Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Same Shit, Same Day,
& It Never, Ever, Stops

The New Yorker is bored limp w/ politics:
What has happened is that the same things keep happening. The tidal wave of money keeps happening, the trivialization of coverage keeps happening, the extremism of the Republican Party keeps happening (Ted Cruz: abolish the I.R.S.; Rand Paul: the Common Core is “un-American”). The issues remain huge and urgent: inequality, global warming, immigration, poorly educated children, American decline, radical Islamism. But the language of politics stays the same, and it is a dead language. The notion that answers will come from Washington or the campaign trail is beyond far-fetched.
Typist Packer claims it's been "stuck" since 2008. I say it's been the same tiresome crap since 1980, at least, & I'm getting very tired of it.

NB: The surest predictor of violence is boredom. I'm so numbed by this world of shit, pain & idiots that I'm more than ready to flip out. And you? Just going to take it? Or will you take action for once?

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