Friday, February 6, 2015

Empty Seats

Finally, something I can type a few lines about w/o threatening anyone's death, but only because it's out of the past: The Death of Candlestick Park, at a mere 55 yrs. Not a fun death either: Drawn out & agonizing.
Previous plans to implode the stadium with a series of surgical blasts have been scrapped in favor of a less dramatic disassembly.
And because it's nostalgia, no mention at all of the Giants time at Bayview Heights; those ninnies on my proverbial lawn know the 'Stick only as the home of the 49ers, who played at Kezar Stadium in my Bay Area salad days. Which is when Leo Nomellini played there.
"Piles of seats that weren’t sold off to fans sat in the end zones
and the Ring of Honor still displayed the names of 49ers greats like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice."
The parental units used to buy booze at Mr. Nomellini's eponymous liquor store on El Camino Real in Redwood City. And that concludes today's exercise in nostalgia & text between images. Which of course has an image in it. Best laid plans ...

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