Sunday, February 7, 2016

Again, Crow!

Bugger Bloggerspot, as the video three items down didn't appear, necessitating loading it to YouTube, w/ all the choices & decisions required to accomplish that, plus the incessant waiting:
Sit tight! Your video edits are about 90% done. Come back to this page in a little while.
& then embedding it ... & continuing to breathe while all this is going on.

Countdown To Dull

Been about 25 yrs. since there was a serious magnitude earthquake north of the 35th parallel, hasn't it?

Today In Baghdad-By-The-Bay

Not mere Herb Caen old school San Francisco values Baghdad-By-The-Bay; actual security theater, War in ah Babylon/South American junta-style. Nice country you used to tell yourselves you had here.
You probably have the right not to be shot dead in the street if you follow all orders exactly & immediately, citizens.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Guy Who Wanted His Picture Taken

I was shooting, he said "Hey take my picture" (was polite enough not to walk in front of the lens, so why not ...)
& posed, I shot, he kept moving.
If only more human interaction were that easy. And quick.

Empty, Nothing

'Phoning it the hell in now for sure.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Seven-ish Dwarves + The Lyin' Lady

Interesting how the still-on-the-run suspects in 2016's Republican line-up are specifically grouped in our stolen-from-FOXNews mugshots.

Left to right, top to bottom: Two sitting Sens. (both of Cuban descent, yet), two political* virgins (one w/ an on-going grift, one w/ a US$22,000,000 golden parachute), two spawn of privilege long in the public eye, & two sitting Govs. from the wrongother side of the Mississippi, neither of whom are as openly theocratic as the two Senators, for what little that's worth.

Also plus which too "not campaigning, still running" Jim Gilmore, ex-governor from next-to-the-wrongother-ocean. Remember almost-ran Dem. candidate Jim "I kil't a man" Webb, also of Virginia? Is it just guys nick-named "Jim" from Virginia, or the whole state? And since we're asking, is Virginia still for lovers?
*Of course, everything's political, but neither has held elected office.
Moments later: And as I realized just after publishing, each differs from the standard candidate in certain innate ways.

Study Guide To Previous Item

Captain Beefheart - One Red Rose That I Mean

Sidewalk Art

A Freudian plunge into the fever dreams of American pop culture.
A) What the hell? B) Why Elvis? Something wrong w/ James Dean? C) La Tour Eiffel?

Wall Builders

Reagan 2016: "Iraqi Police Brig. General Saad Maan, put up that wall!!"

Not to be confused w/ these WallBuilders, but easily confused w/ Donald Drumpf, who may tell the Meskins to start digging a moatrench along the U.S.-Mexico border next to his imaginary wall.
Iraq said Wednesday it has begun building a wall and a trench around Baghdad in a bid to prevent militant attacks and reduce the large number of checkpoints inside the city.

The Interior Ministry's spokesman, police Brig. Gen. Saad Maan, told The Associated Press that work began this week on a 100-kilometer (65-mile) stretch of the wall and trench on the northern and northwestern approaches of the capital.

The wall will be three meters (10 feet) high and partially made up of concrete barriers already in use across much of the capital, he said. He declined to specify the measurements of the trench.

Since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Baghdad has seen near-daily bombings, mainly targeting security forces and the country's Shiite majority.

Compare & Contrast

Another version by which to get your neck stretched.


Two more of the hopeless schmucks on the Republican side have "suspended" their no-chance loser campaigns in the wake of the utter bullshit of the Iowa caucuses. "Suspend" them high, I say!
Lights on in your heads, dipshit candidates & "suspended" campaigns: None of you are Clint Eastwood, the images above are fiction, not history, & hanging is forever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Other Music News

Stealing from The NYT for the item below I spotted this review of 77-yr. old wailer Charles Lloyd's gig at "the Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center on Friday night", & was reminded that I'd seen Mr. Lloyd perform at the Eagles Auditorium (No relation to the cruddy band of the same name.) in Seattle in 1968 or '69. Congratulations to Mr. Lloyd, STILL WAILING close to five decades later!
That link to the Seattle P-I sent me straight down the memory hole: The first rock&roll musical event I attended was Steppenwolf, July 26, 1968. Also there for Muddy Waters and Otis Spann, Feb. 28, 1969. (Silver Apples was the opening act for Muddy. There's a bill!) Did not see Chicago, March 13, 1970, as I'd gotten out of the United Snakes w/in months of Nixon's inauguration, but I did see Chicago there in early 1969. Don't get me wrong, however: Opening act Jeff Beck Group w/ Rod-the-Mod Stewart on the microphone was the band I went to see. (Not that I or anyone else gave a flying fuck about Rod-the-Mod then. Still don't, personally.)

The message being jazz is eternal & that rock, rock, rock&roll crap isn't, maybe. Or just genetics &/or "healthy" living, in comparison to 74-yr. old Jeffersonians croaking.

Another Airplane Has Left The Hangar

On the very same flight plan as Paul Kantner, too. Knock it the hell off, synchronicity!
Signe Toly Anderson, the original female vocalist with Jefferson Airplane, who left the band after its first album and was replaced by Grace Slick, died on Thursday at her home in Beaverton, Ore. She was 74.

Her death was confirmed by her daughter, Onateska Ladybug Sherwood, who said that Ms. Anderson had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. She had survived cancer in her 30s.

Ms. Anderson died the same day as another original member of the Airplane, the singer and guitarist Paul Kantner.
From the J.A. album on which Ms. Anderson sang, "It's No Secret".
Sympathies & condolences to Onateska Ladybug & family.

On The Road Again

February already? Seems like an eternity from when this is being scheduled (13 November 2015) but we figured since it's pointless either way we may as well use the exact-to-the-month 70th anniv. to note it (& possibly to surprise ourselves).

They are included among about 1,300 photographs from the Los Angeles area collected in a breathtaking new online presentation of more than 170,000 photographs made from 1935 to 1945 for the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information and housed by the Library of Congress. A Yale University project called Photogrammar has put them all online, with an interactive map that lets you click on any county in the U.S. for the images from there.
"The trek of bums, tramps, single transients and undesirable indigents out of
Los Angeles County because of police activity." Dorothea Lange February 1936
At the link, images of where Union Station was built. "Average rental is eight dollars. Some houses have plumbing."

Hey, did those hicks in Iowa caucus for Carson or Trump yesterday?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Delusons Of Campaign Competence

Ben Carson's decision not to stick around in Iowa & take his medicine apparently is not an indication he's finally gotten his head out of the pyramidal granary & "suspended" his book tour/campaign grift. (Why do they all "suspend" their campaigns, instead of simply stating, "I'm a fucking loser & I quit"?) No, he just travels light:
Seriously, he ran out of threads? We all know Iowa's a backward shithole in the middle of the Great American Nowhere, but there must be dry cleaners & laundromats. (And as if there were no such services in Iowa hotels either.)

Then he plays the victim card, because he is a whiny-ass punk.
And you know he's a hypocrite: He's a Jesus freak. And a freaky kind of Jesus freak.
And, you know, that’s the whole concept in terms of the victim’s mentality. You either accept it and become a victim, or you deny it and become a victor.
Physician, heal thy sorry chump "victimized" ass! And stop wasting the nation's time; get out now before you make a greater fool of yourself.

Souvenir Weiner

Apparently were one to blow through it it would make noise.
So it was the 2009 model Weinermobile, & they are distributing whistles produced in the summer of 2013. Make you wonder how fresh their freaking hot dogs are?

Tweet Of The Day

Same Yr., Different Month

One down, eleven to go. Seemingly quick, yet not quick enough.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Six Decades Rotten

Mr. The Bastard advises us J.R. hits the big Six-Oh today. Our more or less fave PiL number, because we think one of our names is being invoked.
Hit me two times, ein zwei!!

Money Grubbers In The Temple

Piss Christ, Andres Serrano, 1987.
12:30 p.m.

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump is looking to close the deal with Iowa's evangelical Christian voters on the last day before they caucus.

Trump attended services at the First Christian Orchard Campus, a nondenominational church in Council Bluffs.

He, his wife, Melania, and two staffers took communion when it was passed. But Trump, momentarily confused, mistook the silver plates circulated around the auditorium and dug several bills out of his pocket.

"I thought it was for offering," he said with a laugh to his staff.

He contributed several minutes later when the offering plates were passed.

As Trump was leaving, one of the church pastors put his hand on Trump's shoulder and offered a prayer, "That Jesus would guide his decisions and that only Christ could guide his decisions," the pastor later said.

Trump gladly accepted, bowing his head.

"Thank you, I need that," he said.
I'm sure his utter ignorance of the perverse cannibalistic rituals in which these rubes engage won't hurt his standing w/ them in the least.

Oblig. Scheduled Item

The localclosest library branch is closed today, but we give & give here. In advance. No charge.

O Canada

Man found dead in Vancouver apartment
first murder of 2016

Is there a city in these United Snakes w/ a population over 600,000 that took almost a month to record a murder? I doubt it. A wk. at best. We can also note that this was not a random lunatic, a robbery, road rage or domestic violence but possibly (Trust no one!!) a dispute involving drugs.

And would it be too fucking much for the police & press to provide a little clarity on the subject of "drugs" & "drug-related charges"? There is a significant difference between smoking a reefer outside near a cop, say, & holding 10 kilos of smack or meth in the trunk of your car. Inquiring minds want to know.

First World Problems

In Which We Follow The News And Discover Only The Innocent Die

Previously, a 12-yr. old girl was murdered by a pig enforcing landlord law. Now the State of Pennsylvania has decided to charge not the shooter but the murdered innocent's father, who does seem equally culpable.

It is the expert & considered legal opinion of this web-log that the father, the "constable" (an elected legal-bullshit position apparently allowing the resources of the state to be used on behalf of greedy assholes*) & the landlord should be tortured before they are executed.

At best, 'though, we can hope that killer Constable Clark Steele has enough humanity left that he eventually realizes that murdering a 12-yr. old to secure more profit for a landlord was neither right nor moral & he will descend into a hell of addictive self-medication before he kills himself. Granted, someone who ran for the job of being a landlord's enforcer can't be expected to be much beyond a violent, armed & murderous thug w/o intelligence, simple humanity & decency, or even self-awareness.

In other landlord news, "even the liberal" City & County of San Francisco has turned into a post-Constitutional tech-glibertarian/corporate/N.F.L.-run nightmare for the proverbial least among us. Fourth Amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated ..." Not owning a house does not preclude anyone from being secure in their persons, papers & effects. Arm the homeless for Second Amendment defense against Fourth Amendment violators!!
*Pennsylvania constables are not police officers but elected officials. They may be tasked with certain aspects of law enforcement in the duty of the courts, according to the Pennsylvania court system.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Death, Dearth & Derp Of The Media

Poor ol' Republican consultant John Feehery thinks it's still 2005, gets a rude surprise:
I was meeting with some D.C. press secretaries about a complicated legislative issue when it became clear to me that everything has changed since I left Capitol Hill in 2005.

We were talking about strategies to get our messages out back home. I asked about placing op-eds and letters to the editor in the local newspapers and talking to the reporters who cover the delegation about our issue.

There are no papers back home and there are no reporters who cover our delegation, the press people responded.

Where do people get their information about Washington, I asked?

Fox News, they replied.
File under "No shit, Sherlock!" & "Have you been living under a rock for the last 10 yrs.?"

Do Not Actually Hate This Vehicle

Ironic, in comparison w/ the item just below (which was scheduled from the library whenever the iNternet was out).

Yes, it's the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, 2009 edition, per the marketing intern sitting inside. Somewhere on this web-log are photos of an earlier model seen at a different Ralphs parking lot two or three yrs. ago, but we were so clever in our text we didn't bother to use the words weiner, weinermobile or Oscar Meyer, so we can't find it. It didn't have as many windows as this'n.

I Hate Gas-Powered Vehicles

And even more so the asswipes driving them. Who in fucking hell invited this jag-off's fucking van into my shot?
It would have been perfect!
Not that I'm a big fan of vehicles that run on anything other than gas. Get off your lard asses, Yankee pigs!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Obligatory (Scheduled) Daily Post

Blue skies, white clouds, everything is just fucking wonderful.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Turns Out Carly Fiorina Did What
Bill Clinton Did, But Worse

What a truly awful person. When she isn't being a hypocrite, she's simply flat-out lying &/or delusional.
Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina may seem like a happy family woman, married to her devoted husband Frank for 30 years — but her smiling exterior hides a dark, and at times devious past!

In addition to losing her stepdaughter, Lori, to drug and alcohol addiction in 2009, Carly, now 61, was the “Other Woman” in her husband’s former marriage!

According to Virginia’s Prince William County Court documents obtained by, Frank filed for divorce from his wife Patricia on December 10, 1981.

However, Carly has proudly declared she fell in love with Frank when Lori was just six years old, meaning she started dating her fellow former AT&T exec in 1980 — roughly one year BEFORE his split from the little girl’s mother.

Carly’s divorce from her first husband, Todd Bartlem, seems just as messy. According to Maryland’s Montgomery County Circuit Court documents, she filed papers on May 31, 1984.


But it seems that she was already shacking up with Frank! In the documents, the politician listed her home address as being in Manassas, Virginia, where the now 65-year-old was living at the time.

Carly and Frank eventually tied the knot in 1985.

More than 30 years later, Bartlem is still bitter about the nasty breakup from the former Hewlett Packard CEO, who critics say lead to the tech company’s decline. (She was fired in 2005.)

“The same thing that happened to HP will happen to the United States,” Bartlem exclusively tells

“You’ll figure out the kind of person she is!”
Breathless (!) prose from RadarOnline. And we pile on w/ a thorough litany of disgust from the Daily Mail. She's another Ted Cruz: Nobody likes her.

Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kantner Flies Away Forever

W/ his Rickey, in better times.
They really are dropping like flies.
His death was confirmed by longtime publicist and friend, Cynthia Bowman, who said he died of multiple organ failure and septic shock.

Mr. Kantner had a string of health problems in recent years, including a heart attack in March.
The Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow was the first record I purchased for myself, probably w/ money I'd stolen from a parental unit's wallet or purse. Summer of '67 & all, & almost 49 yrs. ago.

Now I can only wonder what next Jan.'s death toll of the heroes of my adolescence will be.

I Was Happy To Be Confused

Much ado about nothing in the item below, as my original instincts (& fervent hopes) were correct: If the DVR still works, they haven't cut the bunker off yet. The "network problems" announcement rather than a "This deadbeat ain't paid us nothin' lately" message when I called the landline might have been a clue as well. And when I left the library & tried myself a few hrs. later my rude message answered, so life was bright again on my way back.

The problem may have been here in the bldg., as there were a couple of maintenance weasels fooling around in the hall near the cable box when I left for the library. Maybe some ninny cut the power to the box.

Here's a picture from the branch lie-berry. Wasn't a complete waste of time:
Words by which to live.

Not That It Makes A Helluva
Lotta Difference To Ya

Either TimeWarnerCable is completely dead, telebision, telephone & iNternet, or this reporter owes them too much money. (Second theory more likely, as, now that I've dragged myself to the library, there's nothing about TWC problems.) Therefore, expect little activity from here (or anywhere else) until ...

If nothing else, I may be able to get some meatspace work done w/o the distraction of iNternet/tee vee addiction. Or irritating 'phone calls. Although the DVR still works, which is why I'd hoped it wasn't my delinquency that had stopped the must-be-on-line services.

Whatever. If it isn't one thing, it's a million & one other things. Guess this proves free speech really isn't.

And damn that guy who didn't have his Wi-Fi secured for moving out of the bldg.