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Dep't. Of Amplification

The mess quoted below reminded us of a thinly-sourced (from an idjit on some left-wing loon blather board) item we published almost nine yrs. ago, which suggested that the Joseph E. Schmitz recently in the news in relation to anti-Semitic statements was married to Colomba (Mrs. Jeb!) Bush's sister Lucila.
Donald Trump adviser on the Holocaust:
'The ovens were too small to kill six million Jews'
McClatchy Washington Bureau:
Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks  —  WASHINGTON  —  Allegations of anti-Semitism have surfaced against one of Donald Trump's foreign policy advisers, raising further questions about the guidance the Republican presidential nominee is receiving.
So we were a bit disappointed there was no reference to Mr. Schmitz's spouse, & decided to see what the deal was. (Especially as the post in which we found the assertion was a bit hinky, & the link there is dead.)

Post by RPankn on Dec 27, 2005 at 7:04pm

If you have time, and feel like going down an interesting rabbithole, there's this thread from the Rigorous Intuition board:

Mary Kay Letournau is Jeb Bush's sister-in-law, through her brother John Schmitz's marriage to Lucila Garnica Gallo, Colomba Bush's sister. Mary Kay's father was an ultra-rightwing one-term U.S. Congressman from Orange County, CA, and left politics for a short period of time after it was discovered he had fathered 2 other children by his mistress, a German woman. One of the children from that affair had been found with a hair wrapped so tightly around his thingy, it almost severed the organ, and police suspected abuse. However, the child was later returned to her custody. While the children were in their early teens, Schmitz died from cancer, and their mother shortly thereafter from complications from diabetes. They were taken in by, of all people, Jeanne Dixon, but became wards of the state after her death. Gloria Allred has a cameo role in this as well, as she was a friend of the Schmitz family.

What's even more interesting is that Mary Kay's brothers, John and Joseph, have very tight connections with the Bush family. John Schmitz served as counsel to G.H.W. Bush while he was VP, and later president, and helped cover G.H.W.'s involvement in Iran-Contra. Joseph served as Pentagon inspector general until earlier this year, when he resigned after being accused by Grassley of covering up possible illegal deals in the rebuilding of Iraq's telecommunications infrastructure. Joseph now works for the Prince Group, which is the parent company of Blackwater International. The thread provides much more detail on all of this though.
Long story short, it would appear that Lucila, sister of Colomba, is married to a John W. Schmitz who was Jeb!'s Andover roomie, & who was then confused w/ John P. Schmitz, the actual brother of Joseph E. Schmitz/son of John G. Schmitz, patriarch of the Schmitz Sex Crimes Family. Then it would appear this reporter (me) confused John P. & Joseph E. (Or omitted "Schmitz's brother is married to" when typing the original item. Too many Johns & Joes? Damn sure too many Schmitzes, period!) And it is surprising that the John W. Schmitz who is Jeb!'s brother-in-law & prep school roomie didn't work in any Bush Admins.

So excuse the living fuck out of us (That, Mr. Trump, is sarcasm!) if you were confused or misled by our item of nine+ yrs. ago.

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