Monday, January 16, 2017

More Bureaucratic Name-Changing; Burma Invaded

FRI 16 JAN 1942
War Production Board is established to supplant Office of Production Management.

Japanese invade Burma from Thailand.

Japanese submarines continue mining the approaches to Darwin, Northern Territory: I-122 mines Clarence Strait, I-123 Bundas Strait, and I-124 the waters off Darwin itself (see 20 January).

Japanese cargo ship Taishu Maru is wrecked when she runs aground off Okushiri Island, Hokkaido, 42°00'N, 139°00'E.

During a routine search from carrier Enterprise (CV-6), TBD (VT 6) flown by Aviation Chief Machinist's Mate Harold F. Dixon (Naval Aviation Pilot) fails to return to the ship and force-lands at sea at about 04°20'S, 169°30'E due to fuel starvation. Dixon and his two-man crew have no food and no water (see 19 February).

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