Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Long Shall The Wicked
Reign Over My People?

Four-star general Barry R. McCaffrey (U.S. Army, ret'd.; also former head of the D.E.A.) would like you to know:
The world-renowned Dustbin of History for you, Drumpf!
Number of the Day: 2,864,974. (Popular votes.)
If I'd voted for Mme. Secretary instead of Peace & Freedom the total would have been a nice round 2,864,975.
Fuck the gawd-damned Electoral College too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Literary Morbidity Corner

Towering & Seminal!
 New Yorker:
Philip Roth, the Seminal American Novelist, Has Died  —  Philip Roth, the seminal American novelist whose book “American Pastoral” won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, in 1998, has died, at the age of eighty-five.  His great subjects, as Claudia Roth Pierpont wrote in this magazine, in 2006 …
 Charles McGrath / New York Times:
Philip Roth, Towering Novelist Who Explored Lust, Jewish Life and America, Dies at 85  —  Philip Roth, the prolific, protean, and often blackly comic novelist who was a pre-eminent figure in 20th century literature, died Tuesday.  He was 85 and lived in Manhattan and Connecticut.
Roth almost six yrs. ago:
He seemed to admit to a certain distance from everyday life. “I am seventy-eight years old, I don’t know anything anymore about America today. I see it on TV, but I am not living it anymore.”
Others recently passed from the world of ink & paper: Tom Wolfe (aged 88), Adam Parfrey (aged 61). Google 'em yourself if you're interested, this reporter is not your damn mother!

"... splash one attacker."

SAT 22 MAY 1943
Japanese aircraft attack gunboat Charleston (PG-51) and destroyer Phelps (DD-360) off Attu Island, Aleutians; both ships emerge unscathed and splash one attacker.

As the battle to protect ON 184 in the North Atlantic area continues, TBFs (VC 9) from escort carrier Bogue (CVE-9) sink German submarine U-569, 50°40'N, 35°21'W, and damage U-305.

Advanced Amphibious Training Base, Tunis, Tunisia, is established.

Fuck Yer N.I.M.B.Y. Asses!

At a raucous hearing at City Hall punctuated with shouting from the crowd, Los Angeles lawmakers pressed forward Tuesday with plans to shelter dozens of homeless people at a Koreatown parking lot.

The Koreatown plan, announced by city leaders earlier this month, spurred residents and business owners to sign petitions and hold rallies demanding the city choose another site. At a council committee meeting Tuesday, opponents of the plan argued that their concerns about putting temporary housing for homeless people near schools and businesses had been ignored.

"Shame on you — all of you," said Sharon Joung, a member of the Wilshire Community Coalition, to applause from the crowd. "You should have known better. … You have discriminated and marginalized this community because you thought it's just Koreatown. Well, you made a big mistake."

During the heated meeting, boos and shouting sometimes drowned out the people speaking. When Yongho Kim from the Korean Resource Center said he backed the shelter plan and was disappointed by the community's response, opponents yelled back, "We are disappointed by you!" and "Get out!"
Just where in Los Angeles are these moronic assholes going to find someplace not near their precious "schools and businesses"? Also, exactly which community has been "discriminated [against] and marginalized" here? Middle-class N.I.M.B.Y. pigs, or homeless people? Speaking of "getting out", if you fucking pigs don't like it here, move the hell back to Korea & free some housing for Americans!

[L.A. Times]

Killer Apes

Fuck you people. Fuck people, period.
Humankind is revealed as simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant in the grand scheme of life on Earth by a groundbreaking new assessment of all life on the planet.

The world’s 7.6 billion people represent just 0.01% of all living things, according to the study. Yet since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals and half of plants, while livestock kept by humans abounds.

The new work is the first comprehensive estimate of the weight of every class of living creature and overturns some long-held assumptions. Bacteria are indeed a major life form – 13% of everything – but plants overshadow everything, representing 82% of all living matter. All other creatures, from insects to fungi, to fish and animals, make up just 5% of the world’s biomass.

Another surprise is that the teeming life revealed in the oceans by the recent BBC television series Blue Planet II turns out to represent just 1% of all biomass. The vast majority of life is land-based and a large chunk – an eighth – is bacteria buried deep below the surface.

“I was shocked to find there wasn’t already a comprehensive, holistic estimate of all the different components of biomass,” said Prof Ron Milo, at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, who led the work, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The transformation of the planet by human activity has led scientists to the brink of declaring a new geological era – the Anthropocene. One suggested marker for this change are the bones of the domestic chicken, now ubiquitous across the globe.

The new work reveals that farmed poultry today makes up 70% of all birds on the planet, with just 30% being wild. The picture is even more stark for mammals – 60% of all mammals on Earth are livestock, mostly cattle and pigs, 36% are human and just 4% are wild animals.

“It is pretty staggering,” said Milo. “In wildlife films, we see flocks of birds, of every kind, in vast amounts, and then when we did the analysis we found there are [far] more domesticated birds.”
Your ubiquitous domestic chickens are coming home to roost, humanoids.

[From elsewhere]

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Month At Sea; Gorgo Sinks

FRI 21 MAY 1943
TBFs (VC 9) from escort carrier Bogue (CVE-9) damage German submarine U-231; destroyer Osmond Ingram (DD-255) and Canadian destroyer HMCS St. Laurent drive off U-boats menacing ON 184.

Destroyer Nields (DD-616) sinks Italian submarine Gorgo as she attacks a U.S. convoy off Algeria, 36°01'N, 00°34'W.
Gorgo is "whirlpool" in Italian.
Indian Ocean
Last eight survivors from U.S. freighter John Drayton, sunk by Italian submarine Leonardo da Vinci in the Indian Ocean on 21 April 1943, are rescued. Originally, 24 men had been in the boat found this date, only the eight remain. A total of 21 merchant seamen and six Armed Guard sailors perish in the loss of John Drayton.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

10th Fleet Est'd.

THU 20 MAY 1943
Tenth Fleet with headquarters in Washington, D.C., is established under Commander in Chief U.S. Fleet (Admiral Ernest J. King) to control U.S. antisubmarine operations in the Atlantic.

Submarine Pollack (SS-180) sinks Japanese armed merchant cruiser Bangkok Maru southeast of Jaluit, Marshalls, 06°47'N, 169°42'E. Pollack is damaged by depth charges during counterattacks by what she describes as a "Chidori-class torpedo boat," but remains on patrol.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

75 Yrs. Ago In Nothing

WED 19 MAY 1943
Submarine Gar (SS-206) sinks Japanese guardboat Asuka Maru in Makassar Strait, 01°02'N, 119°08'E.

Axis planes bomb Allied shipping in Oran harbor, Algeria, damaging U.S. freighters Samuel Griffin and Luther Martin; the former suffers 15 men injured among her complement of 44 merchant seamen and 26 Armed Guards; the latter suffers no injuries. Both ships are repaired and returned to service.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Lost In The Shuffle ...

You may have missed this, thanks to the early-morning shoot-'em-up down Tejas way, but here's Florida Man again:
The gunman shot at Trump hotel was a stripper and porn actor who loved Melania Trump    [Well of course he was. — M.B.]
They should do something about this sort of thing, or one of these days someone will get hurt.

"Torpedoed ... while en route ... to San Pedro, California"

TUE 18 MAY 1943
Submarine Pollack (SS-180) sinks Japanese gunboat Terushima Maru southwest of Maleolap Atoll, Marshalls, 08°00'N, 171°00'E.

U.S. tanker H.M. Storey is torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-25 while en route from Nouméa, New Caledonia, to San Pedro, California, 17°30'S, 173°02'E, and abandoned by the 48-man civilian complement (two merchant seamen are lost when the ship is hit), 2 passengers and 15-man Armed Guard. I-25 then hastens the sinking by shelling the burning ship. Destroyer Fletcher (DD-445) subsequently rescues H.M. Storey's's survivors and takes them to Vila, Efate.

Another School Shooting!

Nothing makes me happier than waking up, turning on the telebision & seeing that another perfectly sane American has taken someone's guns & shot up the prison America has locked him in, whether it be a school or a workplace.

My thoughts & prayers are for this to keep happening until something changes. And as long as we're all rats in a fucking cage, it will keep happening. There's no way around human nature, killer apes.

American nature being what it is, it won't be until a lone gunman single-handedly kills over 100 humanoids that anything at all will ever be done. So keep killing yourselves, morons. No one cares, no one will ever miss any of you. You're as disposable as used diapers, & the similarities don't stop there.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Poor Seamanship Review

MON 17 MAY 1943
Submarine Grayback (SS-208) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking army cargo ship England Maru about 60 miles northwest of Mussau Island, 01°00'S, 148°40'E.

Minesweeper Dash (AM-88) rescues 56 survivors from U.S. freighter William K. Vanderbilt torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-19 the previous day southwest of Suva.

Japanese cargo ship Woosung Maru strikes reef and sinks off Chiba Prefecture, southern Honshu, 35°00'N, 140°00'E.

PBM (VP 74) damages German submarine U-128 in South Atlantic, at 11°02'S, 35°35'W; destroyers Moffett (DD-362) and Jouett (DD-396) then sink U-128 at 11°08'S, 35°38'W.

T'rowback T'ursday: Animals & Crackers Edition

Here, shove some culcher down your craw:
Saint-Saëns - "Le Carnaval des Animaux"
"I'm An Animal" - Sly And The Family Stone
"Call Me Animal" - MC5
"Too Animalistic" - Vom

Terminal Thurs.

I know the feeling all too well & I'm only half this sufferer's alleged age.
 Daily Mail:
'World's oldest woman', 128, says she's been miserable every day of her life and her long life is a punishment from God  —  A Russian woman is claiming to be the oldest person in the world, but says her upcoming 129th birthday is nothing but ‘punishment’.  —  Koku Istambulova, from Chechnya …
Again, everything's made out of shit & we're all dying.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Life In The Monkey Cage

Why we don't get around much anymore, & why when we do it's only to the very nicest restaurants:
 Tiffany Crawford / The Province:
Woman detained after feces-flinging incident at Langley Tim Hortons  —  A woman could be facing charges after an irate confrontation at a Langley Tim Hortons Monday ended in feces being thrown at staff.  —  On Wednesday, surveillance video showing Tim Hortons staff being harassed was posted on Liveleak and YouTube.
 Tom Cleary /
Aaron Schlossberg: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know  —  A New York City lawyer has been accused of going on a bigoted rant against employees of a Manhattan restaurant because they were taking orders in Spanish and speaking in the language to each other.  Aaron M. Schlossberg was identified …
As the shitposting web-log of record, we are obligated to embed the video. Consider yourself warned.The official policy of Web of Evil (& Ennui) is "More public toilets, less private property, which, by the way, is theft!"

"a second torpedo
splits the ship in twain"

SUN 16 MAY 1943
Destroyer MacKenzie (DD-614) sinks German submarine U-182 west of Madeira Islands, 33°55'N, 20°35'W.

Spanish sailing ship Juan rescues 18 survivors from U.S. freighter James W. Denver torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-195 in the North Atlantic on 11 April 1943; two of the ship's 42-man merchant complement perish of exposure.

USAAF crash boat spots boatloads of survivors (41-man merchant complement, 25-man Armed Guard and four passengers) of U.S. freighter Samuel Jordan Kirkwood (which had sunk on 16 May 1943 as the result of damage inflicted by German submarine U-195 the previous day) and tows them to Ascension Island.

Submarine Grayback (SS-208) damages Japanese destroyer Yugure northwest of Kavieng, 01°00'S, 148°44'W.

U.S. freighter William K. Vanderbilt is torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-19 southwest of Suva, Fiji Islands, 18°41'S, 175°07'E, and abandoned by the 41-man merchant complement. The 16-man Armed Guard remains on board to the last, but abandons after a second torpedo splits the ship in twain. I-19 then fires upon one lifeboat and two rafts, and questions the ship's master before departing; throughout the ordeal only the ship's chief engineer is killed (see 17 May 1943).

Time To Fire Counsel Mueller?

Just do your job, Bob!

Where again in the Constitution does it specifically say a sitting Pres. can't be indicted? I get there's a vague feeling that impeachment is all that's allowed against the office-holder, but impeachment being an allegedly political act (I read that somewhere. Was it the Founders' original intention?) it's missing the point, isn't it, because rather than "criminalizing politics", impeachment (at least w/ Trump et al., as potential perp-walkers) politicizes criminality. That can't be a good idea, can it?

The fake news inspiration:
 Fox News:

Fuck The Farmland (& Their Feelings)

Please do kill yourselves, farm tools. Take your ugly stupid families w/ you when you chicken out, too.
Farm-state lawmakers are concerned that political fighting about the "Farm Bill" could endanger a critical rural safety net and deepen a growing mental health crisis among farmers. Suicide hotlines have seen an uptick in calls as farmers worry that Washington politics over trade, tariffs and the bill could make it harder to keep farms afloat.
Hey, clod-busters, howzat "free market" workin' out for ya?Don't bother listening, it's all whining jerkwads. Have I mentioned I have a compassion deficit as far as your foul & foolish species?

Compare & Contrast

The fake news,
 Michael Bartiromo / Fox News: 
Trump supporter attacked at Cheesecake Factory over MAGA hat: report
& the boring old facts:
A brave, free-speech MAGA warrior is under attack, America. Eugenior Joseph, a Miami native and former Westwood Christian School basketball star, says he walked into the Cheesecake Factory at Dadeland Mall with his girlfriend's family on Mother's Day wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat, sat down, and was — we can barely muster the strength to utter these words — ridiculed by the staff for supporting President Trump.
If you can't take the heat, snowflake, stay outta the Cheesecake Factory w/ your Chump hat.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Making America Great Again,
One Industry At A Time

"Woops!! Voted against my own interests again. How fucking stupid am I, anyway?" a still-too-large minority of the bitterly clinging & deplorable American public fails to ask itself.
 Kendall Breitman / NBC News:
Trump-voting crab town left shell-shocked by his visa changes  —  HOOPERS ISLAND, Md. — This community voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump.  But now his immigration changes are killing its livelihood — legendary crabs that are a mainstay of the local economy and a regional delicacy.
"Crab Walking" - Prince Jazzbo (discomix)
And digby saves you from opening an incognito window, w/ excerpts from a WaPo story on who & what's been &/or will be fucked. Farmers in Iowa are just one example.
"Natty Farmyard" - Prince Far I
The unintended consequences are coming home to roost, America.

Bureaucracy & Bombing Continue

SAT 15 MAY 1943
TRIDENT Conference begins, with President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and the Combined Chiefs of Staff meeting in Washington, D.C.

Naval Advanced Base and Naval Air Facility, Russell Islands, Solomons, are established.

Naval Air Station, Adak, Aleutians, is established.

Submarine Gar (SS-206) attacks Japanese convoy screened by escort vessel Matsuwa, at eastern entrance of Verde Island passage, and sinks Japanese army cargo ships Meikai Maru and Indus Maru between Dumali Point, Mindoro, and Marinduque Island, P.I., 13°07'N, 121°49'E.

USAAF B-24s, flying from Midway, bomb Wake Island.

OS2U/OS2N (VS 62) and Cuban Submarine Chaser 13 sink German submarine U-176 off Cuba, 23°21'N, 80°18'W.

Day Late, Dollar Short

The commies at Shareblue MEDIA are either lazy or stealreading us.
Once again, those who supported Trump find that he's uninterested in returning the favor. Instead, his policies seem designed to make their lives worse.
Trump’s policies often end up hurting his own supporters, as Lucerne International CEO Mary Buchzeiger confirmed at a trade hearing this week.

The hearings, held by the office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), covered Trump’s proposed tariffs on goods imported from China. On Tuesday, Buchzeiger gave her stark assessment of what the plan would do to her livelihood.

“The tariffs proposed by President Trump would cripple my business and many like it in the Midwest,” Buchzeiger, a Republican who refers to Trump as “my president,” said at the hearing. “The beating heart of what often is called ‘Trump Country’ would be stifled by the unintended consequences of these tariffs.”

She added that under Trump’s tariffs, she would be “essentially forced out of business.”

Buchzeiger is just the latest apparent Trump supporter to get the shaft from his trade war. Wisconsin-based motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson took a hit to its stock price, just months after the Trump tax scam caused it to close its Kansas City plant.
This can't go on forever. How long before the Big Crash? (Can't wait, personally. I can live on the street.)

SPAM®, Spam, spam ...

From your good friend Anonymous, found in the spam trap.
Huh? Ignatius Piazza, the Millionaire Patriot? Can't be real ... can it?

Toys For A Tuesday

Making America 1949-ish again.
Ed Loizeaux's S Scale Model Railroad
Which background is worse: Yammering old bozos or hideously generic metal music?

Schmuckface & Dickwad

Monday, May 14, 2018

Bombs Away!

FRI 14 MAY 1943
Motor torpedo boats PT-150 and PT-152 sink Japanese submarine RO 102 in Vitiaz Strait, New Guinea, 06°55'S, 147°34'E.

USMC TBFs (VMSB 143) damage Japanese army cargo ship Houn Maru and force her aground off Tonolei, Bougainville, 06°48'N, 155°49'E, a total loss.

Minesweeper Dash (AM-88) rescues 25 survivors from U.S. freighter Phoebe A. Hearst, torpedoed and sunk by Japanese submarine I-19 about 240 miles southeast of Suva on 30 April 1943. With this recovery, all hands from the lost freighter (including the 16-man Armed Guard) are accounted for.

PBY (VP 84) sinks German submarine U-657 threatening convoy ONS 7, North Atlantic area, 60°10'N, 31°52'W.

USAAF B-17s and B-24s bomb harbor installations at Kiel, Germany, sinking submarines U-235, U-236, and U-237.

Today In "One Lies, The Other
Swears To It"

Tweet Of The Day, Also

Trump Chump Pwns Self, Company, Whines For Exclusion

Once More, The Schaden Freudes Itself

Sad scared & angry chumpette not very gruntled, either. (NB: Does not actually admit to having voted for Lumpy.)
Mary Buchzeiger, CEO of Auburn
Hills-based Lucerne International Inc.
I am a business owner, a proud Republican, and a voter who supports President Donald Trump's campaign to level U.S. trade imbalances.

I am also angry, frustrated and a little scared, because the unintended consequences of the president's $50 billion tariffs on China would cripple my business in Auburn Hills and strip my 50 employees of their good-paying jobs.

This is crazy.

My company, Lucerne International, makes cast, stamped and forged components and assemblies for the automotive and heavy truck industries. Our largest contract is for the Jeep Wrangler. As one of the world's only companies producing Class-A forgings, we make the door, hood, windshield and tailgate hinges that sit outside Wranglers like polished jewels.

It starts overseas — we have seven plants in Asia, where the hinges are manufactured. They are shipped to the Lucerne plant outside Detroit, inspected, repackaged and sent to another auto supplier for assembly before being shipped to Toledo for installation on the vehicle.

That's a supply chain: Thousands of American jobs.

Billions of American dollars.

And it's all in danger.

For some strange and destructive reasons, the proposed Trump tariffs include an obscure provision calling for a 25 percent tax on "iron or steel, aluminum, or zinc hinges and base metal parts … designed for motor vehicles."

Those are our hinges. As far as I know, no other company falls under this provision buried in a $50 billion list of products. For every $2,000 in duties proposed by the U.S., $1 directly impacts Lucerne.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why my certified woman-owned company in the heart of Trump country is being targeted.

Beijing will pass that tax onto me. My customers — other U.S. auto suppliers and U.S. auto companies — will not absorb the cost, nor will U.S. auto buyers. It's a tax on my Michigan company and my Michigan employees, and we can't absorb it.

Ninety-percent of our more than $40 million in revenue is tied to products that fall under the new tariff provision. Unless the president grants an exclusion, Lucerne will fold.

I'm angry and scared.

Scared that my president is about to make a terrible mistake.

Scared for my employees, who love their jobs, who make good money, and who get their college tuitions paid.

Scared for my community and my country, which is about to be blindsided by a bad policy forged of best intentions.

On the big picture, the president is right: U.S. trade deficit needs to be tamed. But, please, not this way — and not when Lucerne is poised to grow to $50 million in revenue next year and expand its Michigan workforce by 25 percent.

Grant us an exclusion, Mr. President. Give us time to finish our work and bring manufacturing back to Michigan.

Because there is not enough capacity to make these parts anywhere in the United States, we were planning on opening a manufacturing plant in central Michigan to reshore this work. But it takes time to bend the arc of economic change — much more time than allowed under the administration's trade strategy. It also requires a re-engineering of the American workforce.

With 4 percent unemployment, we have a hard time finding people to work in our plant outside Detroit today.

One of the reasons for the strong Trump economy: More workers in the U.S. make products that are made from steel than make steel itself. Billions of dollars are pumped into the American economy by the unique and ingenious ways U.S. companies use steel and aluminum components — like we do at Lucerne.

I wonder: Does President Trump know that his tariff on imported components threatens almost every manufacturing job in Michigan?

Does he know that my little company in my little corner of Michigan would lose 90 percent of its business overnight? Does he understand that a 25 percent tax on the components Lucerne uses would evaporate my profit margins? That it would shut us down?

I don't think he does. Because I know my president cares — and I've got to believe he will change his mind, grant sensible exclusions, and help companies like Lucerne make America great again.
Note to Crain's Detroit Business: As your website wouldn't let me copy a few paragraphs of this brain-dead mark's "I didn't think the Face-Eating-Leopard Party would devour my face!!" worry-fest, I stole it all & you can go eff your mom!

Speaking of effing, who's getting it good & hard here?
 Zeeshan Aleem / Vox: 
Trump vows to help China save Chinese jobs. Really.

Beyond Pathetic

Are there even words for this sort of thing?
Trump and Hannity don’t usually speak in the morning, which the president spends alone, watching TV and tweeting. During the first months of the administration in particular, the tweets launched at the beginning of the day landed like bitchy little grenades directed at the programming and personalities that angered him on MSNBC and CNN. “Early on, usually we could count on the president watching Morning Joe first thing, at 6 a.m.,” one White House official told me. “He’d watch an hour of that. Then he’d move on to New Day for a segment or two. Then he’d move on to Fox.”

Senior staffers worried about this pattern of behavior: By the time his day was formally under way with the daily intelligence briefing in the Oval Office — scheduled as late as 11 a.m. — the whole world was often thrown off course, wondering whether there were “tapes” of his conversations with a fired FBI director (May 12, 2017, 8:26 a.m.) or if a TV host had been “bleeding badly from a face-lift” at Mar-a-Lago (June 29, 2017, 8:58 a.m.).

With the hope of calming him down, then–chief of staff Reince Priebus and then–press secretary Sean Spicer began a subtle campaign. “It got to the point that they were just like, ‘We need to get him off these channels and onto Fox & Friends or else we’re going to be chasing down this crazy-train bullshit from MSNBC and CNN all day,’ ” one former White House official said.

Like all other ideas, this had the highest chance of implementation if Trump believed he’d thought of it on his own. Priebus and Spicer worked talking points about the network’s high ratings and importance to his base of supporters into conversation until, eventually, it stuck, so that the president’s television consumption is today what the current White House official called “mainly a complete dosage of Fox.” The former official added, “Trump’s someone who loves praise more than he likes hate-watching Morning Joe.”

But the current official acknowledged that it has created a different set of problems: “Sometimes on Fox, a lot of stories are embellished, and they don’t necessarily cover the big news stories of the day. When they cover the smaller stories, if that gets the president riled up, then that becomes an issue. Whenever he tweets, all of us do a mad dash or mad scramble to find out as much information about that random topic as possible. We’re used to it in a lot of ways, so it’s part of our morning routine.”
Can you imagine any (other) gargantuan zillion dollar operation being run by a chief executive who sat on his lard ass until 1100 watching television & spraying & arranging his damn hair-weave every day? Let alone that his flunkies have to trick him into not hate-watching something that may raise his blood pressure &/or start WWIII, but have steered him to Fox, like every other wretched, demented & almost (14 June, if he lives that long) 72-yr. old honkie.

One is reminded of Howard Hughes. Is germophobia part of the aging idiot package?

Read the whole interminable thing; besides Trump being the easiest-to-manipulate dimbulb one could imagine, one can learn more than one wants about Sean Hannity (Born to the thug life; both his parents were state-sanctioned bullies: "They were born 15 years apart — Trump at Jamaica Hospital to rich parents and Hannity at Metropolitan Medical in upper Manhattan to a county-jail official and a family-court officer".) & his junior-high-BFFs relationship w/ Lumpy.

Have I ever mentioned just how damn much I fucking hate this shithole country, & welcome everything Trump does to make it more of a shithole? I only hope the whole shithouse goes w/ a bang rather than a whimper.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

75 Yrs. Ago In Gun Safety; A Blimp; Tunisian Surrender Ends Resistance

THU 13 MAY 1943
TF 18 (Rear Admiral Walden L. Ainsworth) bombards Munda and Vila airfields, Solomons, while minelayers (TG 36.5) sow mines across northwestern approaches to Kula Gulf. Light cruiser Nashville (CL-43) is damaged by turret explosion, Solomons, 08°28'S, 158°49'E, and destroyers Chevalier (DD-805) and Nicholas (DD-449) are damaged by gun mount explosions, 08°30'S, 158°01'E.

Battleship Idaho (BB 42) and destroyer Phelps (DD-360) silence enemy batteries on Attu, permitting U.S. Army artillery units to move up at Holtz Bay.

German submarine U-176 attacks convoy DM 69 in the Greater Antilles, sinking U.S. tanker Nickeliner and Cuban-registry tanker Mambi, 21°25'N, 76°40'W, and eludes destroyer escort Brennan (DE-13), eight submarine chasers, and a blimp. There are no casualties on board Nickeliner (23 merchant sailors, seven Armed Guards and one passenger), whose survivors are rescued by a Cuban submarine chaser.

USAAF aircraft sink Italian submarine Mocenigo at Cagliari, Sardinia.

Enemy resistance in North Africa ends with surrender of German and Italian forces in Tunisia.

Darwin Awards: Old & In The Way

First we'll grab your guns, you fucking morons, then we'll confiscate your cars. For your own good, as usual.
(No, I've no idea why "we" bother or care.)

Deadly Convenience: Keyless Cars and Their Carbon Monoxide Toll

Weaned from using a key, drivers have left cars running in garages, spewing exhaust into homes. Despite years of deaths, regulatory action has lagged.
On a summer morning last year, Fred Schaub drove his Toyota RAV4 into the garage attached to his Florida home and went into the house with the wireless key fob, evidently believing the car was shut off. Twenty-nine hours later, he was found dead, overcome with carbon monoxide that flooded his home while he slept.

“After 75 years of driving, my father thought that when he took the key with him when he left the car, the car would be off,” said Mr. Schaub’s son Doug.

Mr. Schaub is among more than two dozen people killed by carbon monoxide nationwide since 2006 after a keyless-ignition vehicle was inadvertently left running in a garage. Dozens of others have been injured, some left with brain damage.


But weaned from the habit of turning and removing a key to shut off the motor, drivers — particularly older ones — can be lulled by newer, quieter engines into mistakenly thinking that it has stopped running.
A shame younger cretins aren't as likely to succumb thusly, but we do have an excess of old idiots in this shithole country, & this is certainly easier than finding ice floes on which to send them to their doom.

Today In Foreign & Economic "Policy"

Trump is circling the toilet, again.
 Carl Bildt / Washington Post:
Trump's decision to blow up the Iran deal is a massive attack on Europe  —  Few ideas are as holy in President Trump's international liturgy as the concept of national sovereignty.  His National Security Strategy speaks of a “beautiful vision—a world of strong, sovereign, and independent nations …
 Rebecca Morin / Politico:
Trump team sends mixed signals to Europe  —  National security adviser John Bolton on Sunday carefully doubled down on President Donald Trump's threat that European countries could be sanctioned by the United States if they continue to be involved with Iran.
 New York Times:
Trump Vows to Save Jobs at China's ZTE Lost After U.S. Sanctions  —  SHANGHAI — President Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday that he was working with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to prevent the collapse of the Chinese electronics giant ZTE, which shut down major operations …
Making Choi-nuh Great Again, one job at a time, & attacking Yurp. Who are our allies again, & just how fucked is everything?

100 Yrs. Of U.S. Air Mail Postage!

All you need to know.
120 yrs. ago: Show Biz Lice. That bastard Edison helped drive The Show Bidnis west w/ his monopolistic crap.

The Nix, 60 yrs. ago. Enjoy the suck-uppery here:And Friday the 13th arrives on Sunday this yr. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Attu Action

WED 12 MAY 1943
Battleship Pennsylvania (BB 38) neutralizes Japanese positions on the west arm of Holtz Bay, Attu Island, while battleship Nevada (BB 36) renders Japanese positions at head of Massacre Bay, Attu, ineffective. Japanese submarine I-31 attacks Pennsylvania nine miles northeast of Holtz Bay but the torpedoes miss their mark; I-35 likewise conducts an unsuccessful attack against light cruiser Santa Fe (CL-60). Destroyer Edwards (DD-619), assisted by destroyer Farragut (DD-348), subsequently sinks I-31 about five miles northeast of Chichagof Harbor, Attu, 53°00'N, 173°21'E.

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-212), despite her quarry's being skillfully camouflaged and moored close inshore, sinks Japanese army cargo ship Sumatra Maru off Bulusan, Luzon, 12°43'N, 124°08'E.

Submarine Steelhead (SS-280) lays mines off Erimo Zaki, Japan.

Advanced Amphibious Training Base, Bizerte, Tunisia, is established.

Indian Ocean
U.S. freighter Cape Neddick, bound for Suez, via Durban, South Africa, is torpedoed by German submarine U-195 in the South Atlantic at 23°21'S, 01°22'W; she eventually reaches Walvis Bay, South Africa, under her own power. There are no casualties among the 51-man merchant complement or the 25-man Armed Guard.

Lying In The Bed They Made

Chump: It rhymes w/ Trump.
 Tom Eblen / Lexington Herald-Leader:
‘Tricked by the devil.’ They backed Trump.  Now, his foreign labor cuts may ruin them.  —  Eddie Devine voted for President Donald Trump because he thought he would be good for American business.  Now, he says, the Trump administration's restrictions on seasonal foreign labor may put him out of business.
Haw haw haw. Never has a more deserving group of pinheaded morons been so thoroughly fucked in their unlubricated asses. What the hell did they think would happen?

Bend over again, jerks who are too dense to understand cause & effect, or to plan ahead! Did they think they could get native-born Murkins to work their fields for shit wages?

Friday, May 11, 2018

Attu Attack

TUE 11 MAY 1943
Army troops (Seventh Division) land on Attu Island, Aleutians in Operation LANDCRAB; TF 16 (Rear Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid) and TF 51 (Rear Admiral Francis W. Rockwell) cover the landing. Submarines Nautilus (SS-168) and Narwhal (SS-167) land scouts on Attu Island.

Submarine Grayback (SS-208) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking collier Yodogawa Maru about 125 miles northwest of Kavieng, 00°47'S, 149°02'E.

Submarine Plunger (SS-179) finishes off abandoned Japanese transport Kinai Maru, damaged the day before east of Saipan, 14°29'N, 149°00'E.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Damaged In Collision" x2

MON 10 MAY 1943
Destroyer MacDonough (DD-351) and light minelayer Sicard (DM-21) are damaged in collision about 100 miles north-northwest of Holtz Bay, Attu Island, Aleutians, 54°34'N, 173°58'E.

Submarine Plunger (SS-179) attacks Japanese convoy tracked since the day before, sinking merchant passenger/cargo ship Tatsutake Maru and damaging transport Kinai Maru about 200 miles east of Saipan, 14°29'N, 149°00'E; the latter is abandoned. Torpedo boat Hiyodori is damaged in collision with Tatsutake Maru and Kinai Maru, probably during the rescue of survivors.

"Seems Confused"? IS RETARDED!

Trump seems confused about military pay,
claims troops received no raises for a decade

A lying, ignorant & loud-mouthed buffoon. Will no one rid us of this sub-human moron before it's too damn late?
WASHINGTON — Speaking to a crowd of military spouses on Wednesday, President Donald Trump incorrectly claimed that his administration gave service members their first pay raise in 10 years, a moment he was “proud” to oversee.

In fact, troops have seen a pay raise of at least 1 percent every year for more than 30 years. The 2018 military pay raise — which was 2.4 percent — was the largest for the armed forces in eight years.

On Wednesday, at the signing of an executive order to increase military spouse hiring among federal agencies, Trump called the raise this January the “first time in 10 years” that troops had seen a paycheck boost.

“Today, I’m here to tell you that my administration is totally committed to every family that serves in the United States armed forces,” Trump said. “That is why, earlier this year, I was proud to sign that big pay raise that I’ve already spoken about. And I am proud of it.

“And I guess there will be others, too. Would you like one sooner, or do you want to wait another 10 years? I don’t know.”
A member of Trump's family then wiped the drool from his slack jaw & escorted him from the podium w/ a promise of some "executive time" if he can manage not to poop his pants before leaving the room.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Over For Fascisti In Afrika

SUN 9 MAY 1943
Submarine Gar (SS-206) sinks Japanese gunboat Aso Maru southeast of Cagayan Island, 09°09'N, 122°50'E.

Submarine Pogy (SS-266) damages Japanese transport Uyo Maru off Iwaki, Japan, 37°05'N, 141°06'E.

Submarine Wahoo (SS-238) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ships Takao Maru and Jimmu Maru off Kone Zaki, northeastern Honshu, 38°57'N, 141°49'E.

Light cruiser Marblehead (CL-12), on patrol in the South Atlantic, rescues the crew of a crashed USAAF B-26, 06°42'S, 21°35'W.

Organized German and Italian resistance in North Africa ceases. Although resistance on land has ended, opposition from air attacks continues. Axis planes bomb Allied shipping in harbor at Bone, Algeria. A fragment from a near-miss ignites a portion of the cargo (7,000 tons of drummed gasoline) on board U.S. freighter Daniel Huger; although the efforts to fight the blaze (initially conducted by two Merchant Marine cadet-midshipmen and a volunteer) are ultimately successful (aided by efforts of a well-equipped British firefighting party), one merchant sailor and one of the 27-man Armed Guard perish in the attack.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

U.S.S. Plunger

SAT 8 MAY 1943
Japanese destroyer Kuroshio is sunk by mine laid the day before, Blackett Strait, Solomons; destroyer Oyashio, damaged by mine off Rendova, is sunk by Navy aircraft; destroyer Kagero, damaged by mine off Rendova is sunk by USMC aircraft; destroyer Michisio is damaged by aircraft, Blackett Strait.

Submarine Plunger (SS-179) sights Japanese Saipan-bound convoy about 60 miles northwest of Truk (see 9-11 May 1943).

USAAF B-25s (5th Air Force) sink Japanese merchant cargo ship Tomioka Maru and army cargo ship Sumida Maru, Madang harbor, New Guinea, 05°12'S, 145°50'E.

U.S. freighter Pat Harrison is mined in Gibraltar Bay; she is later written off as a total loss. One merchant seaman dies in the incident, but there are no casualties among the 26-man Armed Guard or the two Army security officers.

Allied forces occupy Sfax, Tunisia, capturing Italian water tanker Pro Patria.