Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Oxymoron: Children's Rights:

Thinking we should disarm adults & arm children for self-defense from the courts, the system & the fucking schools, all fascist gov't. agencies taking away rights, freedom & liberty or refusing to grant them in the first place. One would think the gun-fondling pindicks would be outraged that children can't fight back against the gov't., even as they screech that women should be armed to protect themselves from rapists.

Shouldn't our precious American children (They are the future!) even more vulnerable to oppression by those bigger than they are (Might shouldn't make right, remember?) have the right to stand their ground in self-defense? Apparently not, the future of America is expected to take it from the little Hitlers who run & ruin lives. Enough tyranny & hypocrisy from the grown-ups!

Here, an excellent example of fascism & filthy hypocrisy at play:
One issue the court is considering is if there is adequate supervision at the minor's home, according to CBS2. "The boy could be placed in foster care or sent to live at a county camp because he cannot serve jail time due to his age."
Because a "county camp" is not at all like a jail. Really. We're certain the inmates (Do they call them that, or use a more euphemistic term?) at the "camps" (Who else sent people to "camps?") can come & go as they please, do as they will in the camps, & are not constantly lectured (by the assortment of potential child molesters employed by the county) about conforming to a sick society's norms & obeying their parents, adults and any other threatening asshole bigger than they.

As far as the crime or whatever w/ which this little genius is charged, fuck that shit. If Ashton Kutcher & local police agencies were inconvenienced, fuck 'em. What if someone got shot, jerks may ask. Fuck them too. If they don't know how to play w/ guns, they got what they deserved. And if the coppers go nuts (as they so often do) & start shooting at anything moving & someone three houses away is hit by a "stray" round, what did you expect? Collateral damage, get used to it.

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