Thursday, November 24, 2022

Turkey Day '22

Nothing worse than the creeps, corporate & charitable, who distribute crummy food (that no one eats except on Turkey Day) one day of the yr. & then pat themselves on the back as if they're actually helping someone. If they cared they'd do something about a system that produces so many "underprivileged" & "at-risk" families, who are so helped by that one meal a yr. Maybe a free Xmas meal too, if they're lucky.
Don Martin, Mad Magazine, Jan. 1960. Possibly still under copyright,
but Warner Bros./Discovery know where in their fucking turkey they can stuff it.

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Mr XD said...

BLAST from the Past!1!! I was a major MAD mag and Don Martin fan back in Jr Hi/Hiskool daze. Thanx for the Memories.

Also, been digging your links to some lesser known reggae groups.