Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Modern Sheriffin'

West Hollywood is a city of less than a mile & a half square, but yesterday the L.A. County Sheriff's Dep't., which contracts its services & protection to the city, took less than three mins. to put four patrol cars & an S.U.V. at the scene of a contretemps between a homeless victim of your ugly pig society & a bunch of hardhats putting up something where KCOP Channel 13 used to be before that bastard Rupert Murdoch bought it & moved it to Century City w/ Channel 11.
Vicious, dangerous criminal successfully placed in custody.
In the three mins. it took this reporter to determine nothing more worth photographing would occur & wander off two more deputy-mobiles arrived, for a total of six prowl cars & one supervisor-mobile.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Be careful out there, old chum. The way things are going, "white privilege" might not apply to free-thinkers much longer, especially ones with cameras.

Minorities aren't the threat to working class whites, they're the canary in the coalmine.