Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oregon Trail Of Tears

Two recent items on ninnies in Oregon. Rural Oregon. The parts one flies over on one's way from San Francisco to Portland.

The rise of militias: Patriot candidates are now getting elected in Oregon

Like Trump, the Patriot Movement’s surge is due partly to fear and the perceived indifference of political leaders to places that didn’t recover from the 2008 crash
Primed to fight the government

A fast-growing U.S. movement armed with guns and the Constitution sees a dire threat to liberty

Coincidence, or ... MEDIA CONSPIRACY? (Also: "Patriot Militias" are news?)

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Unknown said...

As an Oregon voter, I've noted that indeed there have been some of these neoconfederate nincompoops running for some of the county and state offices. The good news is they finish the elections in the basement with the Constitution party canditates and write-ins.