Monday, April 13, 2015

Raging Dull

Duck & cover, we're due for mos. & mos. & mos. more of this sort of thing from Republican candidate/grifters.

That's America To Me

("Everything that's wrong with this country in two and a half minutes", the uploader noted, & then turned off comments.)
It can only get more mind-numbingly inane, & I can only advise them not to bore me further: I think we all know how easily boredom, if not absolute ennui, turns to violence & destruction. Threat? You bet? (So numbed by all this repeated idiocy I can barely tell if I'm alive. I should get a new hobby.)


The House I Live In (What is America to Me?) - Sam Cooke


freq flag said...

I dunno...I think the MOI covered it pretty well with "Hungry Freaks, Daddy."

Mr. America, walk on by...

Sam Cooke is pretty good though, too.

M. Bouffant said...

Ennui Ed.:
Plenty of (if not everything) on We're Only In It For The Money too, but I'm sure I've posted all of them at least twice.

Meta-Dull: Original intention was "I'm So Bored W/ The U.S.A." (which was, after X yrs., boring too) then YouTube recommendations led to these two.