Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Probably All You Need To Know
About The Recent Election

Great. As mentioned, the establishment's toady & some lawyer schmuck who sent me a fucking cheesy pot-holder.
David Siders / Politico:
Sanders wing dealt setback in Calif. special election  —  LOS ANGELES — A Democratic state assemblyman and a former Los Angeles planning commissioner were running ahead in a wide-open congressional primary here Tuesday, routing several contenders aligned with the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party.
I blame the gentrifying yuppie/hipster types east of the river w/ their new-homeowner mentalities. Fucking squares!

Other: Saturation w/ tee vee ads doesn't always work. The two who ran the most (almost only) ads in our entirely objective impression came in fourth & tenth. They both were quite harsh on poor ol' Trump in their ads, which I certainly enjoyed.

Now lessee wha' hoppens between now & 6 June, when the actual seat will be up for grabs.

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