Friday, February 15, 2019

Kiwis & Limeys Do Their Share;
Vichy French Get Theirs; "Elihu Yale
is later written off as a total loss"

TUE 15 FEB 1944
TF 31 (Rear Admiral Theodore S. Wilkinson) lands Third New Zealand Division (Major General H. E. Barraclough) on Green Island, east of New Ireland. TF 38 (Rear Admiral Walden C. Ainsworth) (two light cruisers and five destroyers) covers the operation from the south; TF 39 (Rear Admiral Aaron S. Merrill) (two light cruisers and five destroyers) from the north and east; Solomons-based aircraft also operate in support. During Japanese air attack on invasion shipping, tank landing ship LST-486 is damaged by near-miss of bomb off Green Island.

Naval aircraft from Abemama, Gilbert Islands, bomb Wake Island.

Submarine Aspro (SS-309) sinks Japanese submarine I-43, transporting sailors from the Sasebo Special Landing Force to Truk, 280 miles east-southeast of Guam, 10°23'N, 150°23'E.

Submarine Gato (SS-212) sinks Japanese guardboat No.3 Taiyo Maru off Rabaul, New Britain, 04°00'N, 150°10'E.

Submarine Snook (SS-283) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship No.2 Hoshi Maru off south coast of Korea, 34°23'N, 128°23'E.

Submarine Steelhead (SS-280) damages Japanese cargo ship Enju Maru 110 miles from Chichi Jima.

Submarine Tinosa (SS-283) attacks Japanese convoy east of Mindanao, P.I., sinking army cargo ship Odatsuki Maru east of Dinagat Island, 09°30'N, 127°00'E (see 16 February 1944).

British submarine HMS Tally Ho sinks German-manned Italian cargo submarine UIT-23, 04°53'N, 100°15'E.

USAAF B-25s and A-20s damage auxiliary netlayer Matsu Maru at Rabaul.

USAAF B-25s (14th Air Force) sink Vichy French patrol craft Ping Sang off Hongay, French Indochina, 21°00'N, 107°22'E.

Mine laid by 14th Air Force B-24s on 10 February sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Ryoka Maru off entrance to Yangtze River, 31°16'N, 121°46'E; a mine also sinks merchant cargo ship Hoshi Maru off south coast of Korea, 34°27'N, 128°45'E.

Off Anzio, destroyer escort Herbert C. Jones (DE-137) is damaged by radio-controlled bomb, 41°27'N, 12°35'E, and large infantry landing craft LCI(L)-2 is damaged by mine, 41°24'N, 12°43'E. Bomb holes freighter Elihu Yale; the explosion start fires that spread to tank landing craft LCT-35 alongside, destroying that vessel as well. Firefighting efforts by fleet tug Hopi (ATF-71) ultimately prove successful but Elihu Yale is later written off as a total loss. Two of the 40-man Armed Guard perish in the attack, as do three of the 45-man merchant complement and seven of the 182 stevedores working cargo. Tank landing craft LCT-152 rescues survivors from Elihu Yale and LCT-35.

Taxes? For The Little People.

Amazon Won't Pay a Dime in Federal Taxes This Year

Amazon won’t pay a dime in federal taxes this year—just as it didn’t pay a dime in federal taxes in 2017.

According to a new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), which examined Amazon’s public filings, the online retailer reported a $129 federal income tax rebate for 2018—good for a tax rate of negative 1 percent, or 22 percent below the federal corporate income tax rate. As of last September, Amazon was valued at over $1 trillion.
What say we take onionhead Bezos & his fellow Seattleoid Howie "Starbux" Schultz & throw their bitch asses in
Puget Sound after fitting them both w/ pairs of brand-new concrete overshoes? (I'll settle for Lake Washington;
I hear it's pretty deep too.)


Today In Catholic Celibacy

Wall Street Journal: 
Vatican Envoy to France Is Investigated for Sexual Assault Allegation 
—  Paris prosecutors open inquiry after receiving complaint about Archbishop Luigi Ventura  —  PARIS—French authorities placed the Vatican's envoy to France under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting …
Burn the churches!

Praying For Victims

Words matter: There's a difference between "for" & "for the".


The Reichstag's on fire!!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

H.M.S. Tally Ho Sinks Ex-Giuliani

V.D. afloat.
MON 14 FEB 1944
Command designated Central Pacific Forward Area (Rear Admiral John H. Hoover) is established; Rear Admiral Hoover flies his flag in seaplane tender Curtiss (AV-4).

Light cruiser St. Louis (CL-49), covering the unopposed landing at Pakonian Plantation, west side of Green Island, is damaged by bomb dropped by Japanese dive bomber, 06°15'S, 153°29'E.

Submarine Flasher (SS-249) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Minryo Maru (which had escaped Robalo's attack the day before) off Cape Santiago, Luzon, 13°43'N, 120°39'E, and tanker Hokuan Maru, 13°44'N, 120°29'E.

Submarine Snook (SS-279) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Nittoku Maru southwest of Tsushima, Japan, 33°48'N, 128°50'E.

British submarine HMS Tally Ho sinks Japanese submarine UIT 23 (ex-Italian Reginaldo Giuliani) off Penang, Malaya, 04°25'N, 100°09'E.

PBY damages Japanese cargo ship Mitsu Maru and forces her aground east of Sepik, New Guinea. Allied air attacks subsequently destroy Mitsu Maru.

USAAF B-25 aircraft sink Japanese ship Satsuma Maru off Wenchow, 28°00'N, 121°30'E.

Salvage of Eiko Maru (sunk on 30 January) by U.S. Navy divers yields a large number of Japanese charts of the Pacific area and other intelligence material.

Halfway Through February Already!

Which makes today St. Valentine's Day. Saints are holier-than-thou assholes; pay them no attention.

Throw Back Thursday

We throw it back to 1875-88.
Suggested by this. Possible omen(s)?


Further Family Values: Welfare Check In A Gated Community

Previously in local parricide.

Last night:
A man was behind bars Thursday on suspicion of killing his parents and another woman whose bodies were found inside a home in a Newport Beach gated community.

About 9 p.m. Wednesday, Newport Beach police received a call from the Irvine Police Department asking that they perform a welfare check at 36 Palazzo, according to Heather Rangel of the Newport Beach Police Department. Officers went to the home in a gated community and found three victims — two women and a man — dead inside, she said.

According to Rangel, Irvine police made the request for a welfare check after speaking to the suspect at the emergency room of Irvine Medical Center.

A law enforcement source told City News Service that the suspect killed his parents and a cleaning woman. A television station also reported that two of the victims were the suspect’s parents.

Rangel said she could not yet confirm the relationships between the suspect and victims, but added that investigators do not believe there are any outstanding suspects.

“It appears that all the involved parties were known to each other and there is no ongoing threat to the area,” Rangel said.

The suspect, whose name and age were not immediately released, was booked on suspicion of murder, Rangel said.
We are sorry for the cleaning woman. Her death might have been uncalled for.

Smiling China


It is the firm editorial policy of WEB Of EVIL that no one is innocent.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Armageddon Watch

Tom O'Connor / Newsweek:
Israel Says It Wants ‘War with Iran’ and Is Meeting with Arab Countries to ‘Advance’ It

Manafort: Lies Like A Rug, Right Through His Teeth

Can not wait until the rat bastard traitor is judged & dies in prison.

This one has judgement & a witch.

Unsuccessful Attack

SUN 13 FEB 1944
Submarine Permit (SS-178) is damaged by depth charges off western Carolines, 07°42'N, 148°18'E, but remains on patrol.

Submarine Robalo (SS-273) conducts unsuccessful attack on Japanese army cargo ships Minryu Maru and Sekino Maru (see 14 February).

USAAF A-20s (5th Air Force) sink Japanese army cargo ship Yoshino Maru and motor sailboat Tok_n [sic] Maru (in tow of the cargo ship) off Aitape, 03°20'S, 143°00'E.

USAAF B-25s (14th Air Force) sink Japanese cargo ship Shoka Maru and damage Kokoku Maru off Hainan Island, 18°35'N, 108°30'E; USAAF and Chinese aircraft sink fishing vessel Meiji Maru off the China Coast, 26°40'N, 121°40'E.

Tank landing craft LCT-220 founders in heavy weather and sinks off Anzio.

Tomorrow's Officer Cadre Today

America is not sending her best people to be officers.

Sexual Assaults Rise Nearly 50 Percent
at Service Academies

West Point to Hold One-Day Stand-Down
to Address Problem Drinking

Brass Call for More Accountability to Stop
Sexual Assault at Military Academies

Alcoholic sex criminals. Can't wait 'til the next unnecessary war.
You'll note that both the cartoons date to the Sexual Assault Report that was issued in 2013.

Today's Economic News

Ready for the Drumpfcession?
Martin Crutsinger / Associated Press:
US budget deficit running 41.8 percent above last year  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal budget deficit in December totaled $13.5 billion, helping to push the deficit for the first three months of this budget year up 41.8 percent from the same period the previous year.
Orion Rummler / Axios:   U.S. budget deficit spikes 42% in first three months of fiscal year

A Robot Made This

A robot employed by Microsoft.
Not responsible for any music heard.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

W/ Friends Like These ...

Ed Clowes / Gulf News:
Trump backer Tom Barrack defends Saudi Arabia  —  Real estate developer said that kingdom was misunderstood by the West  —  Dubai: America is in no moral position to criticise Saudi Arabia, according to financier and key Trump backer Tom Barrack.  —  Speaking on stage at the Milken Institute MENA Summit …
Josh Marshall / Talking Points Memo:   Trump Pal Tom Barrack Defends Khashoggi Murder
Greg Sargent / Washington Post:
Schiff: The need to probe Trump's finances is getting more urgent
Tess Bridgeman / Just Security:   Congress, Saudi Arabia, and the Conflict in Yemen: Where do We Go from Here?
Tom McKay / Gizmodo:   Apple, Google Both Hosting Saudi Government App That Lets Men Track Women, Restrict Their Travel
Burgess Everett / Politico:   Amid uproar, GOP chairman satisfied with probe into Khashoggi killing
more at Techmeme »
Just a matter of time before the public floggings, hand amputations & beheadings start in these United Snakes.

Macaw Slips Off

SAT 12 FEB 1944
Marines land on Arno Atoll, beginning a series of "mopping-up" operations in the minor atolls of the Marshalls.

Japanese flying boats bomb and destroy supply concentrations on Roi Island, Marshalls; tank landing craft LCT-346 and LCT-347 are damaged.

Submarine rescue vessel Macaw (ASR-11), stranded at entrance to Midway Channel since 16 January, slips off the reef and begins to sink, going under the following day.

Submarine Tambor (SS-198) sinks Japanese merchant tanker Ronsan Maru in East China Sea about 40 miles southwest of Amami O Shima, 27°45'N, 128°42'E.

British submarine HMS Stonehenge sinks Japanese netlayer Choko Maru off west coast of Malaya, 05°46'N, 99°52'E.

USAAF B-25 aircraft attack Japanese fishing boats operating in Tonkin Gulf, sinking No.12 Kainan Maru and damaging No.11 Kainan Maru, 20°44'N, 107°02'E.

Repo Men Coming For America

Heather Long / Washington Post:
A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy  —  A record 7 million Americans are 90 days or more behind on their auto loan payments, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported Tuesday, even more than during the wake of the financial crisis.
Your long national nightmare is just beginning, exploited chumps.

Pretty Vacant

Been expecting a Hampton Inn & Suites here for several yrs.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Hollywood, And It Says So On
The Side Of A Mountain

Three Trees

Observatory W/ Palms

Cultural Appropriation

Chinese New Yr. at the Farmers Market.

Vapor Obscured By Tree

Friendly Collision

FRI 11 FEB 1944
Motor torpedo boat PT-279 is sunk in collision with PT-282, Solomons, 05°30'S, 154°15'E.

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-211) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Satsuma Maru (previously damaged by Chinese B-25s off Wenchow, China, at 28°01'N, 121°30'E), 27°38'N, 121°15'E.

U.S. aircraft damage Japanese guardboat Miyo Maru off Leyte, P.I.

Fire Escape




Shady side,
sunny side.

Fake News Round-Up

Fake Polls, Too

Rasmussen Reports:
in Politics  —  The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll …
Don't believe the hype!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

"Sea Trouble"

THU 10 FEB 1944
TG 58.4 (Rear Admiral Samuel P. Ginder) planes bomb Japanese installations on Eniwetok Atoll, Marshalls; similar strikes are made on 11 and 12 February.

Tank landing ship LST-170 is damaged by horizontal bomber, off eastern New Guinea, 08°39'S, 148°27'E.

Submarine Hake (SS-256) attacks Japanese mine/netlayer Wakatake, escorting a convoy to Manokwari, 01°43'N, 129°30'E, but achieves no damage. Wakatake's depth charge counterattack is also unsuccessful.

Submarine Pogy (SS-266) sinks Japanese destroyer Minekaze and merchant cargo ship Malta Maru, 85 miles north-northeast of Formosa, 23°20'N, 121°30'E.

Submarine Spearfish (SS-190) damages Japanese transport Tatsuwa Maru southwest of Formosa, 21°53'N, 119°13'E.

PBY sinks Japanese fishing boat Inawa Maru off Wewak.

Japanese fishing vessel Kirishima Maru is damaged by mine off Moulmein.

Japanese cargo ship Waka Maru is sunk by "sea trouble" near Bokai Bay, western Korea, 35°40'N, 126°20'E.

Tee Vee Eye


Chump-Ass Nation Suckered Again!

Cuts for billionaires & corporations, hikes for the little people who pay the taxes. D'oh!
Heather Long / Washington Post:
Millions of Americans could be stunned as their tax refunds shrink  —  Most Americans received a tax cut in 2018, but their refunds aren't necessarily staying the same.  —  Millions of Americans filling out their 2018 taxes will probably be surprised to learn that their refund is less …
Taegan Goddard / Political Wire:   Many Stunned to Get Smaller Tax Refunds
WINK NEWS:   Tax refunds issued so far are smaller than last year, IRS data show
Victoria Cavaliere / CNN:   Average tax refund down 8% so far this season
CBS Philly:   Average Tax Refund Down 8 Percent So Far This Year, IRS Data Shows
If you need a job or pay taxes, you're stupid fucking jerks & this reporter holds you & the system you perpetuate in absolute & utter contempt. The only possible conclusion is that you dumb bitches & the sons thereof like & want it
this way, good & hard up the ass w/o lubrication. Enjoying yourselves?

Fuck The Police, Before They
Shoot You For Shoplifting

Even the retired ones. Would you be willing to kill a man for misdemeanor shoplifting? This shitheel was.
A retired police officer who shot a suspected shoplifter in the neck at a Riverside home improvement store was arrested, police said Sunday.

The shooting was reported at about 4 p.m. Saturday at the Home Depot at 3323 Madison St., according to Riverside City police.

Initial reports indicate that the confrontation began when a man tried to leave the store without paying for merchandise and was stopped by a security guard.

That’s when the retired police officer stepped in, identified himself and allegedly drew a handgun.

The suspected shoplifter fled to a getaway vehicle despite being commanded to stop by the retired officer, police said. The retired officer then allegedly shot twice at the suspected shoplifter, who by then was inside his vehicle.

The man was grazed in the neck by one of the bullets, suffered non-life threatening injuries and was able to drive himself to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

The retired officer stayed at the scene and cooperated with investigators, who determined the shooting was not justified.

He was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and was identified only as having been employed by a municipal police department in Los Angeles County.

The man who was shot was expected to receive a misdemeanor citation for shoplifting, police said.
Jesus, what a fucking thug, valuing property over human life. Any human life, because shooting at anyone in a parking lot increases the potential innocent-but-dead-bystander count considerably.

Land Gulls