Friday, February 24, 2017

D. & S.M. Up-Date

35 days post-inauguration & nothing has actually blowed up real good yet, just more of the blah blah blah we've been hearing from aged (both the literally old & in the way, & prematurely wretched freshly-scrubbed young conservatives in their suits & bow-ties) mental cases since Reagan ruled the earth (in his demented mind).

I hope that when I wake up I'll find that Trump (scheduled to be on stage at C.P.A.C. at the time this item is posted) said something so stupid or repugnant (Is it too much to hope for an opening joke like "In five minutes we start draining the swamp that is the enemy of the people, the Washington Post newsroom, & believe me, folks, this will be a military operation, bigly!"?) that the 25th Amendment will be in play.I suppose this puts Scientology firmly in the Trump camp.

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