Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How Long Shall The Wicked
Reign Over My People?

Four-star general Barry R. McCaffrey (U.S. Army, ret'd.; also former head of the D.E.A.) would like you to know:
The world-renowned Dustbin of History for you, Drumpf!
Number of the Day: 2,864,974. (Popular votes.)
If I'd voted for Mme. Secretary instead of Peace & Freedom the total would have been a nice round 2,864,975.
Fuck the gawd-damned Electoral College too.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Getcher Motor Runnin',
Head Out On The Highway ...

... Lookin' For Adventure & Whatever Comes Our Way

 Travis Andersen /
Winthrop man, 70, allegedly carried assault rifle in vehicle to fight ‘jihadists on the highway’
When will someone give me a gun & some ammo to fight morons & crazy people on the highway (& virtually everywhere else)?

Darwin Award Awarded, Posthumously

A 47-year-old man found dead in a car Thursday on the shoulder of the northbound San Gabriel River (605) Freeway in Norwalk suffered his fatal injury when he punched a plate glass window during an earlier domestic dispute, investigators said.

The death was reported at 1:13 a.m. on the right shoulder of the freeway at the Firestone Boulevard exit, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities withheld the name of the man, who was in his 40s, pending family notification.

An autopsy was pending, but sheriff’s officials said the man appeared to have bled to death.

“Preliminary investigation has revealed that the (man) … was involved in a domestic disturbance at his residence in the city of Norwalk earlier in the evening,” according to the Sheriff’s Information Bureau. “During the course of that incident, the decedent punched a plate-glass window, which caused a laceration to his left arm, subsequently severing his artery. After the laceration, the decedent entered his vehicle and drove away from the location. His wound caused him to bleed profusely. Detectives believe he drove to the 605 Freeway and eventually expired.”

California Highway Patrol officers were in the area and saw what appeared to be a disabled car on the freeway shoulder.

“The officers stopped to render assistance, and upon approaching the vehicle discovered an unconscious male adult inside,” according to the CHP.

The officers called paramedics, who pronounced the man dead at the scene.
Really showed her, didn't he?


"... Resultant Depth-Charging"

MON 22 MAR 1943
Submarine Gudgeon (SS-211) attacks Japanese convoy 30 miles north of Surabaya, Java, sinking army cargo ship Meigen Maru, 06°31'S, 112°47'E, and survives the resultant depth-charging by escort vessels.

Submarine Tambor (SS-198) damages Japanese transport Bugen Maru in the Sulu Sea, off Negros, P.I., 08°58'N, 123°08'E.

USAAF aircraft (1st Antisubmarine Squadron) sink German submarine U-524 north of Canary Islands, 30°15'N, 18°13'W.

USAAF heavy bombers raid Wilhelmshaven U-boat pens, sinking German tanker Eurosee.

World's Largest Collection Of Human Garbage (Texas) Only Half The Size Of Pacific's Plastic Garbage Patch

Humanoids To Planet: "Fuck Your Bitch Ass!"
 Doyle Rice / USA Today:
World's largest collection of ocean garbage is now twice the size of Texas  —  The world's largest collection of ocean garbage is growing.  —  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of plastic, floating trash located halfway between Hawaii and California, has grown to more than 600,000 square miles …
France, Texas ... same thing, really.
Angry Samoans - "Garbage Pit"

Here Comes World War III, In Person!

McMaster to Resign as National Security Adviser, and Will Be Replaced by John Bolton

Now we're all dead, so let's get that war started!!

Everything Sucks; I'm Betting It's Entirely Your Fault

Earlier in your world of shit & pain:
Nice. Where do they find these people, & why?
Good idea. Keep them sun-baked sonsabitches the hell outta paradise here.
Red state retards.
Fired for the truth; apparently the First Amendment now stops at the schoolhouse door.
Sure, it's murder if it was a white woman. Moral: Don't call the police, they'll kill you.

And in Trumpy stuff, the usual corruption & stupidity from the usual gang of idiots:Of course it did. Where else could it go?"Christ, what an asshole."
Yup, fuck everything to hell remains the operating philosophy in this timeline. I wish Trump would fuck up more shit, & sooner; waiting for the final collapse/WWIII is boring me limp.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sub Vs. Sub

SUN 21 MAR 1943
Submarine Herring (SS-233) sinks German submarine U-163, Bay of Biscay, 44°13'N, 08°23'W.

Submarine Finback (SS-230) damages Japanese transport (ex-aircraft tender) Sanuki Maru south of the Carolines, 07°40'N, 139°48'E.

Submarine Scamp (SS-277) damages Japanese transport Manju Maru off east coast of Honshu, 41°45'N, 142°14'E.

Submarine Wahoo (SS-238), operating in the Yellow Sea off Korea, sinks Japanese merchant cargo ships Hozan Maru, 38°11'N, 124°33'E and Nittsu Maru, 38°05'N, 124°33'E.

Culture Corner

Compare & contrast:
"Lost in Space" Network Sales Presentation

Lost in Space | Netflix
Lost in Space | Featurette: The Robinsons' Journey | Netflix

Makin' A List, Checkin' It Twice ...

Officials, who discovered a bomb-making room in Conditt's home in the Austin suburb of Pfluegerville, still haven't offered any theories for why Conditt embarked on a bombing campaign that left two dead, four injured and an entire city unnerved.

But they discovered at least one chilling piece of evidence after the hunt was over: a "target list" with "additional addresses we believe he was using for future targets," McCaul said.

Even now, with a roadmap, figuring out a reason Conditt picked the targets he did is difficult. "It's hard to make any rhyme or reason out of the victims," McCaul said.
Good job, home-schooling mother! Nice "mission trip" he took. We're all so proud!

Bleat Of The Day


It's cold-blooded murder; stop killing us, pigs!!
 Sacramento Bee:
Police fired 20 times at South Sacramento man fatally shot while holding a cellphone  —  Stephan Clark was holding only his cellphone when he was fatally shot Sunday night by two Sacramento police officers who fired at him 20 times, the department said Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Another Dud Torpedo

SAT 20 MAR 1943
Brazilian merchantman Baje rescues 27 survivors of freighter Roger B. Taney, that had been sunk by U-225 on 7 February.

District patrol craft YP-438 sinks after running aground on submerged breakwater at entrance to Port Everglades, Florida.

Submarine Sawfish (SS-276) sinks Japanese guardboat Shinsei Maru in the northern Pacific, 32°55'N, 152°11'E.

Submarine Scamp (SS-277) damages Japanese merchant cargo ship Seinan Maru off Tomari, 41°06'N, 141°26'E.

Submarine Trigger (SS-237) damages Japanese gunboat Choan Maru off the Admiralties, 03°44'N, 144°12'E, with a dud torpedo.


"Night And Day" - Charlie Parker
"Night and Day" - Art Tatum (1955)
"Night and Day" - Art Tatum (1948)
"Night & Day" - Oscar Peterson
"Night And Day" - Stan Getz & Bill Evans
Bonus vocal rendition, from Doc Holliday's daughter, Billie Holiday.

Back Again!

The unfortunate cycle of life continues unabated; Spring is spronged!
©2000 Jules Feiffer. Sue us!
(Remember to set your timepieces ahead an hour at exactly 0915PDT.)

And enjoy the beginning of the season of decay, antipodeans. Set your clocks back an hour.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Another Luckenbach Lost

FRI 19 MAR 1943
Submarine Kingfish (SS-234) sinks Japanese army hospital ship Takachiko Maru in Formosa Strait, 26°00'N, 122°18'E.

Submarine Sawfish (SS-276) damages Japanese guardboat Shinsei Maru, southeast of Japan, 32°54'N, 152°11'E.

Submarine Wahoo (SS-238), operating in the Yellow Sea, sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Zogen Maru just east of Dairen, Kwantung Peninsula, Manchukuo, 38°29'N, 122°19'E, and damages merchant cargo ship Kowa Maru, 38°27'N, 122°18'E.

USAAF A-20s damage Japanese submarine I-176 as she is unloading at Lae, New Guinea. I-176, however, is able to continue her voyage to Rabaul.

German U-boat onslaught against Atlantic convoys continues: U.S. freighter Mathew Luckenbach departs convoy HX 229, believing her chances greater of completing the voyage independently than in company with other ships, but runs afoul of U-527 in the vicinity of SC 122. U-527 torpedoes Mathew Luckenbach at 54°20'N, 25°07'W; Coast Guard cutter Ingham (WPG-35) rescues the freighter's entire complement (42 merchant sailors and a 26-man Armed Guard). Subsequently, U-523 administers the coup de grâce to Mathew Luckenbach. With the loss of Mathew Luckenbach and Greek freighter Carras (a straggler from SC 122) to U-533 on this date, German U-boats will break off operations against SC 122 and HX 229 and conclude what is regarded as the largest convoy battle of the war. Despite the valiant efforts of the escorts, the merchantmen suffer heavy losses.

[May 19th according to some sources]
Axis planes bomb shipping in Oran harbor; U.S. freighter Examiner is damaged by near-misses that kill one Armed Guard sailor [Rafael Santiago] and wound six (an additional Armed Guard sailor is killed on shore during the raid). Merchant casualties amount to three crewmen wounded on board ship and one killed while ashore.

Monday In The Morass

As noted yesterday, the McConnell-Chao Crime Family:
 Erick Erickson / 
Why Roger Ailes Took Me Off Fox News

Second Amendment Shoots Both Ways!

It's perfectly O.K. if you're a Republican Senate candidate from Nevada, or any kind of right-wing nut job. But, hypocrites that they are, if anyone to the left of Attila the Hun suggests watering the tree of liberty w/ the blood of Republican scum, suddenly it's another story.
 Carl Campanile / New York Post:
Congressman suggests Second Amendment as means of opposing Trump  —  A Democratic congressman from Long Island implied that Americans should grab weapons and oppose President Trump by force, if the commander-in-chief doesn't follow the Constitution.  —  Rep. Tom Suozzi made the remark …
They made their beds, now they'll die in them.
Jimmy Cliff - "Hypocrites"

German Operations Continue II:
Train To The East

Naturally the Boche would take to this sort of thing like the Yanks did.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

German Operations Continue

THU 18 MAR 1943
As German operations against Allied convoys continue, destroyer Babbitt (DD-128) reinforces the escort for HX 229 and Coast Guard cutter Ingham (WPG-35) SC 122. U-221 attacks HX 229 and torpedoes U.S. freighter Walter Q. Gresham at 53°39'N, 27°53'W; British corvettes HMS Pennywort and HMS Anemone rescue 42 survivors (23 merchant seamen and five of the 26-man Armed Guard perish with the ship).


Death To The Rent-Seeking Parasites!!

 Bernard Condon / Associated Press:
AP Exclusive: Kushner Cos. filed false documents with NYC  —  NEW YORK (AP) — When the Kushner Cos. bought three apartment buildings in a gentrifying neighborhood of Queens in 2015, most of the tenants were protected by special rules that prevent developers from pushing them out, raising rents and turning a tidy profit.
To the tumbrils w/ these mother-fucking sons-of-bitches!

Side note to the corporate entity that "owns" the dump in which I live: Try to fuck w/ me again, bitches, & a certain corporate office in Century City will be dripping w/ blood.

Sunday In The (Undrained) Swamp

Even the fake news outlets are on this:
 Larry Getlen / New York Post: 
How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich
Fuck both these corrupt scumbags to hell.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Irenee Du Pont Goes Down

WED 17 MAR 1943
Motor torpedo boats PT-67 and PT-119 are destroyed by fire off eastern New Guinea, 09°02'S, 149°20'E.

Submarine Kingfish (SS-234) damages Japanese transport Tenryugawa Maru in Formosa Strait, 24°32'N, 120°15'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) inflicts further damage to Japanese fleet tanker Kaijo Maru driven aground and abandoned on 10 March (see 23 September).

Destroyer Upshur (DD-144), from convoy ON 170, having joined the escort force for convoy SC 122 the previous day, helps turn away U-boats attempting to stalk the merchantmen.

German submarine U-167 attacks convoy UGS 6 and damages U.S. freighter Molly Pitcher about 500 miles west of Lisbon, Portugal, 38°21'N, 19°54'W; destroyer Champlin (DD-601) which, along with destroyer Rowan (DD-405) and merchantman William Johnson rescues survivors, attempts, unsuccessfully, to scuttle the crippled freighter with a torpedo. U-521 finishes off Molly Pitcher later the same day. Two of the 24-man Armed Guard and two merchant seamen perish in the sinking.

German U-boat operations against convoy HX 229 continue: U-91 administers the coup de grâce to U.S. freighters James Oglethorpe, torpedoed by U-758 the previous day, and the abandoned William Eustis, torpedoed the day before by U-435. Lost with the former are the 31 men who had remained on board. U-91 also torpedoes and sinks U.S. freighter Harry Luckenbach at 50°38'N, 34°46'W; British corvette HMS Pennywort is the only escort vessel that sights Harry Luckenbach's survivors but, already crammed with 108 men retrieved from other sunken ships from HX 229, is unable to recover them. Harry Luckenbach is thus lost with all hands (54 merchant sailors and a 26-man Armed Guard). U-600 torpedoes and sinks freighter Irenee Du Pont at 50°36'N, 34°30'W with the loss of 6 of the 26-man Armed Guard, 1 of 9 Navy passengers and six of the 49-man merchant complement; Dutch merchantman Tekoa rescues 55 survivors, Canadian destroyer HMCS Mansfield 16 (one of whom dies of wounds). British corvette HMS Anemone fails to scuttle Irenee Du Pont with gunfire and a depth charge; it thus falls to U-91 to finish off the battered "Liberty."

There Is No Such Thing As An "Unprovoked Attack" On The Police

Probably not the E.P.D. vehicle in question.

Man high on drugs pummels Escondido police car with rock in unprovoked attack, authorities say

A man apparently high on drugs attacked an Escondido police officer's car with a rock Saturday morning, authorities said.

The officer was on routine patrol, stopped at a light at Quince Street and Washington Avenue about 9:30 a.m., when he noticed a man walk across the street to the rear of his patrol car, police said.

The officer didn't think anything of it at first, then felt a big thump on the car, police said. He looked in his rearview mirror and saw the man climbing on top of the car, striking the roof with a softball-sized rock.

The officer pulled the car forward, and the man jumped off and ran away, police said. The officer got out of the car and, after a brief foot chase, arrested the man.

Police said the 29-year-old man, who [sic] not immediately identified, was under the influence of an unknown drug.
How many things are wrong w/ this story besides the fact that any attack on the police is an act of pre-emptive self-defense? As there was no statement from the so-called perp, for all we know the attack could well have been provoked. (I know it doesn't take much to provoke me.) A uniform itself is upsetting/triggering; the very concept already smacks of authoritarian assholery & bullying morons.

We could as well ask, if the oinkers were so sure the alleged attacker was on a "drug", why was the "drug" unknown? The police know nothing about whatever they allege their prisoner may have been "on", but they're happy to defame him anyway.

Our editorial guess (in the "Kurt Schlichter & his soldier boys will fuckin' kill you, libdart!" discussion) is that law enforcement will be a greater danger to the American people than military personnel when the street-fighting begins once Trump has refused to leave the Executive Mansion following his impeachment in the House & conviction by the Senate.

[The Official Stenography Site for Southern Calif. Law Enforcement, the L.A. Times/S.D. Union-Tribune]

Anglo-American Bandstand

And still Numbah One!
Classics IV Featuring Dennis Yost - "Stormy"
Climbing fast w/ a bullet!
The Who - "A Legal Matter"

Bonus Wax From The Past:

The Spaniels - "Stormy Weather"

Friday, March 16, 2018

"Precipitately abandoned ..."

TUE 16 MAR 1943
Four U.S. destroyers (Commander Francis X. McInerney) shell Japanese positions at Vila.

Submarine Flying Fish (SS-229) sinks Japanese victualling stores ship Hyuga Maru west of the Marianas.

Submarine S-32 (SS-137) damages Japanese submarine RO 103 off Silipuaka Island, 52°54'N, 173°13'E.

Vice Admiral H. Kent Hewitt becomes Commander Naval Forces Northwest African Waters.

SBDs (VC 29) from aircraft escort vessel Santee (AVG-29) attack German submarine, 07°15'S, 29°15'W.

German submarine U-172, stalking convoy UGS 6, torpedoes U.S. freighter Benjamin Harrison at 39°09'N, 24°15'W. Precipitately abandoned, the ship is scuttled by gunfire of destroyer Rowan (DD-405), which rescues three survivors. Freighter Alan A. Dale rescues the remainder.

German submarines attack convoy HX 229 as it proceeds toward the British Isles; U-758 torpedoes U.S. freighter James Oglethorpe at 50°00'N, 36°00'W; 13 merchant seamen, 15 Armed Guard sailors and two passengers are rescued by British corvette HMS Pennywort. U-435 torpedoes freighter William Eustis at 49°57'N, 37°06'W; British destroyer HMS Volunteer rescues the entire crew (which includes a 30-man Armed Guard). Both "Liberties" remain afloat (see 17 March ).

Swamp-Dwelling Anti-Tariff Globalists & Furriners Still In Swamp

David Horsey, in the other Times.
With new tariffs expected to take effect next week, lobbyists are storming Washington to press for exemptions that could be worth billions

Friday, March 16, 2018 7:32 PM EDT

Corporations and foreign leaders are leaning on personal relationships in vying for meetings with White House officials, hiring lawyers and lobbyists to defend them, and drafting messages to persuade the public of the importance of free trade.
No, really?

Friday Fuck Everything Freak-Out

NYT, 2006, via Political Wire:
“I’m at this fashion show,” Vanessa Trump said, recalling their meeting in 2003. “Donald Trump comes up to me with his son: ‘Hi, I’m Donald Trump. I wanted to introduce you to my son Donald Trump Jr.’”

The three engaged in a brief, awkward conversation.

At intermission, the elder Trump again noticed a gorgeous girl nearby.

“Donald comes back up to me again, ‘I don’t think you’ve met my son Donald Trump Jr.,’” Vanessa Trump recalled. She remembers responding, “Yeah, we just met, five minutes ago.”

Six weeks later, at a birthday party at a New York restaurant, they were introduced a third time, this time by a mutual friend. Neither remembered the other. “We talked for an hour,” she recalled.

Then suddenly, something clicked: Wait, you were at that fashion show. Wait, you’re “the one with the retarded dad!” Vanessa blurted out.
Retarded? Senile? Demented? Is Junior so scared of girls his daddy had to introduce him to likely victims? And are both Junior & the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. Junior so unimpressive & dense they couldn't even remember each other?

Only the best greatest finest & most stable minds, you know.

50 Yrs. Ago In American Massacres

My Lai. One of America's greatest wartime moments.
We know that Americans committed a massacre 50 years ago today; and we also know that an American stopped it.
Everybody's heard of the My Lai massacre — March 16, 1968, 50 years ago today — but not many know about the man who stopped it: Hugh Thompson, an Army helicopter pilot. When he arrived, American soldiers had already killed 504 Vietnamese civilians (that's the Vietnamese count; the U.S. Army said 347). They were going to kill more, but they didn't — because of what Thompson did.

I met Thompson in 2000 and interviewed him for my radio program on KPFK in Los Angeles. He told the story of what happened that day, when he and his two-man crew flew over My Lai, in support of troops who were looking for Viet Cong fighters.

"We started noticing these large numbers of bodies everywhere," he told me, "people on the road dead, wounded. And just sitting there saying, 'God, how'd this happen? What's going on?' And we started thinking what might have happened, but you didn't want to accept that thought — because if you accepted it, that means your own fellow Americans, people you were there to protect, were doing something very evil."

Who were the people lying in the roads and in the ditch, wounded and killed?

"They were not combatants. They were old women, old men, children, kids, babies."

Then Thompson and his crew chief, Glenn Andreotta, and his gunner, Lawrence Colburn, "saw some civilians hiding in a bunker, cowering, looking out the door. Saw some advancing Americans coming that way. I just figured it was time to do something, to not let these people get killed. Landed the aircraft in between the Americans and the Vietnamese, told my crew chief and gunner to cover me, got out of the aircraft, went over to the American side."

What happened next was one of the most remarkable events of the entire war, and perhaps unique: Thompson told the American troops that, if they opened fire on the Vietnamese civilians in the bunker, he and his crew would open fire on them.

"You risked your lives," I said, "to protect those Vietnamese civilians."

"Well, it didn't come to that," he replied. "I thank God to this day that everybody did stay cool and nobody opened up. ... It was time to stop it, and I figured, at that point, that was the only way the madness, or whatever you want to call it, could be stopped."

Back at their base he filed a complaint about the killing of civilians that he had witnessed. The Army covered it up. But eventually the journalist Seymour Hersh found out about the massacre, and his report made it worldwide news and a turning point in the war. Afterwards Thompson testified at the trial of Lt. William Calley, the commanding officer during the massacre.

Then came the backlash. Calley had many supporters, who condemned and harassed Thompson. He didn’t have much support — for decades. It took the Army 30 years, but in 1998, they finally acknowledged that Thompson had done something good. They awarded him the Soldier's Medal for “heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.”

On the 30th anniversary of the massacre, Thompson went back to My Lai and met some of the people whose lives he had saved. "There were real good highs," he told me, "and very low lows. One of the ladies that we had helped out that day came up to me and asked, 'Why didn't the people who committed these acts come back with you?' And I was just devastated. And then she finished her sentence: she said, 'So we could forgive them.' I'm not man enough to do that. I'm sorry. I wish I was, but I won't lie to anybody. I'm not that much of a man."

And what were the highs?

"I always questioned, in my mind, did anybody know we all aren't like that? Did they know that somebody tried to help? And yes, they did know that. That aspect of it made me feel real good."

Today there's a little museum in My Lai, where Thompson is honored, and which displays a list of the names and ages of people killed that day. Trent Angers, Thompson's biographer and friend, analyzed the list and found about 50 there who were 3 years old or younger. He found 69 between the ages of 4 and 7, and 91 between the ages of 8 and 12.

Nick Turse investigated violence in Vietnam against noncombatants for his book “Kill Anything that Moves.” He concluded — after a decade of research in Pentagon archives and more than 100 interviews with American veterans and Vietnamese survivors — that Americans killing civilians in Vietnam was “pervasive and systematic.” One soldier told him there had been "a My Lai a month."

We know that Americans committed a massacre 50 years ago today; and we also know that an American stopped it. Hugh Thompson died in 2006, when he was only 62. I wish we could have done more to thank him.

Jon Wiener is professor emeritus of history at UC Irvine, and working, with Mike Davis, on a book on Los Angeles in the 1960s.
[L.A. Times Op-Ed]