Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Law Abiding In Tenn.

Another "law-abiding" Tennessean won't let her Gawd-given right to drive any fucking way she pleases, thank you, be taken from her by some loudmouth. She's got a carry permit & that means she can do anything the fuck she wants w/ her gun & you just shut up, y'hear?
Scruggs told police she placed her handgun on her lap after a man in the parking lot yelled at her to “Stop Speeding.” The man who allegedly yelled at Scruggs claims that she almost struck his son while driving her Altima. Scruggs says that the man walked over to her with his hands in his pockets, so she pulled the gun out and placed it on her lap. She left the scene and was pulled over by Murfreesboro Police on S. Church Street.

Jason Hill, who called the police, told officers that Scruggs actually pointed the weapon at him when he asked her to “slow down.” He then told Scruggs that he would call the police. He said that Scruggs told him, “I don’t care, I got a carry permit.” A witness told responding officers that Scruggs told Hill that she would shoot him.

The .22 caliber handgun that belongs to Scruggs was entered in as evidence after she was pulled over and charged with “Aggravated Assault.” She will have to appear in court this October to further explain her actions to the judge.
This & the other Tenn. item two down via Toilet Paper Memo.

Tourism Throwback Thusday

South of the border, down May-hee-co way, 1990 maybe. (Courtesy REDACTED in the middle, via Facebook. This reporter on the right.)

Today In Vulgar Names, Slapping
& Gun Threats

Waiting for the first murder committed in a supermarket because a cretin w/ a gun thinks someone cut in front of them in line.

Or, you know, is a bitch who deserves slapping:
According to an affidavit obtained by News 2, it all started with a verbal altercation between Amy Jaudon, 43, and the Kroger employee inside the store on Murfreesboro Pike at Nashboro Boulevard.

When the employee brought out the manager, Jaudon started yelling and calling the employee vulgar names.

Jaudon then slapped the employee across the face.

The employee grabbed Jaudon and threw her to the ground.

Once separated, Jaudon threatened to kill the employee and admitted that she had a gun.

She then went outside, got a gun out of her vehicle and waved it around, threatening to kill the employee once again.

Officers were able to confirm all witness accounts by watching the incident unfold on security footage.
Seems like a perfectly reasonable, law-abiding citizen.

We call this one "Bitch-Slappin' Bitch Realizes What She's Done W/ Her Life During Mug Shot."
Jaudon, 43, was charged with aggravated assault
and booked into the Metro jail on $15,000 bond.

Buttermilk Sky

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Here's A Funny

... the comments-on-blogs wing of the party.

Now I Really Blame Obama

Caught despite my best efforts.

Blaming Obama

Obama: No milk for coffee no milk buy milk
milk bad spit out bad milk waste cup o' joe take milk back new good milk new coffee jesus
lesser men would have destroyed a village by
now now

must leave must go must must run errand must
have to go before Obama blocks streets ...
The fun begins today with the president's arrival at LAX around 2:30 pm. There has been no official hint of how Obama will get over to the Hancock Park area, site of his evening Democratic National Committee fundraiser at the home of TV producer Shonda Rhimes (though military helicopters did some advance flying work this week.) The LAPD advises that streets may close around La Brea Avenue and West Olympic Boulevard from 2 to 4 pm, and around West 3rd Street and Rossmore Avenue from 4 to 8 pm.
will blame
Obama: don't block the streets Obama let the people free Obama
don't fuck w/ me Obama don't

Don't make me blame you.

Forbidden Zone

50 Yrs. Ago Today In Telebision

Evolution of TV viewing: With the start of pay television, John Garrott installs a program selector unit
on a television set in Los Angeles, Calif., July 23, 1964. (Don Brinn/AP)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Pito Perry Posing

Digby has unearthed Rick Perry in a different pose than the one we like to run from his Corps of Cadets photo session.
"Normal" people laugh at goons like this playing brown shirt dress-up; many Republicans, however, think dirty thoughts of George W. Bush in his flight suit & have to leave the room for a minute when confronted w/ such uniformed manliness standing right next to Old Glory. Be still my beating throbbing ... sorry.

When did lazy Hollywood typecasting became the primary criterion for Republican presidential candidates? Granted it's the 1940s (When Hollywood was Jewish producers selling Catholic values to a predominantly Protestant audience, everyone knew their places & even the darkies were godly & happy.) typecasting that reactionaries consider a societal & cultural model almost as gawd-revealed/infallible/inspired/inerrant/whatever as their Bible. Even so, ironic that those who so bravely excoriate the entertainment industry for all its alleged liberal brain-washing fall hard for any man in a uniform. Not that anyone suggests Republicans are anything but fetishists of the shallowest flag-pin & crying eagle patriotism. (And deep but substanceless rage.)
Pito Ricky's hairstyle is the "You can have it as long as you want on top
as long as it's not over your ears or collar."
Popular (among parents) in my youth.
(Sometimes it's the "Acne on the forehead comb-over.")
Takes a helluva polo player & real military genius to deploy the Texas National Guard in a pointless display on the border w/ Mexico. Perry calling out the Guard on the vague possibility that all recordings of his 2012 debate appearances & earlier recordings flapping his gums about Texas secession & being a theocratic dickwad will be erased, giving him a chance at the tarnished brass ring come 2016 sounds vaguely criminal to this reporter. (Time to impeach, Texans?)

Hope the Guard are cool w/ contributing their summer vacations to Perry's campaign. Because they will definitely not be cool while they're milling around uselessly wondering what the fuck they're doing in the heat & drought.

New Car Smell

'65 Mustang Fastback MALAYSIA

Web Of Empty

Looks nice.StolenFrom our primary source, click to where they stole it & eventually you'll get to the artiste's site.

Back Door Persons

Really, New York City? Really?
Never mind, problem solved:
Take that, you bastards!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tomorrow On WEB OF EVIL

As an American, & as an American web log* we will continue calling for rabid violence as the solution (And final, baby!) to any & all problems, just as real & patriotic American Stephen Steinlight does. (Note audience reaction.) Should it disappear (& for those like us too slothful to turn it off once the good stuff's over) the prime cut of raw meat:Also planned: Testing the limits of free speech by being dumb enough to actually try it/talking real tough about many a moron, mostly to determine if "the gov't." (or any iNternet provider this tripe passes through) really is reading/reporting any of this & actually gives anything resembling anything about a toothless buffoon shouting vague threats at clouds. (Or lots & lots of images of clouds. Hmmm ...)

And we might unearth a thin-skinned authoritarian hypocrite or two w/ a Google Self-Alert who likes to invoke the power of the state just because it's been suggested that he she or it would make a very interesting tableau w/, oh, I dunno, a splintered broomstick, maybe?

*Trying to be as American as these Michigan monsters:
Hooky though.


Were we acting out! Fed up, mad as hell, yet numb beyond belief w/ ennui (Sounds so much more sophisticated than "really bored," dunnit?) at the never-ending barrage of moronic foolishness & butt-stupidity that confronts me very literally every time I take note of what the humanoids are doing.

And almost ready to take action. Lessee, I haven't talked to a mental health professional (not sure "professional" really applied, psychiatrist sheepskin or not) & I've been out of the loony bin eight yrs. next mo., so there's no reason I shouldn't be legally over-armed & ammo'd to protect myself from dullards on the Internet. Of course stealing or black-market purchasing may be a better move. We'll see, won't we?
Protecting the Gun Rights of the Insane – This is not a joke, it’s on page 23. According to the Texas GOP platform, no one should have their “2nd Amendment rights” infringed due to a “minor mental health diagnosis.”
See? Fuckin'-A right on, Texas reactionary morons! Y'all may be first on the list when I'm armed again, but you'll deserve it. Bang bang!

Clouds Yes, Rain No

Blah blah drought yada yada.

Also, later: Heat, blada yah.

Hey, Kansas!

Here are some Fuck You Facts for the Sunflower State, from a state that knows how things work, California.

State’s job growth defies predictions after tax increases

Meanwhile, in fly-over (or "non-destination") country, things aren't going quite as well. Ha ha ha.

Sam Brownback's economic policies stimulate Kansas economy by negative $338 million
in one year

Shove it Kansas, you got what you wanted, good & hard!

Oh fuck it, yesterday's news; here's a whole compare & contrast deal. Now will you reactionary ninnies shut your festering gobs? (Of course they won't. How long until reëducation camps for the can't/won't-learns? If they demonstrate persistent ignorance in the face of facts, we must isolate them for their own safety. And some peace & quiet for people who use their brains for more than ear separation.)

In conclusion, Gov. Brown over Gov. Brownback!

No Longer "Giuliani Time," Is It Boys?

Whoa! Added justice dealt to chickenshit EMTs who let the N(azi)YPD keep them from doing their medical duty while the police were murdering Eric Garner in cold blood on the sidewalk.
TOMPKINSVILLE (WABC) -- While the investigation continues into the death of the man who appeared to be held in a chokehold as police attempted to arrest him last week, there is more fallout for those who were at the scene. The four EMT's who responded to the scene are now all suspended without pay by Richmond University Medical Center as the hospital conducts it's own internal investigation.

A second video had surfaced showing Garner's lifeless body on the ground unaided for several minutes, four emergency workers employed by Richmond University Medical Center were also disciplined amid questions about their lack of medical response. It's not until a few minutes into the second video that a female technician finally takes Garner's pulse and tells him they're going to get help.

"The ambulance was right down the block, but the police said 'not yet,'" explained Giordio Dano.

Dano just happens to be a registered nurse and was down the block Thursday afternoon when he spotted a commotion on the Staten Island sidewalk.

Dano says he can't believe what he saw.

"I would have flipped him over, checked his pulse and performed CPR, and get the ambulance here right away," he said.

The woman who shot the seven minute long video also expressed frustration.

"He was on the ground for a good ten minutes, no response whatsoever. When they put him in the gurney and put him to the side, EMS was stopped right there because they were trying to work on him," said Taisha Allen.

Witnesses say they pleaded with EMS workers to do more than check Garner's vital signs.

"We even screamed at them and told them, why are they concerned with putting him in the ambulance when they can do CPR right then and there," said witness Ramsey Orta. Orta recorded recorded Garner's arrest and takedown on his cellphone.
Great non-response, "first responders." Accessory charges aren't enough for these losers. What's that delicious LawnOrder phrase from the New York State Penal Code? "Depraved indifference?" A-yup. Second degree for the EMTs.

Threat Or Promise?
(You Never Know Until It's Too Late)

At last, the State of Israel has its own little Hitler:
On Sunday, the captain of a youth soccer team in Be’er Sheva wrote on his Facebook page: "send left-wing voters to the gas chambers and clean this country of leftists."
O.K., when the fucking hell can we start talking about scourging the planet? I mean it. (Man.)

I'm fed up w/ reading the same tired iNternet bullshit over & over, from both sides & all divisions thereof. (Yes yes yes, I know it's "always projection." When the hell do we start shooting the lights out of their fucking projectors then?)

Not to ignore the actual & atrocious activities your grotesque species commits in meatspace & wallows in on a daily basis in cyberspace when you murdering torturing apes aren't busy typingflinging your feces at each other & lying like rugs in digital packets.)

All of you loudmouthed assholes: Get your stubby trained-monkey fingers off the keyboards & put them inside a trigger guard where your big mouths already think they are, or just shut. The. Fuck. Up.

If you haven't the intestinal (or artisanal) fortitude to stand up for your moronic beliefs behind a weapon, expect me to use your keyboard to break your fingers & then smash the keyboard over your head, rendering both plastic objects more inert than they already are. (Not a one of you have any idea how awful you are; a species of seven billion chunks of undifferentiated tissue so foolish boring & idiotic that I'm driven to such agonizing ennui I want them all dead & am more willing to act on that impulse as each hr. speeds by.)

Political power (& solutions) come from the barrel of a gun. (Chairman Mao my ass, that's been American gospel since the first American/Incan/Aztec talked back to a Spaniard & had his head blown off for his trouble. As an American, why should I be any different?) And considering the actual problem facing your ugly world of shit & pain is simply that there are far too many rats caged in it, virtually none of whom contribute anything but unintentional & unwitting participation in the oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange, the sooner we start ending this mess the better. Not getting any younger here. (Neither are you, whether you feel/admit it or not.)

So "Bring it on!" & "Suck on this!" (More of the scintillating discourse that's made me fall in mad love w/ humanity all over again. Also fuck you wherever it hurts.)

Curses, Foiled Again!

Why didn't someone advise me that MSNBC was going to be live from downtown L.A. this p.m.? Coulda dragged ass down there & held up a sign ("Everything's made out of shit & you're all dying, morons!" is always good.) or exposed myself to all 50,000 liberal fascists watching. "Suck on this, America!!"

Not getting any younger here, & still waiting for that 15 mins. o' fame.

Although it might have been even more Quixotic than the usual here; Nazi assholes may have the area secured, as I've yet to see anyone on the sidewalk immediately behind the Mighty Sorry, No Body Cares stage. Why do you shits hate the First Amendment?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Same Dummy, Different Dope?

So this go-round Gov. Perry of Texas is jacked up on blow rather than numbed out on the pain pills?

A New Rick Perry

Des Moines Register: "An animated Rick Perry yanked the microphone from the podium and paced the stage, leaning into his words as told Iowans tonight that he knows how to start getting the country 'back on track' ... A guy who in the past didn't seem like he could run for a governor's office much less the Oval Office seemed like a different candidate, Iowans said tonight, after Perry talked about 'prosperity and hope and freedom,' as well as a favorite topic of his lately, immigration reform."

Said Perry: "We know how to secure the border and if the federal government will not do its duty, then I will suggest to you that the state of Texas will."

"That remark brought the audience of about 200 northwest Iowa Republicans to their feet for an extended standing ovation. And the room was buzzing after the 16-minute speech at the dinner, a fundraiser for nine county Republican parties."
Not to ignore how cute his new cheaters are. (Do they even have lenses?)

Down There In Boneyard
They Crawl Out Of Their Graves

Deaths lately in the world of entertainment & a helluva lot more in the world of war & punishment. To single any one of them out individually would be a big mistake; here are two numbers for all the sisters & brothers no longer here.

Staring At The Sun

Electricity Sky