Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Saturday The Thirteenth

SAT 13 MAR 1943
Submarine Grayback (SS-208) damages Japanese transport Noshiro Maru 100 miles northwest of Bismarck Archipelago, 00°10'S, 151°06'E.

Submarine Sunfish (SS-281) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Kosei Maru near Tokara Jima, Ryukyus, 29°04'N, 129°17'E.

Dutch submarine O 21 sinks Japanese cargo ship Kasuga Maru off Port Blair, Andaman Islands, 11°40'N, 92°50'E.

USAAF B-17s bomb Japanese convoy off Wewak, sinking cargo vessel Momoyama Maru, submarine Greenling (SS-213) witnesses attacks.

German submarine U-68 attacks Aruba-bound convoy GAT 49, and torpedoes U.S. tanker Cities Service Missouri, at 14°10'N, 74°40'W. Destroyer Biddle (DD-151) rescues survivors, who include the 11-man Armed Guard.

German submarine U-172 torpedoes U.S. freighter Keystone, straggling from convoy UGS 6, at 38°10'N, 37°58'W. The initial explosion kills one Armed Guard sailor and a merchant seaman; these are the only casualties suffered by the ship, which is abandoned. Portuguese steamship Sines rescues the survivors.

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