Tuesday, July 23, 2019

"... premature detonation .."

SUN 23 JUL 1944
Destroyer Bush (DD-529) is damaged by premature detonation of 5-inch shell during shore bombardment exercises off Kahoolawe, T.H.

High speed minesweeper Chandler (DMS-9) is damaged by fire, Marianas, 15°08'N, 145°28'E.
British submarine HMS Storm sinks Japanese cargo ship Kiso Maru and fishing vessel Taihu Maru near Port Owen, 14°00'N, 96°50'E.

Japanese guardboat Wakayoshi Maru is sunk by mine, Hayatomo Seto, Inland Sea.

Japanese cargo vessel Takazan Maru is damaged by RAAF mine in Tiore Strait, Celebes, 04°25'S, 122°17'E. Later (indeterminate date) [sic] inflicted by what are most likely USAAF planes result in her ultimate sinking by 5 October.

U.S. freighter William Gaston is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-861 while she is en route from Buenos Aires to Baltimore, 26°37'S, 46°13'W; there are no casualties among either the merchant or Armed Guard complements (see 25 July 1944).

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