Monday, April 19, 2010

Eat It Raw, Haters!!

Note that brick-throwing advocate & disability leech Mike Vanderboegh is filled w/ love not for the children, but the grandchildren. Who no doubt like seeing Gramps & Granny making fools of themselves on the telebision. Have a nice day at school tomorrow, kids.

We'd somehow been unaware that gun ownership was a holy sacrament (Guns not being mentioned in the Bible might have been one reason for our sad ignorance.) but it seems to be a God-given natural right that not even an election can take away. (Covered under the First & Second Amendments, eh?) We hope law enforcement agencies across This Great Nation Of Ours™ are ready; they'll need a lot of pliers & crowbars to pry those guns out of some very cold fingers. (Ha ha: Joke. Don't these cretins even watch the telly? When a gun-toting Patriotcriminal is shot down, move one by the copper, whether the perp is dead or still bleeding to death, is to get the gat away from the poorer shot. They'll be separated from their guns a lot sooner than they like to pretend. No rigor mortis death grip as a final act of defiance. Just a lot of their blood.)


Substance McGravitas said...

I gather those rights are the rights of Iraqis too. Carry those weapons, Muslim brothers, and shoot anyone who tries to take them.

Aunt Snow said...

Yeah, ain't it the truth? Folks like this are often prone to committing Suicide By Cop. As long as they don't take out innocent people with them, I say it works on a Darwinian principle.

M. Bouffant said...

Helpful Editor Helps:

We suspect Mr McG. neglected to add this to his impassioned defense of natural rights.

We will not drag out the old "No one is innocent" chestnut, really, we won't.