Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Dedication Time

Teabagging Congressional cretin Steve King pretty sure
gay people are going to hell

Damn, still rocks & wails, even if half of 'em are currently ghosts.
(Hey, think they airbrushed his waist on the L.P. cover?)

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Note, & Note Well

Didn't stand for the singing of "Gawd Bless Amurika" & left my ballcap on. Whatcha gonna do about that, National Security State?

Oh yeah? I fucking dare you!

Musical Break:
"Your Mistake Is My Beefsteak"

Moments later: Speaking of mistakes ... here's the correct tune:
And the original:

Anything But Temptation

Hey, would you fools on telebision please stop reminding me just how easy it is to get my itchy trigger finger on a gun in this country?

Because I have an issue w/ all 535 Members of Congress, who have been committing economic terrorism against the retired & disabled since the dawn of time.
This year's increase was 1.5 percent, the year before it was 1.7 percent.

"While any increase is better than no increase, the fact of the matter is that for millions of seniors, retirees and federal employees, these annual increases will be gone before most even receive them," said J. David Cox, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees.
Let's see our representatives retire on US$1,192.00/mo. Let's just see them retired on nothing, which is about what they were worth when they were holding office.

Hell, I'd to see them all on their knees before me begging for mercy while I wave my All-American equalizer in their frightened faces. Pigs.

ADDED: The clowns on the L.A. City Council have some explaining to do as well. (I knew there was a reason I didn't vote for that shithead tool of the parasites Mitch O'Farrell.) Also at the point of a gun!

Chickens II

Chickens Return To Roost Again!

"Bwok bwok bwok," chump-ass punks!

Not currently giving a damn about school shootings that kill any less than 20. Step up your game, teenagers driven mad by this world of shit & pain your parents made you live in!

Oh, & these United Snakes might just try not to drive its children crazy in their schools w/ its non-stop bullshit (& apparently some racism, but that's All-American, innit?) but that might cut into someone's profits or the "defense" budget, so fuck it, right sheep?

Area Man Frees Self From
Forces Of Oppression, Is Arrested

Man who allegedly stabbed both his wife and his boss at 2 separate locations southwest of Houston arrested at a supermarket in Boling, Texas - @HoustonChron

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shut Up & Take Your First Cousins
As Your Second Wives Already,
Whining Saints

[T]he LDS church released a video on its website explaining the ritual purpose of temple garments, requesting that non-Mormons and members of the media to treat "Latter-day Saint temple garments as they would religious vestments of other faiths. Ridiculing or making light of sacred clothing* is highly offensive to Latter-day Saints.
Fuck you, self-styled Saints & all the other shitheads who swallow that they must dress in a special way to please their sky fairy & distinguish themselves from mere mortals but then complain when laughed at. You don't want to be ridiculed, don't be ridiculous. (I think it's called the Golden Rule; isn't it in your book of fairy tales & silly stories?)

And yes yes we understand that making their cultists look idiotic to the rest of the world is only one of many ways the shepherds of the flocks reinforce group identity to keep their marks alienated & separate from the awful-in-its-way outside world of shit & pain.

Previously in underwear.
*They aren't sacred to me, whatever that means. And for heaven's sake, no matter what's under discussion, don't remind this reporter or anyone else how offended you'll be if someone dares to mock you. We'll start to think you're asking to be "made light of".


Damn it to hell you worrywart morons, no more about Ebola until/unless the bodies are piled in mounds in the streets, alright? (Or else!)

It's just one schmuck in New York, bloviating buffoons. Clench your sphincters, take off your training pants, & pull up your big-person pants. Or just get off the fucking air.

Store W/ No Name

View From The Bunker

Much better than what passes for reality.


How'd I miss this?
Wow. Sun is bright.

Why You Will Die From E. Coli,
Not Ebola

It took at least five cattle for one lb. of ground?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cat Pack

Four plus one. And a bonus bobcat.

Senile Dementia: Contagious?

Reagan spreading Alzheimer's to one of his flunkies might explain the following load of codswallop, said flunky having typed a book & begun skree-ing "Secession!" to attract the members of the herd, pack or tribe (pick one, depending on how much you wish to dehumanize the reactionary & senile elements polluting our culturekeeping us from having nice things) his publisher has targeted. We will textualize some of it for you, from Rabid Weasel Watch (where you should go to listen to all seven mins. of lip-flappin' foolishness).

Former flunky Douglas MacKinnon wants us to consider
a movement of states, starting with South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, to establish a new country that will adhere to the Religious Right’s political agenda.

Texas, MacKinnon explained, was not included in his secessionist blueprint because “there have been a number of incursions into Texas and other places from some of the folks in Mexico.”
Yeah, fuck them greasers. Damn dirty hippie paradise down there.

Also, from SalopeSalon:
Now hold your horses there, MacKinnon says: He’s only talking about secession as part of an “academic” exercise. He just wants his dear readers to think about what a “Duck Dynasty”-watching, Cracker Barrel-patronizing, skeet-shooting republic with NO GAYS ALLOWED would look like.
One circle or another of hell in our imagination.

Alas, this one thing all Americans of good will & honesty agree upon, that these delusional cultists should self-deport themselves into one corner or another of the continent & bugger off, will never happen. (Geeze, even the allegedly comic relief saddens me.) But it is another pretty tacit admission that the running dog reactionaries have lost the culture war they started & are ready to run away, tails between legs & whining even more bitterly than usual, but (& this really is sad) there's no place for them to run & hide in the 21st century.

Small World Musical Interlude

See it you can follow this; we may have lost the thread ourselves ... Noted an Atlantic item noting the decline & fall of Evangelical hunkies, which was also noted by tengrain. His colorful phrase
was something along the lines of a dinosaur thrashing about in a tar pit,
having no idea that it is doomed
which obviously brought a certain Beefheart number to mind. And it's a live & new-to-us version.
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band play the Smithsonian Institute Blues (or the Big Dig) live at the LA Country Club in Reseda, Los Angeles on January 29th, 1981.
Should you click through & read the above, it should be noted the gig was at a nightclub in Reseda called the Country Club, which should in no way be confused w/ The Los Angeles Country Club.

Today-ish In The War On Youth

While this reporter hopes not to drown his sensitive & easily offended/driven-to-a-burning-rage psyche in the constant stream of sewage that washes from the chattering classes, some like to wade right in & in our own way we're appreciative, not that we retract whatever crap we've typed about TPM's proprietor.
In the constant stream of articles that wash over us from an ever-expanding number of publications, a few stand out. One of them is an article published this morning by The Wall Street Journal. The subject was the increasing tendency for schools to bring in the police for incidents that most of us over 30 or certainly 40 would think of as things schools handle with detention or suspension or one of the other tools we associate with school discipline.
Here's where I remember why I'm not a big fan of Marshall.
The first is that anyone who is critical of hyper-policing and its partner over-incarceration needs to understand that the crime wave of the mid-late 20th century was real. See the charts here. The irony is that the most draconian policies were put in place just as the wave was subsiding. I think the reaction was misguided. But we can't understand the social or historical questions without recognizing that crime - particularly violent crime - seem to be rising inexorably. And a public reaction to that, of some sort, was almost inevitable. The question now is how we unwind it.
Yeah, wring your hands a little more, that'll help. Call it irony. And vote. We see over & over & over & over & over again how much voting helps.
The other point may be a more tenuous connection. But I am not sure these trends can be separated from the other trends in American society over the last few decades. We know the old saw that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And we see this pattern in the increasing size and prominence of the Pentagon over the Department of State - in part since the Second World War but especially since the end of the Cold War.

Whatever one thinks of US national security policy, wars and all the rest, I increasingly think it is a fascinating thought problem to say, 'How would we or could we react to [Crisis X] if we simply didn't have a military that could strike with great lethality basically anywhere on the globe.' Again, whatever your views of national security policy it's a fascinating and often illuminating thought problem. Syria? ISIS? Ukraine? Those islands in the South China Sea. Of course, to paraphrase Ella Fitzgerald, in many ways, it's just better to be a strong country than a weak one. But an over-reliance on force brings its own problems.

And I could not help connecting this reality to what I was reading this morning about the criminalization of what many of us probably think of as the usual errors and learning experiences of growing up.
Also, when calling this nation of sheep a fascist shit-hole, call it a fascist shit-hole. (Chant w/ me now ... "Fasc-ist shit-hole!" "Fasc-ist shit-hole!" That's right.) That pseudo-lefty dog-whistling is inaudible to real Americans too nervous about Ebola & ISIS to think, straight or otherwise.


Man reportedly taken into custody after jumping White House fence; White House appears to be on lockdown - @stevebruskCNN, @jeffmason1

Different Jesus

Didn't want to distract from that important item below w/ this art(ier) version.

Yeah, And ...?

Chrissy Teigen cracks wise about Canada shooting: ‘Active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in America, Wednesday’