Sunday, February 24, 2013

Carloads Of Crackers

Figured if we slept 'til the crack of noon the 55th annual Great American Race, having started at 0900 our time, would be over & done w/, but no. (If these goobers can watch this crap for five hrs. straight, why do none of them have the attention span to see & understand what's really going on in this scab of a nation?)

Still quite the metaphor for these United Snakes: Where glibertarians resisting the oppression of gov't. regulation once ran from the Revenuers like the cowards they are, now a collection of drones drive in a circle or whatever, they & their cars covered in adverts for the very corporations that make their lives horrors of consumption & conformity, stopping only for horrible accidents or demonstrations of road rage from the drivers.

We had forgotten how un-exciting the pit stops are. And are disappointed that no driver has been thrown from his/her car into the stands, causing death & permanent injury to spectators. You hicks aren't going fast enough yet.
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