Thursday, July 7, 2016

Police Terror Update: Three Dead
(As Of This Typing)

If you're armed, start shootin'!!
Hillary Clinton nothing, when will murdering pig police officers be held responsible for their fucking crimes?

I swear I willreally really want to shoot the next would-be murderer I see in a goddamn uniform, soldier, sailor, pig or Marine. Even some clown who works for U.P.S. or a meter-reader. Or anyone in the corporate uniform of suit & tie. Could be police defectives [sic] or F.B.I. agents in their uniforms; killget all the suit-wearers too!

Pretty much assuming the local security establishment/GestapoL.A.P.D. no longer have their evil eye on innocent web-logs these days, only on idiot "social media". Chumps. Maybe the N.S.A. will eventually notice & send a couple of Men in Black around to threaten me.

UPDATE (2145-ishPDT): The three in the title includes Fresno P.D. murder victim Dylan Noble, video of whose murder (committed 25 June 2016) just came to public attention after the Fresno Bee found some non-F.P.D. body cam footage of the victim being shot while on the ground. Have yet to read anything but headlines (& was under the impression that Noble had been shot today, rather than being wk.-before-last's victim) which are more than enough. Let The Guardian depress you.

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Nasreen Iqbal said...

I hope this latest bunch of victims of police state terrorism never got a parking ticket or else that's the only aspect of their story we'll hear.

How much louder does this drum beat need to get?