Monday, October 24, 2016

Somewhat Similar Sad Story

Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach; were there differences they would be imperceptible.
(Do not, however, confuse them w/ The O.C.'s Huntington Beach.)
A 46-year-old Redondo Beach man who went missing in the water off Hermosa Beach was pulled lifeless from the water and pronounced dead in what police suspect was a suicide.

The swimmer was reported missing Thursday near the Second Street lifeguard tower after several beach-goers saw him strip naked and walk into the water, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

About 40 minutes before, he was seen drinking alcohol from a bottle and appeared to be intoxicated, Sgt. Robert Higgins of the Hermosa Beach Police Department said.

“Several people on the beach observed him strip naked and walk into the surf line,” Higgins said. “The deceased was seen swimming out to sea and then disappeared. When the deceased did not return after 15 minutes, one of the observers on the beach called 911.”

Authorities from several agencies searched for the man, whose body was spotted floating in the shallow waterline about 8 p.m. near 2nd Street by an HBPD officer, Higgins said.

The officer pulled the man’s body from the water and CPR was performed. He was pronounced dead at the scene, Higgins said.

The county coroner’s office responded to the location and took possession of the body.

The identification of the deceased was being withheld until next of kin can be notified, Higgins said.

“Nothing is being ruled out, but preliminary indications are that it may be a suicide,” Higgins said.
—City News Service


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