Saturday, April 10, 2021

I Will Cut You, & Your Crummy Battery!!

Earlier this eve. I blew 10% of my Biden Bux on a new 'phone, as frustration at my maybe-two-yrs.-old piece of Motorola crap's refusal to recognize the SD card or even fucking realize the headphones are plugged in took over.

Good thing I did, too, as I decided to make another attempt at re-seating the SD card. Took the case off the 'phone & noticed the damn thing was bulging. (Apparently cheap piece-of-shit lithium-ion polymer batteries manufactured by Chinese slaves in the thrall of Ningde Amperex Technology Limited expand when they're effed up.)
Started to remove the back of the 'phone & it almost flew off by itself. And of course the fucking thing won't work w/o a battery, even when plugged into the AC.

Swear to fuck, I will chop this damned piece of plastic shit into smaller pieces & insert every last particle painfully into the keister of the shithead motherfucker who is in charge of this Lenovo® Corporation, also responsible for the gawddam Lenovo® IdeaCentre A340 I own that needed a new hard drive nine months after purchase. Fuck your mouth too, YANG Yuanqing, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. I'm sure none of these pricks, nor the three bitches among them, are innocent either, so they're all on my list. 

Fuck every one of you shitheels to hell. Any of you have the guts to leave China & face me one-on-one to explain your corporate shittiness? Didn't think so. FUCK. YOU!!

War w/ China? I've heard worse ideas. Free the slaves, even if it kills them!!

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