Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More Signage

Advertising no doubt better than whatever junk funny people might have on sale.
Can't even go for a walk w/o this looming over you.

"Private" Property Is Really Theft

Off W/ Their Heads!

Have I not fully & firmly supported putting the stupid to sleep for the past fifty yrs. or so?

(Added around 2310PDT):
Conservative fears of nonexistent or overblown boogeymen — Saddam’s WMD, Shariah law, voter fraud, Obama’s radical anti-colonial mind-set, Benghazi, etc. — make it hard not to see conservatism’s prudent risk avoidance as having morphed into a state of near permanent paranoia, especially fueled by recurrent “moral panics,” a sociological phenomenon in which a group of “social entrepreneurs” whips up hysterical fears over a group of relatively powerless “folk devils” who are supposedly threatening the whole social order. Given that conservatism seems to be part of human nature — just as liberalism is — we’re going to need all the help we can get in figuring out how to live with it, without being dominated, controlled and crippled by it.
And just why do we have to "live w/ it?" We can live w/o it or them just fine, thenk yew.

Most Recent Republican
Ninny Candidate Oddly Defended

I s'pose this John Brabender is the MSNBC equivalent of a "FOXNews liberal," but the "Nullification? Why, nothing but a common-sense call for common sense in Washington, that's all. Really." schtick is so who ya gonna believe, me or your lying ears & eyes it may be an art-like performance activity. Host Tweety M. playing the recording repeatedly is quite the performance as well.

Hell, this Brabender (pronounced Bray-bender, if you haven't the nerve to listen) could be one of Matthews' fraternity bros. who lost a golf or whatever (Upper middle-aged upper-middle class males, who fucking knows?) bet & had to come on Hardball & look like an idiot. If so, J.B. is free & clear.

Who Slung Pue?

Big deal on campus at U.C.L.A. as 8-10 million gals. of water (that's a lotta litres) ran free from a 93-yr. old water main & messed w/ campus life. Not w/ a bang but a whimper as your infrastructure collapses around you cheap fucking bastards. It's not as if we can spare the water, either.

And these people. Lamestream media isn't strong enough, & it has nothing to do w/ "liberal bias." Pathetic fucking media drones. Listen, people, listen: "Or someone took a really large dump, you know."

Slap on some headphones (or crank it) & you can hear the guy in the chopper whose mic is down (but not off) trying to tell the in-studio brainiacs it's a "fake call." 

One More

So inured to these things following me everywhere I'd forgotten the third until I was separating the wheat from the chaff in the folder. This one bears the livery of the L.A.S.D.
All agencies & arms of the law & nat'l. security state were spending your tax dollars & polluting your atmosphere today.


Wandering the 1974-85 neighborhood (just south of Sunset in the "no-man's land between La Brea & Fairfax") for the first time in a while (Yrs., even?) & noticed what was once a Travelodge® has been resurfaced psuedo-post-modernist style & is now something called the MOMeNThotel.
The Travelodge® office was where the gray lump of bogosity on the left is. The guy who owned it was in his seventies in the '70s (you can imagine how wretched anyone born 1900-ish would be) & kept right-wing literature on display in said office.
Yes, all that orange & gray girder-y stuff on the right has been tacked on to the original bldg.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Return w/ us & Bo to the days of yesteryr. when a "full album" only wasted (31:43) or so
of your rapidly dwindling existence yet contained 12 entirely separate tunes.
More or less the act w/ which Mr. Diddley was touring when this correspondent saw him perform in 1971.

Today In Helicopter Paranoia

One L.A.P.D., no biggie & far from unexpected,
& one G.I. H-60 (Black Hawk Down!!) not so expected (but no rarity either).
Which service do you think just happens to be on top of this reporter every time he leaves his palatial mansion? Looks olive drab (Army) above, "battleship" gray (Navy) below. (Fucking camera. I guessed gray in the real world. Fucking eyes.)