Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Brew You Too

The acceptance/arrival of beer & brew discrimination as a deal as big as wine connoisseuring vaguely amuses this reporter, who remembers the mid-later (not the later-later) 19-&-60s, when the guys from whom I took cues in being a hippie, weird-o, freak or fringie referred to the beer-swilling Philistine element as "foamies". ("Jocks", more or less, to you, mainstream American.)

But soon mere reefer wasn't enough to keep us medicated in the United Snakes of '68, & we were on the hard stuff, hanging in front of the local tavern waiting for a likely suspect to buy us some sickeningly sweet Alhambra Loganberry wine over the counter & hand it over so we could drink it in the alleys of Capitol Hill.

In the salad days of Bouffant elbow-bending it was high-proof hard liquor beginning w/ Bacardi 151° rum mixed w/ Dr Pepper; eventually I decided to cut down on the mixer (& attendant vomiting) & stick w/ merely 101° Wild Turkey all over the rocks. And plenty of waterbacks.

Now it's beer beer beer & nothing but beer all over town, O.K. by me as virtually all wine has an onion-like aftertaste to me (Boring explanations of this phenomenon cheerfully accepted, if you have one.) & I'm just not as interested as I once was in getting rapidly drunk & potentially out of control on the harder spirits.

You may have seen this swill advertised on the telly several hundred thousand times in the last day or two;
I certainly have, so when I was looking for something to slug down on Memorial Day advertising may have influenced my purchasing decision, although the single most important factor was that it was U.S.$1.00 less (a mere $7.99) than the other foreign or domestic-but-not-industrially-brewed-by-Belgian-or-South African beer conglomerates. Did not like it. Too fruity. Still have two bottles left.


OBS said...

Jeebus, that's horrible. For $8 around here you can get a sixer of nearly any of Oregon's craft beers (except Rogue, which is ridiculously overpriced). It goes without saying that they're all better than that crap.

M. Bouffant said...

Supply & Demand Ed.:
And those are supermarket prices. Anything better than BudCoorsMillerPBRyada usually starts at $8.99/sixer & it's uphill from there.

Added note: Last time your editor was at Dodger Stadium (2012) a brew (nothing special, but not swill) poured into a tall (12-14 oz.?) glass was U.S.$13.00!