Friday, May 1, 2015

No Wonder I'm Agoraphobic

Every time I leave the bunker it seems as if the police are up to something. Moth to a flame stylee, mon, I had to see what was hap'nin 'neath the orbit of the helo.
The inhabitants of the front of No. 129 here were invited to leave w/ their hands up.
As so often in these events, the police were too late except for two guys handcuffed in front of the bldg. next door.
Nonetheless, they weren't kidding.
On the other side of the bldg., just one car:
Turnout wasn't nearly as good as on 21 April, as the local yokels are on sissy alert & riding two to a car, &, probably even more relevant today, most of them are downtown waiting to beat up hippies & people of color at the downtown May Day demo.

After a few officers went in to 129 & stood around w/ their weapons drawn
(or stuck in a window; I was hand-waved to get out of the line o' fire, & did, so I can't say what else went on) nothing happened. The chopper got bored & left just before this reporter did.

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