Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good Riddance To Another
"World Leader"

Presidents just ♥ him.

President Obama has called Saudi King Salman to express sympathies for passing of King Abdullah, White House says - @Reuters, @NBCNews

No sympathies to express here. And may the nation/oil reserve now-King Salman & the late Abdullah's family of parasites claim to "own" soon perish from the face of the earth as well. Enough w/ these people already. Enough w/ all people already. And more than enough w/ the United States Gov't./fossil-fuel industry that has enabled & subsidized these vicious desert nomads in their export of evil in the guise of religion & the theocratic tyrannization of their "own" people for 80-some yrs.


mikey said...

Meh. A whole bunch of those people very much want to live in a much more tyrannical theocracy. When the House of Saud falls - and it will, likely sooner than later - it will not be because the people toppled an oppressive regime (see Egypt), but because the people demanded a much more oppressive theocracy (see ISIS).

Fuck 'em

M. Bouffant said...

Anarchy In Arabia Editor:
Aw-reet, pile on the abuse. And quite right, it's just the loons & peasants revolting/invading; the middle class always think they can leave (until it's too late).

Weird Dave said...

I do not think I can despise those two any more than I already do.

But I'll try.