Thursday, April 8, 2021

On More Positive Notes ...

Have most people who wanted it been jabbed already?Perhaps not; however, "increased media coverage overnight" jacked up demand, & they've stopped accepting unscheduled walk-ups.

Today also marks 28 days since this reporter rec'd. his J&J poke; may just voyage to Burbank & spend some of those sweet Biden Bucks to stimulate the local economy Train Shack one of these wks.

Other good & unexpected news: Ordered something early yesterday, & was advised not to expect it for two wks. An e-mail rec'd. at 0901 which I didn't see until about 1440 led me to this,
& before I knew it this:
so it'd been sitting at the door for an hr. & a half. Srsly, FedEx, would it fucking kill you to knock before you run away?

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