Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On The Stump

Only another wk. of this yr.'s electoral idiocy & idiotic reporting thereon, 'though w/ the bastards screeching around the final turn the volume will be set at 11! & the idiocy at 12. (So dulled out w/ the urging to vote I may burn my mail-in ballot like a fucking draft card if I hear one more democracy-trusting sap repeat that crap. STOP PRETENDING!!)
Then the recounts & recriminations begin.
Manifestation of Cthulhu?
And after suffering that for a few wks. the 2016 babble & yap can begin in fucking earnest. (Although you can bet even your worthless ass there'll be many a spew next Weds. a.m. about who is & isn't in The Horse Race To Hell.)

Can't wait. For someone to put me out of this American misery.

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