Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did Too Build That!

Converts are always the most zealous; conversions that involve identifying w/ the oppressor & hating oneself for being one of the oppressed must require extra zeal. For the thirty yrs. since he decided which side his bread was buttered on, Dinesh D'Souza's been very zealous about getting as much as he can from advocating colonialism & slavery.

"Slavery is seen as, in a sense, robbing the free labor of African-Americans." He said it, & that is the context. At (7:00) of this (10:29) at CPAC 2013. Free markets & ... wait for it now ... the meaning of America! Entrepreneurs, he says. Abso-fuggin-lutely. History clearly shows that no one had ever made a profit before America was stolen from the "Indians" & built by slave labor. Not only that, but history (Confucius, even) was always terribly mean to business. Why, in Dinesh's native land the merchants & traders were just one caste above the hated untouchables.

D.D. continues beating the dead horse of the anti-colonialism he attributed to Obama in book & movie form, linking it to the eternal (& entirely imagined) jihad against free enterprise, innovation, hard work, merchanting & trading. Then he connects Obama's (father's) anti-colonialism to a foreign policy that exists only in his head. We suppose the "bankrupting the country" fantasy is too dissonant even for the delusional when the Dow is at a record high & the brave & noble rich are getting richer.

But after Obama this & Obama that, we're told that Barack Obama is so over, because the United States is a lot bigger than Barack Obama. Not exactly what conservatives were saying before the election, but who are we to pick nits? Had the Prez not been reëlected, the narrative (& plugs for D'Souza's previous dreckumentary, 2016: Obama's America . Remember?) might have gone in a different direction.

In line w/ the rather grubby interpretation of America as a strictly commercial proposition is a firm belief that it is ++un-moral that parking valets (takers & parasites, obviously) think they are makers, & this badthink can only be rebutted by making "the moral case for free enterprise and for America. [Applause] A conservatism that did that would be a conservatism that would be viable and powerful again." This is an excellent moral case that should be made every time it can be worked into conversation, spewed over the airwaves or typed on the Internet. Really.

Notes & Filler

If you watch nothing else, check the beginning minute & enjoy the teaser from yet another D'Souza D'opus, a love song to America titled America. "What would the world look like if America never existed?" Nor should you miss the music they play him off w/.

It would be very irresponsible not to speculate if Mr. D'Souza's "fiancée" came to CPAC2013 w/ him, & whether they shared a room at this beautiful resort.

Last & least, we would've just run the video (And w/o having to type anything beyond the standard "Christ, what an asshole.") but so-called public service C-SPAN won't allow it to be embedded. Free speech, assholes. Ever hear of it?


Substance McGravitas said...

What would the world look like if America never existed?

We have a more bland but similar thing to the north.

M. Bouffant said...

Immigration Editor:
If only D'Souza had blessed you all w/ his presence.