Friday, May 12, 2017

Knows More Than The Admirals, Too!

Any regular readers may have noted a certain interest in the activities of the U.S. Navy in this space; this Trumpian buffoonery, therefore, piqued our interest.
Adrienne LaFrance / The Atlantic:
Trump Wants ‘Goddamned Steam,’ Not Digital Catapults on Aircraft Carriers  —  Navy officials were “blindsided” on Thursday, a spokesman told me, by President Donald Trump's suggestion that he has convinced the Navy to abandon a long-planned digital launching system in favor of steam on its newest aircraft carrier.
Admiral of The Ocean Sea Trump thinks/says it's "digital" but it's electro-magnetic. Man he's good w/ the cyber, just like Barron. And who the hell asked him, anyway? Is incompetent micro-management of Our Fighting Forces part of his deal w/ Putin?

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