
You think this may be what the hell's wrong w/ those common clay cretins in Kansas?

A Recent Dumb-Ass Statement

What the fuck-tuck-tucking hell, Courtney Love? Deaf? Drugs? Derp? Brain damage from anesthesia during all those operations?
[I]n a recent video interview Love discussed her antipathy towards the music of Bruce Springsteen, explaining that her main issue was one of instrumentation. “Saxophones,” she said, “don’t belong in rock'n’roll.”
Yes, you inane drone, I'm as antipathetic toward B.S. as anyone but it's not the instrumentation that makes B.S. a suckfest of Broadway illusions & approximations of the rock.

Mme. Hole has made her video "private". Chicken.

Probably pertinent; the late Derf on the horn was about as "rock'n'roll" as one gets.
Plus which:
But there are so many more, too: the vibrancy of Junior Walker’s playing on Shotgun, for instance [...] or what Robert Christgau called the "solitary new-thing saxophone" of Steve Mackay on the Stooges' Funhouse. Think how those Little Richard records would sound without the sax.

Two Parties, Two Classes

Two Americas & two kinds of glasses:
No wonder "compromise" is anathema to them: Useless/unaccomplished
(It’s worth noting that although Blackburn served in Congress when the GOP held the House, the Senate and the White House, the single piece of legislation I could find that she had signed into law was the Wool Suit Fabric Labeling Fairness and International Standards Conforming Act of 2006. She has also successfully sponsored resolutions renaming various Tennessee Post Office buildings as well as [to her credit] one honoring the late Issac Hayes.)
Tenn. Rep. Marsha Blackburn has a starkly dichotomic vision of our future:
The comment drew a sarcastic rebuttal from White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer, who tweeted “All class in the GOP.” Read more.
In all her respect for property rights she or her Twit-flunkie couldn't be bothered to hit the shift key for "Solo®?"

Or is "Red Solo® cup" some secret redneck horse crap?
If anyone listens to the above noise let me know what in hell it's all about.

Yellow River

New hope for the aging: Turn all that pee into electricity!

Foiled Again!

Damnit all to hell, I've been trying to win a "Dick" award here for almost seven yrs., but not even a "special citation."
The winner of the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award was announced on Friday, April 18, at Norwescon 37, in SeaTac, Washington, and the winner for the distinguished original science fiction paperback published for the first time during 2013 in the U.S.A. is:
  • Countdown City by Ben H. Winters (Quirk Books)
A special citation was given to:
  • Self-Reference Engine by Toh EnJoe, translated by Terry Gallagher (Haikasoru)
Oh, different Dick. Never fucking mind, then.

"How Fast Can You Type?"

W.A.T.B. Round-Up

Seriously. Round up these aged wretches & work them to death in retail jobs.
No MALL★WART greeter bullshit either. I want them to have something worth crying about.

Friday, April 18, 2014

They Came From Mom's Basement

Aesthetic quibble: You couldn't have a flunky or the CAD robot make the seam on the baseball red?

World Of Lies

Arm the children! What other defense do they have against these lies? If you must see them all, here.
1. When you die you go to heaven
There is oblivion and you are burned or eaten by worms. That's right, you shouldn't have asked.

4. If we don't punish you, you won't learn for next time
It probably won't make any difference to the next time, but it makes Mummy and Daddy feel powerful.

7. Mummy and Daddy would never do anything to hurt you
Mummies and Daddies do a lot of things that they don't understand the consequences of. When you are old enough, you can read a poem by someone called Philip Larkin that will explain it to you perfectly.

9. What goes around comes around
Grownups who study the mind have a name for this belief – the just-world theory. It has been disproven many times, but lots of people still believe it. In reality, bad behaviour often goes unpunished and good behaviour unrewarded. Worth bearing in mind if you want to grow up to be a businessman or a politician.

11. You are the most beautiful/special boy/girl in the world
It's statistically unlikely.

13. You should never tell lies
At least not until you're proficient enough to get away with it. And also when it comes to Mummy's new shoes.

15. You can't walk to school by yourself because you might get run over
You can't walk to school by yourself because Mummy and Daddy are dominated by irrational fears and have a poor understanding of the mathematics of risk.

17. There are fairies at the bottom of the garden
Property prices drove them out years ago.

18. God is good and will look after you
Turn off Winx Club and take a look at the news.

20. Money doesn't matter
Only if you have all-powerful giants giving you everything for free.

Order In The Court, Order In The Court!

"Pigmeat" Markham, 110 yrs. old today. (If.)And let's link this essay on the origins of stand-up. (Personally, we practice sit-down.)

Still sadly relevant today:

Just Kinda Weird, Or Sick Fucks?

Don't drag me into your sick hoseshit, Holocaust exploiting Xian scum!

Boston Strong, Bull Shit Long

Sick & tired of the monotony at the beginning of the wk. (Sun.: "Tomorrow will mark the anniv.," Mon.: "Today is the anniversary ..." Tues.: "Yesterday was the first anniv. & here is how it was observed.") So fucking what. How many have been consumed in America's never-ending marathon of murder & maiming in the yr. since? Why is so little of the non-stop boredom of idiotic hand-wringing & bravado devoted to the numerous other victims of violence & the automobile industry?

Someone who gives a enough of a crap to stop & reason for 30 secs. (rather than follow the rage-filled, foaming at the mouth approach) has asked the big question:
But what’s so strong about the rest of us?
And has noted the truth about the crap spewed by idiots like Veep Joe Biden:
When Tsarnaev was apprehended, David Ortiz told Red Sox fans, “This is our fucking city.” The applause thundered.

We use this language because we imagine the Tsarnaevs as outsiders. Perhaps this is why Mr. Biden broadened Boston’s tragedy into a concoction about America’s invincibility. They, we hallucinate, messed with our city, and we stand willing to repel the invaders of our urban tranquility. Put on a jersey and join the cause.

But the Tsarnaevs weren’t invaders. Dzhokhar went to school a block from where I went to school. Tamerlan boxed in Cambridge and won the New England Golden Gloves heavyweight title twice. And although it may well be that their motives were ideological, senseless violence, no matter its motive, is a constant challenge in Boston. (In January, Marty Walsh’s first month as mayor, nine people were murdered in the city.)

The #BostonStrong meme betrays our insecurities. If we were strong, we would not need to remind ourselves.

Perhaps it helps us neglect the stark reality that our little corner of civilization is always vulnerable, that we are always exposed, defenseless, and that our lives and our limbs are so fragile. But it isn’t the outside world we are vulnerable to. The 3,000 Bostonians who showed up to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated are unlikely to face violence from outsiders. Instead, they are far more likely to face violence from one another.
The enemy's w/in!!

There is not a report on human activity or existence in this world that cannot be ended by "Die a fire, asshole," or
"Bring on the meteors!" is there?

Missing Since The Year Zero:

We've been looking for some time. Called all over town; jail, hospitals, the morgue: No one's seen him. If we still had mental hospitals they'd be full of Jeezizes, but we don't.
Who's more mental, subject or artist?
It's almost as if the Sky Fairy's Son (A bit of a fairy himself, hee hee!) died & then rotted into nothingness just as every other humanoid, mental or sane, in your world of cheaters & murderers.

And why do I have to do all this work? Is there no one else who will burn a church or lynch a child-molesting religious sicko? Let ghosts that never existed walk all over you, & kiss their asses & shut up in return. See if you get a seat in heaven, or if you're still worm food like Jeeziz.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Republican Governor

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez in Santa Fe, N.M., 17 January 2012 (AP Photo/Susan Montoya Bryan, File)
ARG indeed! New Mexico Governor Martinez demonstrates the Republican governance style as extracted by A. Pareene:
Here’s what we learn: Martinez is, to put it charitably, pretty ill-informed about policy and certain aspects of her job. A cutthroat political consultant named Jay McCleskey seems to have a huge amount of influence in her administration, despite having no official job in the governor’s office. He has also used his connections to enrich himself, through his consulting firm and “affiliated entities.” Martinez has been unduly harsh toward her perceived political enemies, punishing them by endorsing opponents and telling fundraisers not to donate. One New Mexico Republican Party elder referred to her administration as “tone-deaf, exclusionary, and unnecessarily ruthless.”
See also a certain guy in Joisey. Is it mere coincidence that Gov. Martinez is a tub of lard, like Gov. HindenburgChristie (& this reporter)? Or is there something about unchecked appetites we should know more about?

Extra fun: We found the photo above at The Daily Caller. The second comment?
This is fun too:
Attorneys for the Reporter filed the complaint in Santa Fe's First Judicial District alleging that the governor has seven times violated the state Inspection of Public Records Act and has circumvented the state Constitution's "free press" provision by engaging in a campaign of retaliation.

Instead of providing her perspective on important issues, Martinez refused to respond to inquiries about [sic] from the Santa Fe Reporter because she didn't like the tone of the newspaper's coverage, an unlawful act called "viewpoint discrimination" or "prior restraint."

"The consequence of this type of prior restraint of the press, or censorship, is the public's ignorance of public affairs imposed by Defendant's selective withholding of information," the complaint reads.
Does violating the Holy Precious Constitution of the Sovereign State Of New Mexico fall under "pretty ill-informed about policy and certain aspects of her job?" Impeach now!!

My Patience Thins, My Anger Rises

Have the pindicked gun-waving insurrectionist cheats in Nevada been killed like the rabid dogs they are, their land salted & a massive barbecue held w/ the leech cattle for the working classes who are cheated daily by their employers? No? Then I'm not moving from this spot until all that happens!

What's the fucking delay?

Any & all media figures who aided & abetted the low-life criminal poseurs should be rounded up & imprisoned in a nice little camp where they will be educated into comprehension of the real world & the Constitution. LAW & ORDER, BITCHES!!!

One Day The Bucket Bottom Must Drop Out

Political Wire notes the obvious, for those too fucking dense to get it.
A new study finds that rich and powerful interest groups have a much greater impact on government policy than the majority of citizens.

"The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence."

Gawker: "The study notes that the position of the median American and the position of the affluent American are often the same; therefore, regular people tend to think that their political interests are being represented when they see the triumph of some political position that they agree with. In fact, the researchers say, this is a mere coincidence. Yes, the average American will see their interests represented--as long as their interests align with the interests of the wealthy."
P.S.: Didn't have room for this in our promiscuous labeling, so When Do We Start Killing The Aristocrats?