Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Charter Schools: Grift Or Scam?

Nice people, charter school operators. And dedicated to nothing but the students, as indicated in this press release The (Online) WSJ was kind enough to publish. We found it at theeastsiderLA.
The Superior Court lawsuit was served today on the Semillas charter elementary school, its chairman Marcos Aguilar, and his wife Minnie Ferguson, who serves as the school's principal. It was served previously on LAUSD.

[Restaurant & plaintiff] Hecho en Mexico is sandwiched between two parcels that comprise the elementary school. Semillas is a sister school to a charter high school about a mile away that is under the same ownership. Last week, the LAUSD board refused to renew the high school's charter, citing low test scores, financial troubles, alleged refusal to cooperate with district auditors, and failure to follow guidelines required of all district charters.


Simultaneous with its campaign against Hecho en Mexico, Semillas opened its own Mexican restaurant across the street. The Semillas restaurant was shut down for failure to comply with public health regulations but the campaign against Hecho en Mexico continued, the suit says.

The purpose of the Semillas campaign is "to interfere with and prevent the operation of (Hecho en Mexico's) business and ultimately seize the opportunity to operate the restaurant for themselves," the suit says.
Why, it's almost as if Marcos & Minnie (Nepotists, too. Is that approved of in charter schooling?) are interested in nothing but grifting taxpayers, & have found that charter schools are an excellent way of getting some property tax & California Lottery money that is supposed to be spent on education rather than restauranting.

Remember this the next time a reactionary whines that tired "poverty pimp" crap.

(Also at Whiskey Fire in approx. the same form.)

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