Monday, January 26, 2015

Fences ... Neighbors ... Something

Horizontal slats like these recently went up (over the existing fence of wrought iron bars) not far from the bunker from which we type.
Cabildo snapped the photo of the wood fence – one of those with horizontal slats that have become common in Echo Park, Highland Park and other gentrifying Eastside neighborhoods – during one of her frequent visits to her father’s home. Cabildo posted the photo to her Instagram account with the following remarks:
The gentrification fence is very horizontal, ubiquitous in Echo Park, but a new comer to #boyleheights I believe that this is the first such fence in #boyleheights. As luck would have it, I drive past it every single day as I travel down … to see my ailing Pops. This fence says, ‘i like the housing stock here but my neighbors are not people I want to interact with.’ Fences in Boyle Heights are porous.”

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