Thursday, September 18, 2014

Germs On The Ground

3,000 military personnel deployed in an apparently literal war on the Ebola virus. I was skeptical, but I didn't realize the virus was equipped w/ rocks & knives.
CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) -- The prime minister of Guinea says seven bodies have been found in rural Guinea after a group of local residents attacked Guinean health workers carrying out Ebola awareness efforts in a rural area.

In an announcement made on state television late Thursday, Mohamed Sa�d [sic] Fofana said authorities had located the bodies a day after the group was abducted by assailants armed with rocks and knives in the village of Wome.

Among the dead were three Guinean radio journalists who had been covering the education efforts.

An Ebola epidemic in West Africa first emerged in Guinea earlier this year.

Many residents of rural villages have reacted with fear and panic when outsiders have come to conduct awareness campaigns and have even attacked health clinics.
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The AP kills me. (Or would probably like to.)

More Guns & Family Values,
Gawd Damn It!

Gilchrist Co. Sheriff: 6 children shot to death by their grandfather. He also killed 1 daughter and himself.
Editor's note: The man identified by Gilchrist County, Fla., officials as the suspect in a Bell murder-suicide had pleaded guilty to a felony arms violation in 2003. He accidentally shot his son to death in a hunting accident in 2001, the Orlando Sentinel reported at the time. In a press conference Thursday night, the sheriff said the Bell shooting suspect had a criminal history. - Stephanie
Breaking news -  1h
Word to the youth: Kill your parents before they kill you. Gunz for Kidz, Not for So-Called Grown-Ups!!


Americans know surprisingly little about their governmentmuch of anything, survey finds
Surprisingly? How fucking much ivy has grown over the windows of your ivory towers, academics?

Moments later: From the things I should know not to click file, a glibertarian buffoon concludes voter ignorance is rational (& I don't disagree w/ his conclusion, "that, for most people, it is perfectly rational to pay little attention to political issues, because the chance that any individual voter influence electoral outcomes is infinitesmally small") but he (of course) concludes that this is yet another inane reason for smaller gov't. Not "news," exactly, but a prime example of that sort of thing.

Legacy Of Slavery II

Dimly-bulbed Don Lemon of CNN needs a lesson.
CNN’s Don Lemon: We Should Beat Our Kids
Because It Worked For Slave Masters
Go cut me a switch, Donnie!

I'd like to "whoop" the living shit from racist adulterer Newt Gingrich, who is not man enough to stand up on his hind legs & shout "Nigger nigger nigger!" at the President (Can't even squeeze out an "uppity" or two, Newt?) but instead spews shit like this:

Newt Gingrich blasts Obama for
“the arrogance of the way he golfs”

Yeah. "Now watch this drive."

Does Newticles mean the Prez should only golf on public courses? (Note to self: Stop it already. Attempts at deriving/attributing actual meaning to the bestial hatreds & idiotic inconsistencies of such political grifter scum are the way to madness.)

And what's more "arrogant" than adultery? Proscribed right in the Ten Commandments, unlike golfing.

Seldom has the "Urge to Kill" label been more apt. Can you read this if you fool around w/ it? Sure you can, I left it that way. And since you think you're so smart, consider it a threat, snooper! (Also: If you're reading this, you have too much time on your hands.)
[Warning (more harshly expressed) to both of those nimrods to stay out of L.A. if they know what's good for them deleted. I don't need a visit from thugs w/ guns & badges who might just summarily execute me if I exercised my alleged First Amendment rights.]

Glossary Confirmed!

A senior US Defense Department official says that 1 of 2 Islamic State targets hit overnight was a large ground unit which consisted of approximately 40 fighters - @NBCNews

mikey said...
Fighting Position = Hole in the Ground
Checkpoint = 55Gal Drum in the Road
Command Post = Tent or Shack
Bunker = Hole in the Ground w/ Sandbags
Large Ground Unit = Platoon of Infantry
Glossary ©2014 mikey.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fingers Crossed, Ears Open

Although alternating current in the WEB OF EVIL 'hood is more likely to go when it rains (or when some sumbitch cutting branches drops a few on the Dep't. of Water & Power lines, as happened recently) than during a heat wave, this is a helluva heat wave. Just dared the outside now the sun's down, took out the trash & saw a box that had until very recently contained a brand new box fan in the dumpster. More demand.

Remembering that at the croaker's office in Santa Monica yesterday the overhead fluorescent lighting kept flickering, & once went out completely, noting that 1,200 customers are w/o power in NoHo, & reading another local on the iNternet complaining that his juice was intermittent, I figured it was only a matter of time until a transformer explodes around here & everything goes, but why bother anticipating agony? (Why not, also.) Now it appears inevitable, as I can hear the fans slow when the voltage drops.


This “neighborhood portal in the exchange of information and ideas” is pretty keen. I have photos taken inside but won't bother looking for them, because it's 910°F in here. (Give or take a factor of ten.)

Haven't read all five of the questions yet, but it was rumored they were going to close the place. Guess not. No mention, anyway.

And Today In Ironic Idiocy

Who's an idjit now, smart boy?
For all the world to see.
Heh heh.

Stairway To The Bars

Santa Monica

Yesterday In Inane Ignorance

We mentioned that whoever types the body of the Breaking News items appears to be an idjit, confusing Palm Beach (which is in Florida, California's more evil & humid sibling state) w/ San Diego's sleepy little Pacific Beach. (Redundant for a spot on the Pacific Ocean, don't you think?)
Photo: Palm trees catch fire after reported lightning strike in Palm Beach, San Diego - @kitcorry
Someone at BN also confused the PB abbreviation w/ Pebble Beach, a rather shitty beach (of pebbles) in Monterey County, about three zillion miles north of S.D. County.
Photo: Residents in Pebble Beach, Calif., rush to put out fire on palm tree after reported lightning strike - @kitcorry
Bad enough that young people in general are stupid, ignernt (I blame their parents: Nature or nurture, you fucked up mom & dad!!) & make idiotic assumptions, but why let them type incorrect shit that confuses people?

Today In Bouffantery

Another in an infinite series of days spent resisting entropy, terminal iNternet boredom, existential agony & heat stroke.
How's your empty meaningless existence?


I believe the PB means Pacific Beach, not Peanut Butter. Not Palm Beach either, as Breaking News claims.
It would appear there's been trouble to the south. Whatever the hell they've been up to they'd better knock it off. And maybe they could sue Pat Robertson for not praying it away.

PB is TBogg country, I think. What's he typed lately?

Today In General Aviation

Stereo Cooling


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clouds Over Babylon

Babylon, Beverly Hills, who can tell the difference?
(Is there one?)
Note apparent human. Walking! In Beverly Hills!!
More inane photographic representation of clouds, sunsets, the beach & the like tomorrow.

Summer's Almost Gone

Beach House, Calif. 1

The Sky Above ...


Nice clouds, huh?

Great Gobs Of Goo!

Alt. title: "Sonuvabitch!"
As I type it is anywhere from 79°-82° south & west of, & a mere 91°F (estimated) in the bunker.

You didn't think we looked far for this, do you?

Monday, September 15, 2014

What's The Gloss-Over For
"Suicide Bombing"?

NATO-led force in Afghanistan says 3 service members dead, 5 wounded in suicide bombing - @AP

end of alert
Not in the glossary.