Saturday, January 23, 2016

State Of Excruciating Boredom Declared

That's fuckin'-A right, I am officially bored beyond limp & all the way into numbness, because WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR STUPID BLIZZARD/SNOW BEE/ESS? Fuckin shut the fuck up already, weaklings. Come to sunny SoCal for a serious fucking earthquake & you'll see how petty your media moron concerns about your coating of white (which will be gone by Tues. or Wed.) truly are. Wimps.

So huddle together in your huts for warmth, & I hope all of you die from carbon monoxide poisoning because your landlord cheaped out on the heat in "your" tenement. Permanent sleepy time, sucker-ass chumps ...

1 comment:

Mister Sterling said...

Bravo, M. Bouffant. Every since the Christmas 2010 blizzard caught NYC off-guard, every eastern city has peed its pants over big snowstorms. It's embarrassing. And I'm in Manhattan (indoors).