Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Election Final

The guy for whom we voted, because he's a University Prof. as opposed to two small business owners (All of whom should be taken out & shot, & their stuff/money handed back to the people, from whom they stole it in the first place.) eight suckers at the gummint teat: Councilmember's Senior Adviser, Deputy Attorney General, Commissioner/Community Organizer, Ass't. Fire Chief, Neighborhood Council Boardmember, Senator's District Director, Deputy Mayor, & Neighborhood Council President (What a collection of leeches.) & a "Charitable Foundation Director," who didn't send any mailers under his own name. However, the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce ("Major funding provided by Farmers Underwriters Association and Chevron Corporation in the amount of $80,000.") managed to send three mailers supporting him. Another tool of the corporate overlords. There's democracy for ya, bit-chez! An echo, not a choice.

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