Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pre-B.Ö.C. Lyrics

Anyone I know or of whom I am aware dead in the last 12 hrs.? No? O.K. then.

Think there’s no quicksand in
Southern California? Guess again

One might think (or one might neither bother nor care) that there'd be no quicksand because there's no water left south of the local Mason-Dixon line. (California's Mason-Dixon line is approx. 35.7747397 North, separating San Luis Obispo, Kern & San Bernardino counties from the hellholes of Silicon Valley douche-tech-bros, Humboldt hippie-dippies & San Joaquin Valley cracker-ass farmers to the north. Not to be confused w/ the hyper-local Mason-Dixon line of Los Angeles County, the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway.)


Brick Wahl said...

WHat band is this?

M. Bouffant said...

Informational Editor:
The Stalk-Forrest Group, which is what the B.Ö Cult were known as after Soft White Underbelly (& then Oaxaca) until about '71. I think the Mad Meltz did the lyrics. Sounds not unlike The Dead, dunnit?