Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Not Caring (Never Did) Shut Up!

Squawk until you're out of oxygen (Please!!) you still won't get me to give shit one about anything or anybody & their petty problems. Fuck it/them all. (Shorter: "FTW!")

Although I wouldn't hesitate to leave an Ebola-infested dump in the mouth of every single pundit & scared moron who has spoken or typed "Ebola" in the last month or so. A big Ebola-infested shit, right on that flapping tongue.

Sound harsh? Fuck you. If you'd rub a dog's nose in its own crap, why shouldn't hysterical yappers & typists (most of whom lack the intelligence or common sense of man's best friend) get the same treatment?

Next steps? Breaking of fingers, removal of vocal cords. There will be silence.

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