Friday, April 17, 2015

Tonight In Kristallnacht,
"Self-Deportation" & So On

Keep telling yourself "It can't happen here." Not even if the dictator Obama's executive "orders" are upheld by whatever courts.
There has been another night of xenophobic violence in parts of South Africa's largest city.

Protesters set cars alight on Friday night and attempted to loot shops owned by foreigners in the Jeppestown suburb of Johannesburg.

Stones were thrown at police who fired rubber bullets at the crowd.

The violence has been going on for about a fortnight - mostly in Durban. But in the past few days, trouble has spread to Johannesburg.


There are an estimated five million immigrants in South Africa.

They come mostly from other African countries - such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Nigeria.

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mikey said...

Stay calm, have a plan to acquire weapons and shelter, and a list of those you will need to kill...