Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Compare & contrast: Item from by TONI MCALLISTER ,

Communist state employees protected in California? OC supes outraged

our item very early today, "Behind The Orange Curtain, Where It's Still 1953", & another following that, from's editor, ,

Communist workers won’t be fired by state? Immigrant OC supervisors outraged

which differs from their previous post only in the addition of this opening sentence:
It may sound like something from 1953, but it’s happening right now.
& slightly altering the wording of the first story's opening sentence while tacking "outraged" to it:
Outraged Orange County supervisors are taking a stance against a proposed law in Sacramento that would prohibit the firing of state employees for belonging to the Communist Party.
Thanks for the credit, jerks. And thanks for making me waste my time bitching thereabout, too.

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