Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bill Gates, Business Genius

Not really a genius, it turns out, just some son-of-a-lawyer who got very, very lucky. And is probably himself a bit too mental to recognize Trump for what he is. Have you ever read anything so foolish & ignorant?
Matthew J. Belvedere / CNBC:
After talking with Trump, Bill Gates says president-elect could be like JFK  —  Bill Gates: Trump has a chance to lead through innovation  —  President-elect Donald Trump has an opportunity to establish “American leadership through innovation,” Bill Gates told CNBC on Tuesday.
One must wonder how much of this mysterious innovation Mr. Trump is capable of when he can barely read & can't use one of Gates' precious Windows PCs. Maybe he threatened Gates, who is just about the dictionary definition of pencil-necked geek.
Literally pencil-necked Gates. Did Trumpy threaten him?
Or perhaps Gates means Trumpy's gonna get plugged w/in three yrs. of his "election", J.F.K.-style. Fingers crossed.

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Andrew Johnston said...

Possible explanation: Elsewhere in the same interview, Gates reveals that some of his billionaire buddies are launching a clean energy fund - sounds like philanthropy, tastes like business, same as everything else Gates does. It seems like Gates is yet another one of those delusional types who has decided to treat Trump like a tabula rasa, assuming that his lack of constant positions means that he can be talked into anything. Granted that might not be far off, but I'm also reminded of those silver lining types who've been having some serious disappointments.