Monday, March 4, 2013

Smart 'Phones Not So Wise, Idiots

Pathetic loser squares who neither stand up to the government nor make a living outside the law will think they have nothing to worry about, but squares like that are idiots & their rights w/o meaning 'cause they never use them.
Before the age of smartphones, it was impossible for police to gather this much private information about a person’s communications, historical movements, and private life during an arrest. Our pockets and bags simply aren’t big enough to carry paper records revealing that much data. We would have never carried around several years’ worth of correspondence, for example—but today, five-year-old emails are just a few clicks away using the smartphone in your pocket. The fact that we now carry this much private, sensitive information around with us means that the government is able to get this information, too.

The type of data stored on a smartphone can paint a near-complete picture of even the most private details of someone’s personal life. Call history, voicemails, text messages and photographs can provide a catalogue of how—and with whom—a person spends his or her time, exposing everything from intimate photographs to 2 AM text messages. Web browsing history may include Google searches for Alcoholics Anonymous or local gay bars. Apps can expose what you’re reading and listening to. Location information might uncover a visit to an abortion clinic, a political protest, or a psychiatrist.
Don't give the Steve Jobs estate another red cent! Let his children starve, already, & send the money you'd waste on a high-tech self-incriminator to the ACLU.


mikey said...

Nope. Not willing to sacrifice the amazing technological capacity of mobile devices because there are potential downsides. That's like saying don't go surfing in Mexico 'cause you might get the shits. Fuck it, man, then you don't get the surfing and the babes, either.

Encrypt when you can, delete what you no longer need, keep an account in the cloud that you only access from safe platforms and don't post anything in a public forum you wouldn't want everybody to see. And then, rock on...

M. Bouffant said...

Personal Freedom Editor:
To each their own, then.

We don't need one, or we might be angry about the police vs. the Fourth Amendment, but that cat's out of the bag anyway, never to be returned. What can ya do?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

They have it all, anyways.

Maybe not your local cop, but the Feds have it.

Bush-Cheney-Obama spying on all Americans without warrants.

Freedom isn't Free!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I hope they have all my info. The mind-numbing minutiae should serve to clog their servers, or at least the naked self-pictures should make a couple of them sick to their stomachs.

With warrants too, thunder, because it was never all that damn hard to get one, either before or after the fact. Remember during Clinton's term, cops could toss your crib and get a warrant within 24 hours if they found something fun.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Are you trying to say that Bush and Cheney didn't radically change the game, zrm?

Because they did. And our President Obama made that shit bipartisan.

Demanded it, in fact.

Substance McGravitas said...

Even if a warrant's a formality, making a guy who probably doesn't really give a shit spend time getting one is a win for privacy.

M. Bouffant said...

At Length Editor:
Still amazed that 32RC is amazed that the national security state performs a sort of regulatory capture on any & all Prezzes.

Bush & Cheney did change the game, but whatever they did, in the post-violation-of-America world (w/ an actual chance of physical danger to real Americans in America) it's politically necessary to be/look like a hard-ass, & the current Prez is taking advantage of Republican foreign policy & defense idiocy & mis-steps so Dems are no longer the party of McGovern, weakness, surrender, blah.

Hint: Americans do not give shit one about furrin policy (They're furriners!) until it blows up in their faces; even then the reaction is blow them up & forget it. (This is probably a result of liberals in education.)

A slight delay in formal warrant-getting is pretty Pyrrhic, victory-wise.

RIGHTS: Yours until you try to use them.

Weird Dave said...

There are no such things as political rights.

There are only political liberties granted to us by people much better armed than we are.