Monday, November 1, 2010

Annals Of Projection

Almost decided to let this pass (We're trying to eat, watch the World Series, & so on here.) but it's such a a classic yet sad example of projection & the truly astounding shallowness of reactionaries that it's passing like a kidney stone. No surprise that one of Tucker Carlson's legacy hires (Tucker's kind of a legacy himself, isn't he?) at The Daily Caller (Someone w/ a "II" after their name, if there's any question about our legacy accusation.) is the typist.

Not only (as we'll see later) is Nicholas Thimmesch II a mind-reader, he can read the minds of the demented & not-so-recently-deceased. Watch:
Anybody who refers to the President of the United States as “dude” to his face is a nutcase, but no more than any POTUS who allows such a slight to go unanswered. I’m certain the late, great Ronald Reagan, a man who would not take off his suit jacket in the Oval Office, is rolling over in his grave.
Considering that the final fashion notes that the "late, great" (Wow, it rhymes! That's extra-clever, original, & as dignified as "Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should.") Ronald Reagan offered the nation was sporting oven mitts so he wouldn't scratch at the help, we can see how his worm-riddled corpse would be spinning at this affront to the kingly, if not imperial dignity of the office. Other dignified Reagan moments include Iran-Contra, & going to Bitburg, Germany to honor the noble SS troops who fought the Red Menace in WWII (w/ just a little collateral damage to a few selected ethnic groups). That's dignified. As was "We begin bombing Russia in five minutes." Late & great!

Nicky Two-Time also has insight into the minds of those hate-filled ralliers last Saturday, who ran amok all over Washington after the rally, knocking over anyone smaller & stepping on their heads if they felt threatened, or heard an opinion w/ which they disagreed. It was all over the papers.
Glenn Beck’s rally tried to be serious to the point of being funny, while Stewart’s, Colbert’s and Shultz’s rallies tried to be funny but were seriously mean if not sick. The best way to describe the theme of the “Rally for Sanity and/or Fear” is, well, The Daily Caller is a family-friendly website, so it won’t allow me to fully express myself, but suffice it to say, it was all about “F-you.”

“F-You,” you crazed Tea Party people, you mean-spirited, corporate-loving Republicans, you Obama-hating weirdos, you birthers, you, well, regular fly-over-country Americans. “F-You”: we’re just as much Americans as you are!

No, they aren’t: the people attending the Stewart/Colbert rally frigging hate the aforementioned Americans, if not America itself. They think they should all be banished, like Helen Thomas said of “the Jews,” back to Germany and Poland, where they all came from after all.
Absolutely. Projection & eliminationist rhetoric has long been the exclusive province of the left, as typist Thimmesch II clearly demonstrated w/ hundreds of photographs of the hateful, "Get Out, Whitey!" (And much worse, but The Daily CallerJust Another Blog [From L.A.]™ is a [Manson] family-friendly website, so we don't type out FUCK, but euphemise it w/ "F-" & "frigging.") signs that polluted the moral atmosphere of Washington. Also, they rode the Metro, & buses!!
No, the rally that clogged the Metro, had WTOP as well C-SPAN radio swooning (WTOP beckoned listeners, “Are you going to the rally?” while C-SPAN’s voice-over commentator could barely contain herself from giggling at Stewart’s jokes), kept bus drivers busy shuttling liberals back and forth from New York City on Arianna Huffington’s dime, and hopefully did not leave the same amount of trash that Obama’s inauguration and Shultz’s brown shirts did.
Lose your train of thought there, genius? What did the rally do again? Or what is it that the rally was? Or what? Is there a verb in there that has any connection w/ the subject?

Onward & downward, he really gets rolling here: Note the sheer, hateful spite & evil he detected.
One sign shown at the beginning of the rally by C-SPAN (since liberals are so hung-up on signs at Tea Party rallies) said: “I’m Pretty Much Cool With The Reasonable Amount Of Taxes I Currently Pay, I’d Probably Be Okay With Paying More Too If That Might Help The Economy With The Deficit.” “Help the economy with the deficit”: oh my, how Keynesian. That sign is as frigging outrageous as any Tea Party sign, except most Tea Partiers actually pay federal income taxes whereas I would imagine that the person holding this sign is among the 45% of Americans who pay no federal income taxes.
(Yes, do imagine. Imagine in one hand, & crap in the other. Either way, your hands will be filled w/ crap.)

Out-friggin'-rageous!! Those parasites must have some good accountants, & all their money is in the Caymans, right? A cursory search would reveal just a bit about income disparity in these United Snakes, & why people who don't have the wealth aren't asked to pay taxes (Yet.) but then he'd lose his point about how outrageous & w/o a plan these people are.
Like Jon Stewart, these people were all about themselves and their hatred for America. Me, my, I: that’s what we’re interested in, nothing serious, nothing substantial, nothing positive. No solutions for any of America’s serious problems were put forth by anyone, just “We are Americans, too.” It was really the Rally to Mock America.
Nothing demonstrates liberal "hate of country" more than offering to pay taxes. After all, real Americans hate paying taxes because of their vast, all-encompassing "love-of-country." And few signs are more substantial & serious about policy than "We Need a Christian President," "Thank You, FOX News" or "Obama = Hitler." "Taking our country back!" (From the majority of voters?) will be the complete & only possible solution to any & all problems. Certainly extending tax cuts will lower the deficit.

We've read some crap in our time (typed some too) but this Nicholas the Second offering has guaranteed him entry to the Jonah Goldberg Wing of The Transparent Buffoonery & Pathetic Projection Hall of Fame.

So let's learn a bit more about the latest inductee.
Nicholas Thimmesch II, son of the late Los Angeles Times columnist Nick Thimmesch, is a longtime media and communications consultant to numerous campaigns, government representatives and public policy organizations, serving in the Reagan White House as a staff writer.
He's as demented as Reagan. Serving in the Reagan White House? It hasn't existed since 1989, but he's still serving there. Maybe N² was one of the guys who had to serve Ron meals, & was clawed for his efforts. Between the grammatically challenged English & the psychological problems, we can only say, "Dude! Get some help."

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