Tuesday, September 4, 2012


BONUS: An entry in the "Who types this crap?" competition:
Where some candidates choose evocative names—President Obama sees himself as a "Renegade," while George W. Bush was a "Trailblazer." Ryan got to choose his favorite hobby. The man is a skilled archer, a hunter of deer and animal, and an aficionado of the sport.
EXTRA BONUS: We waxed nostalgic about an archer/reactionary we'd had as a French teacher. Aunt Snow reminded us of teach's late wife.
Late as of 2007, that is. It would be extremely irresponsible not to speculate what allowed Dennis Dunn to marry his "beloved bride" 18 yrs. before lateness hit Mrs. Dunn Mark I.

EVEN MORE BONUS (Men's Rights Division): Note that Dunn "fathered two sons." (++manly.) Not even "w/ Jennifer Blackburn Dunn." He just straight up sired them. One of whom is named "Reagan."

Christ, what a collection of assholes.

Editor's Note: Isn't the Internet grand? Almost fifty yrs. later we can abuse a shithead teacher (In all fairness, not a bad French teacher for a Yank, & we did well in his classes, fortunately for our permanent record.) w/ his own words. Fuck you, Dennis.


Substance McGravitas said...

The thing is Vancouver has been targeted by a little cabal of rich (!) Yankee socialists trying to make their dream city. Our current mayor is their guy.

My rent hasn't gone down though.

M. Bouffant said...

Revenge Editor:
DD returned to Seattle in 1999, after, we have to assume, he had killed every animal he could in B.C.

Are the socialists like the gay people who wanted to take over Cali's Alpine County (pop. 1700 & change) in the '80s? Good luck w/ that.