Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Submarines Busy

SUN 8 FEB 1942
Japanese submarine I-69, which has been reconnoitering the atoll since 21 January, shells Midway.

Japanese troops land at Gasmata, New Britain.

Submarine S-37 (SS-142) attacks Japanese convoy in Makassar Strait, and torpedoes destroyer Natsushio south of Makassar City, Celebes, 05°10'S, 119°24'E. S-37 survives resultant depth-charging (see 9 February).

Japanese infiltration force at Quinauan Point, Bataan, is mopped up, supported by armed motor launches from submarine tender Canopus (AS-9) (Lieutenant Commander H.H. Goodall). Japanese planes, however, attack the boats, bombing and strafing them, killing three and wounding 15 (including Goodall).

British submarine HMS Trusty shells Japanese merchant coaster Se Go off Poulo Condore, French Indochina.

British freighter Ocean Venture is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-108 at 37°05'N, 74°45'W (see 9 February).

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