Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Today In America: "I'm Pissed, I'm Raging!!"

Add two more:

2023 Breaks Record for Most Mass Killings From Guns in a Single Year in the US

Academic take:
“I believe in stricter gun laws,” says Fox, “recognizing that half of the guns in this world are in the hands of Americans and that our country has a four-times higher rate of mass shooting than the rest of the world.”

Fox says his research shows that most mass killers are not mentally ill.

“The overwhelming majority of them are angry,” Fox says of mass killers. “And unfortunately it’s far too easy for an angry person, a hateful person, or a resentful person to get a gun. And if they can’t buy it legally, there are certainly many other means for them to acquire one.”

Fox says the ever-increasing public awareness of mass shootings and killings has led to a high level of fear in the U.S.

“The fear is way out of control, it’s way above the risk statistically,” Fox says. “Most of these shootings do not happen in public — most of them are in private residences and about half of them are family-related, which says a lot about family dynamics.

Can't imagine why any one would be angry in this most perfect of all possible worlds. And yet.

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