Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More Musical Memories (W/ Measles)

Rock'n'Roll Wants You Dead

Yesterday one ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© posted an Eight-Eyed Spy f/ Lydia Lunch video somewhere which reminded this reporter of seeing, hearing & listening to said rockin' teen combo as they opened for FEAR at Doug Weston's Troubador 'bout 35 yrs. ago February. (1980, 'k?)

Been there done that so what ordinarily, but at this gig I began to feel awfully ill, so wretched I did the vom in a dumpster behind the Troub as I staggered my way home to sleep, only to discover when I woke up I'd neither overindulged (or been doped) but simply had the measles. Which, judging from the two-wk. measles incubation period can be entirely blamed on the rock: Two wks. to the day prior I'd tagged along w/ the Angry Samoans to a gig in a common room in a dorm at U.C. Irvine (Or was it U.C. Fullerton?) (w/ Rhino 39);a gig at which I assaulted my immune system by drinking at least a pint of Wild Turkey in X (or fewer) mins. in the parking lot & was therefore liquored up enough to do The Worm (a "dance" involving rolling on the floor, like a horizontal mosh-pit) w/ a bunch of no doubt diseased college students &/or townies.

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