Saturday, May 15, 2021

Germy Saturday

Judgement For Standard Oil, Justice For George Wallace

Lunatic Fringe

"Why is he up there doing all this and acting like the President? Why can't somebody stop it? This is driving me crazy!" Driving, lady? You're waaaay off the map.

Note the economic anxiety of the corn-fed middle-aged whiteys in the well-appointed Myrtle Beach meeting room.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Hereditary Mental Illness & Delusion

Andrew apparently not the spawn of Rudy Giuliani's first marriage, to his second cousin. Coulda fooled me.
Bob Brigham / Raw Story:
Giuliani's son tells Russian state TV people don't want to live in America after FBI raided his dad  —  The son of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on Russian TV to push conspiracy theories about the federal investigation of his father.  —  Andrew Giuliani accused the American government …
If you low-rent mouthpieces like Russia so much, why dontcha go live there?

Time For More Mass Shootings?

Rob Crilly / Daily Mail:
I mean, he can't have the level of S.S. protection he had when he was occupying the Executive Mansion, can he?

Friday The Thirteenth A Day Early

Aaaannnd that's all we have here.
Nope, not a gawddam thing.

Although Thurs. the 13th has a certain alliteration to it.

40 Yrs. Ago Today: Pope Plugged, Limeys Invade America, U.S. Invades Mexico, Stevie Wonder Born

This reporter's generation will always think of him as "Little" Stevie.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Fuck Every One Of These Baby-Murdering Fucks

Bryan Bender / Politico:
‘Disturbing and reckless’: Retired brass spread election lie in attack on Biden, Democrats  —  A day after 124 retired generals and admirals released a letter spreading the lie that President Joe Biden stole the election, current and former military officers are speaking out …
Return them all to active duty, court-martial them & take away their retirement money. Fucking fascist assholes.

Lindbergh Baby Found Dead!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Today's Theme

Religion Is Slavery: Literally

Don't think the fucking sheep of the non-existent Abrahamic Gawd aren't just as scummy & evil, Jew, Xian & Muslim. That's what happens when everything you believe is an absolute & complete lie.

Landlord News

Edo Konrad / +972 Magazine:
Israel's major newspapers barely covered the bombing deaths of nine Palestinian children, exemplifying their focus on framing Israel as the victim of aggression  —  The fate of Palestinian children bombed by Israeli fighter jets in Gaza is barely an afterthought for the Israeli press.  —  Edo Konrad

Property Is Theft, Eviction Is A Crime

Fuck you, Israeli landlords. And fuck my landlord too. Parasitical prick.

Marley Dead 40 Years, Berlin Born

Monday, May 10, 2021

Trillions ...

Weekend Wrap-Up

Back to normal in the land of cowardly gunners, as noted below.
  • A gunman opened fire at a family birthday party in Colorado Springs, leaving six people dead and a community in mourning.
  • An overnight shooting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel left one man dead and at least seven others wounded [in Phoenix]
  • Three people are dead and another was injured during a shooting at a townhome Saturday morning just outside of Baltimore
  • At least three people were killed and nine others injured in three separate shootings in California.
  • Four people were injured in a shooting in Newark, New Jersey, on Sunday
  • Authorities in Milwaukee are investigating a shooting that injured four people on Saturday afternoon
  • Two people are dead and three others injured after a shooting in a park in Kinloch, Missouri, on Friday night
[Outside the Beltway]

Golden Spike Driven, Books Burned

Sunday, May 9, 2021

These United Snakes Slowly Returning To Normal; Seven Shot & Killed

7 Dead Including Gunman In Colorado Birthday Party Shooting

The Associated Press | NPR  

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — A gunman opened fire at a birthday party in Colorado, slaying six adults before killing himself Sunday, police said.

The shooting happened just after midnight in a mobile home park on the east side of Colorado Springs, police said.

Officers arrived at a trailer to find six dead adults and a man with serious injuries who died later at a hospital, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

The suspected shooter was the boyfriend of a female victim at the party attended by friends, family and children. He walked inside and opened fire before shooting himself, police said.

Police on Sunday hadn't released the identities of the shooter or victims. Children at the attack weren't hurt and were placed with relatives.

"My heart breaks for the families who have lost someone they love and for the children who have lost their parents," Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski said in a statement.

It was Colorado's worst mass shooting since a gunman killed 10 people at a Boulder supermarket March 22.

Colorado Springs, population 465,000, is Colorado's second-biggest city after Denver.

Copyright 2021 NPR.
Stupid country has cleaner air & less murder when the sheep are locked down. "Lock 'em up!" to coin a phrase.

Sunday Suckfest

Last of this free bullshit for these fucking leeches. Don't play liberal when you're perpetuating slavery, you filthy filthy hypocrites!! 

And on Mothers Day, let me reiterate my demand that you breeder scum stop reproducing. The planet is more than full, & most of you aren't qualified to be subsistence farmers, let alone function in the contemporary world. Do us all a favor, humanoid excess: Turn green & die!!

North Pole Fly-Over, "Vast Wasteland"