Monday, April 25, 2016

Festival Of Assholes This Weds.

Birds Of A Feather Dep't.

Donald Trump to return to Indiana Wednesday, will be joined by former IU coach
Bob Knight

If you don't know what a violent raging asshole Bob Knight is ...

Key words: "Choked & punched; assaulting a police officer; Knight grabbed a red plastic chair from Indiana's bench and threw it across the floor toward the basket in front of Reid; 'I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.'; expletive-filled outbursts by Knight were so frequent; physically threatened by the coach; Knight berated and physically intimidated a university secretary, once throwing a potted plant in anger, showering her with glass and debris; attacked; Knight having to be restrained by a police officer." Each of the above is a separate incident, over 40+ yrs. He seems exceptionally nice, doesn't he?

See also (Google them yourselves, slobs!): Trump & Joe Paterno, & Trump & cheating puke Tom Brady.


UPDATE: Looks as if we plagiarized Josh Marshall before we even read him. Although Marshall got the date wrong.

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