Sunday, April 24, 2016

Recent Decisions In Local
Police Murder

L.A.'s Chief Executioner can't get his lying thugs out of this one:
After fatally shooting an unarmed homeless man in the back last year, Los Angeles police Officer Clifford Proctor explained his actions to investigators by saying he believed the man was trying to grab his partner’s gun during a struggle.

“I saw … his hand on my partner’s holster,” Proctor said.

But video from a security camera at a nearby bar on the Venice boardwalk told a different story, according to an LAPD report made public Tuesday.

Footage from the camera didn’t show Brendon Glenn’s hand “on or near any portion” of the holster, the report said. Proctor’s partner never made “any statements or actions” suggesting Glenn was trying to take the gun, the report added.
This reporter would like to know why it took 11 months.

LAist also manages to quote the victim's family's att'y. about the L.A.P.D.'s generally shitty attitude towards the homeless (& everyone else, actually).
Glenn's family has filed claims against the LAPD and the city of Los Angeles. The family's attorney, John Raphling, said that the LAPD tends to treat the homeless "as though they are less than human."
Apparently the Times couldn't be bothered to report that, although they certainly devoted a lot of space to bullshit from the president of the Guild of Thugs & Executioners.
The union that represents rank-and-file officers has blasted Beck’s handling of the case, saying the chief’s public support for charges overstepped his authority and was unfair to Proctor.

Craig Lally, the union’s president, said Beck spoke too quickly about the encounter from the start when the chief told reporters hours after the shooting that he was “very concerned” by the video. The Police Commission, Lally said, followed Beck’s lead.

There was not going to be a fair process for this officer,” Lally said. “They’re railroading him.”
They gave him about 5 zillion more chances than he gave Brendon Glenn, accessory-after-the-fact. You should be "railroaded" too.

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